Play the Lotto Texas Extra Online

How to Play Lotto Texas with Extra! Online

How Do You Play Lotto Texas with Extra! Online?

Playing Lotto Texas Extra! is the same as participating in a regular Lotto Texas draw. Just choose 6 numbers from a guess range of 1-54. Choose your numbers manually or have them selected randomly using the Quick Pick feature on our website. You can also use the Lucky Numbers you saved in your account.

Extra!” is a play option that can be applied to a regular Lotto Texas ticket which gives players a chance at bringing home a little bit extra! When you win a non-jackpot prize while playing Lotto Texas Extra!, you can increase your winnings by up to $10,000!

Once you complete your order, theLotter will purchase official Lotto Texas tickets with the Extra! feature and then scan and upload them into your account so that you can see them before the draw.

Lotto Texas Extra! drawings take place weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 22:12 CST. Want to learn more about how to play Lotto Texas Extra! and other Texan lottery draws? Check out the official Texas Lottery website.

Save on Your Texas Lotto Extra Tickets Online

Save on Your Texas Lotto Extra Tickets

Why pay more when you can pay less? At theLotter, we offer several online-exclusive discounts that can save you a pretty penny on your lottery tickets! When you subscribe to any lottery, you will be automatically entered into every draw and receive every 10th ticket free! If subscribing is too much of a commitment, you can purchase a Multi-Draw Package and save up to 25% on your tickets when you enter 5, 10, 15, 25, or 52 consecutive draws!

How to Win the Lotto Texas lottery

How Do You Win Lotto Texas Extra! Prizes?

If the six numbers you chose match the six numbers selected in the Lotto Texas draw, you win the jackpot prize which starts at a rewarding US$5 million! When you match 5, 4, 3, or 2 of the draw’s winning numbers, you'll be able to claim boosted non-jackpot prizes!

You can also play the regular Lotto Texas game and still have a chance of winning the lottery’s multi-million-dollar jackpot and exciting secondary prizes!

Want to know if you won prizes playing the game? Check the latest Lotto Texas Extra! draw results to find out!

How to Claim Lotto Texas Extra! Prizes Online

How to Claim Lotto Texas Extra! Prizes Online

The minute you win any prize, theLotter will send you an automated email confirmation to notify you of your win. All your Lotto Texas Extra prizes will be paid directly into your personal account on theLotter shortly after they are received from the official Texas lottery operator. If you are lucky enough to win the Lotto Texas jackpot, you will probably need to collect it in person at the Texas Lottery Commission headquarters. In such a case, we will help you coordinate the prize collection process.

theLotter's Lotto Texas Extra Winners

theLotter’s Lotto Texas Extra Winners

  • 8/3/2023 - V.V. from Poland won $8,008