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Check Your EuroMillions Lottery Results

Check Your EuroMillions Lottery Results

The EuroMillions lottery features 13 amazing prize categories, and lottery players must match five winning numbers as well as the two Lucky Stars to win the jackpot! The winning numbers are chosen from a drum of 1-50 and the Lucky Stars are two numbers that required to win the jackpot, are chosen from a separate drum of 1-12. The Lucky Stars are two additional numbers that allow EuroMillions lottery players to win supplementary prizes as well as the grand jackpot. In addition to the regular lottery draw, your ticket entitles you to participate in the weekly Spanish weekly raffle called El Millón (The Million) held every Friday. You are in this exciting raffle action because your EuroMillions tickets are purchased by our local offices in Spain. This raffle gives you a chance to win a cool €1 million. Tickets purchased for both Tuesday and Friday draws are automatically eligible for this extra raffle.

The EuroMillions Raffle is just one of the lotto raffles available at theLotter. Play them all!

In addition, throughout the year, EuroMillions offers players the option of entering the EuroMillions Superdraw, where the jackpot starts at a minimum €100 million and grows until it hits the €200 million cap! See more online results for your favourite lotteries!

How to Receive FREE EuroMillions Results

How to Receive FREE EuroMillions Results

To receive your FREE EuroMillions online lottery results, sign up for email notifications here. Keep up with winning EuroMillions numbers on the go with the theLotter’s FREE apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Download the apps to your mobile device and gain access to current and up to date results and information for over 80 lotteries around the world, as well as check EuroMillions results up to ten draws back! Find draw schedules, select your lucky numbers for the next EuroMillions draw, and see winning numbers after every game, from the comfort of your own mobile device!

EuroMillions Lottery Record Jackpots

EuroMillions Lottery Record Jackpots

EuroMillions jackpots are world-renowned for good reason. With a top prize now set at €200,000,000, EuroMillions offers jackpots much higher than most lottery games around the world. The first time the previous jackpot cap of €190 million was reached was in August 2012 -- the €190 million (£148.6 million) sum was won by the Bayfords in the UK. It was then reached again in October 2014 and won by a lucky ticket holder in Portugal.

The third time the EuroMillions jackpot cap was reached was after the Superdraw rolled over to reach €190 million and was finally won by a single ticket holder in Spain in October 2017. An earlier EuroMillions record jackpot record was set in July 2011. The Weirs from Scotland took home the top prize of €185 million (£161.6 million).

The most recent €190 million prize was won by a single ticket purchased in the UK in the 8 October, 2019 draw. This win broke two records. It was the first time that the EuroMillions jackpot cap was reached in a regular draw, and it's currently the biggest lottery jackpot ever awarded to a UK citizen!

Click to read more about the EuroMillions Superdraw.

Visit the EuroMillions section on the official site of the Spanish Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

Spain EuroMillions El Millón Raffle Results


All tickets purchased for the Spanish edition of EuroMillions automatically participate in the supplementary El Millón Raffle. An amazing guaranteed prize of €1 million is awarded to one lucky winner in each draw.

When you play Spain EuroMillions, an 8-digit alphanumeric code is printed at the bottom of each ticket you purchase. If this code matches the one drawn in the raffle, you win the €1 million El Millón prize.

Did you win this raffle prize? After each EuroMillions draw, we’ll check your tickets against the winning raffle code and notify you if you win.

You can check full details of the winning raffle codes on the official website!