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Texas - Lotto Texas Extra Winning Numbers

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Texas - Lotto Texas Extra Prize Breakdown


See if You’re a Lotto Texas Extra! Winner

See if You’re a Lotto Texas Extra! Winner

To see if you won prizes in the latest Lotto Texas draw, compare the numbers on your ticket with those posted here. If you matched all six numbers from a 1-54 guess range, you are the winner of the Lotto Texas jackpot! If you have won one of the lottery’s secondary prizes by matching 2, 3, 4, or 5 of your numbers with those drawn, you will win a generous guaranteed amount. But by playing the Extra! version of the game, your secondary prizes will be boosted and your winnings will be significantly increased! When you win the second division prize with Extra! your prize is boosted by $10,000!

How to get free Lotto Texas Extra! Results

How to Get FREE Lotto Texas Extra! Results

No matter where you are you can get the results of the latest Lotto Texas Extra! draw to find out if you’re a winner by signing up for our 100% FREE notification service! You will be notified immediately by theLotter whenever your favorite lottery posts its draw results and know about your prize winnings via SMS/ email. To sign up for this service, go into your personal account and select Lotto Texas Extra! under “notifications” and “alerts”. Start seeing results of your lottery play today!

Lotto Texas Extra! Hot and Cold Numbers

Lotto Texas Extra! Hot and Cold Numbers

There’s nothing we can tell you that will guarantee a Lotto Texas Extra! jackpot win, or even a win of one of the lottery’s generous secondary prizes, but we can provide you with you some basic statistics regarding which numbers have come up in recent draws. The Lotto Texas hot numbers - those that have come up more frequently in the past 6 months - are: 31 12 4 34 10 30. The Lotto Texas cold numbers - those that have come up the least frequently during the last 6 months - are: 35 39 40 17 16 24. Whichever numbers you choose, don’t forget to check back here to see the results of the latest Lotto Texas draw!

Additional Lotto Texas Extra! draw information can be seen on the official Texas Lottery website