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Check Your Vikinglotto Results

Check Your Vikinglotto Results

The Vikinglotto is Europe’s first multi-national lottery, available in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Slovenia, and Sweden. The lottery offers exciting jackpots and favourable winning odds. You can check your Vikinglotto results on this page at any time.

The payout per winner in the table above is listed according to the Vikinglotto results posted by Eesti Loto, the national lottery of Estonia.

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What Are the Vikinglotto Rules

Vikinglotto Record Jackpots

The Vikinglotto lottery has grown considerably over the years. Not just due to changes in the game’s rules and the addition of new features, but also because of the increased number of participating countries. The lottery is attracting the public’s interest not only in Europe, but all over the world.

The Vikinglotto jackpot record was set in August 2016 when a prize of €44,262,542 was split between a player from Denmark and a player from Norway. The biggest Vikinglotto jackpot awarded to a single player was €35,367,365, won by a Norwegian player in November 2017. The third biggest Vikinglotto jackpot was also won by a Norwegian player who claimed a prize of €33,251,902 in April 2018. The Vikinglotto jackpot is today capped at €35 million.

How Do I Win the Vikinglotto

theLotter's Vikinglotto Winner

theLotter’s €4964.75 winner – In November 2011, S.D. from Russia won the 3rd place prize of €4964.75 ($6,620) by matching 5 balls in the 1-48 guess range. Sergey purchased the lucky one-time entry with a 7.5% Gold VIP discount. S.D. was only two numbers away from winning the jackpot!

Visit the official Estonia Vikinglotto site here.

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