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A bonus number is a supplementary number selected by lottery officials from the same lottery drum as the regular guess set during the draw and enables players to win secondary prizes. Lotteries with bonus numbers create more prize-winning opportunities for players who match various combinations of the regular guess set and bonus number. 

Bonus numbers are not selected by the player and are not required to win the jackpot prize. On theLotter’s lottery results pages the bonus numbers are displayed in blue.

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Learn More About Lottery Additional Numbers

Lotteries with additional numbers select the winning combination from two separate drums: one that holds the regular guess set numbers and another that holds one or two additional numbers (Powerball numbers). 

The additional number is selected by the player from a different guess range than the regular guess set and is required to win a jackpot prize. In some cases such as with the EuroMillions lotteries, two additional numbers called “Lucky Stars” are required to take home the top prize. Other lotteries apply one additional number to all of the lines purchased, like Spain’s El Gordo Lottery, while still other lotto games prompt players to select a new additional number for each line as in US Mega Millions.

Additional numbers combine with the regular guess set to expand the winning possibilities throughout the prize division. USA Powerball contains eight non-jackpot prizes, EuroJackpot offers 11 and EuroMillions Lottery has 12 secondary prize divisions with its twin additional set of additional numbers! 

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