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The South African PowerBall is the newest lottery offered in South Africa and uses the famed US Powerball lottery format to deliver millions in wins.

South Africa PowerBall History

South Africa’s National Lottery was established in March 2000. Since June 2015, the South African National Lottery has been operated by ITHUBA Holdings Proprietary Limited. The PowerBall game was launched in October 2009.

PowerBall’s R102,016,595 jackpot in the draw on 3 June 2011 was the highest lottery jackpot in South Africa at the time, and PowerBall held this record for over seven years. Amazingly, that prize was never collected! 

The South African PowerBall set a new record when a jackpot of R145,469,799.30 was won by a single ticket in the draw on 3 August 2018.

ITHUBA re-launched PowerBall in November 2015 offering players bigger jackpots, improved winning chances, and an extra prize division. The game was changed again in June 2018 when the guess range became 5/50, a move guaranteed to create larger jackpots than ever before.

A new South Africa PowerBall jackpot record was set in the lottery's draw on 19 February 2019. After an unprecedented rollover series, a single ticket managed to match the winning numbers and win a jackpot worth R232,131,750.69,

South Africa PowerBall Rules

Players select five numbers from a range of 1-50, as well as an additional number (PowerBall) drawn from a separate matrix with a guess range of 1-20.

Players use a 6 line form and can choose their numbers manually, use preselected numbers (My Numbers) or have the numbers randomly selected by the system (Quick Pick). theLotter offers Subscription or Multi-Draw packages to enable customers to never miss a draw while enjoying significant discounts.

The drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday at 19:30 GMT in South Africa, and ticket sales close approximately 3 hours prior to the draw. The South Africa PowerBall results are available on theLotter every Wednesday and Saturday starting from 7:00 GMT.

Winning the South Africa PowerBall

There are nine winning prize categories, and the jackpot can be claimed when all five regular numbers as well as the additional number (the PowerBall) match the called numbers. The additional number is used towards the jackpot as well as the third, fifth, seventh and eighth place prize categories, while the ninth prize is awarded to tickets that match only the additional PowerBall number.. The South African PowerBall’s jackpot always starts at R5 million and grows as the rollovers continue.

There are no taxes on winnings, and all winnings are paid in a lump sum (a one-time payment). Winners must claim all prizes over R2,000 at the official South African PowerBall headquarters within a year of the lucky draw.

34% off all the proceeds from the South African PowerBall are allotted to NLDT (National Lottery Distribution Fund) and put towards a variety of worthy causes.

Visit the official site of South Africa's PowerBall, here.