Play Mega Millions Online

How Do You Play Mega Millions Online?

How Do You Play Mega Millions Online?

Play Mega Millions by selecting five main numbers (from 1-70) and a Mega Ball (from 1-25) for each line and you can do this online in the same manner as if purchasing your tickets in person at a retailer. When you play Mega Millions online at theLotter, with official Mega Millions lottery tickets, you can choose your number manually, with a quick pick random selection, or by using your saved favourite numbers.

Mega Millions draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 23:00 EST. Make sure to get tickets for both draws! Want to know how it all works? Learn more about how our lottery ticket purchasing service works.

Can you play the American lottery Mega Millions from outside the US?

Can You Buy Mega Millions Online from Anywhere?

Yes! When you play Mega Millions online with theLotter, you can order official Mega Millions lottery tickets from anywhere in the world. After you complete your purchase, official lottery tickets are bought on your behalf at a retailer in the United States. A reasonable facsimile of your Mega Millions tickets is uploaded to your private account as part of theLotter’s lottery courier service in time for the Tuesday or Friday night draw. Not only can you play Mega Millions from outside the United States, you can also win huge American lottery prizes! Check out our American Lottery guide to learn more about playing US lotteries online.

Curious about Mega Millions' optional multiplier? Read all about the Mega Millions Megaplier.

How Do You Win the Mega Millions Jackpot?

How Do You Claim Mega Millions Winnings Online?

When the numbers on your Mega Millions ticket - the five main numbers as well as the additional Mega Ball number - match the numbers that came up in the draw, you win the Mega Millions jackpot! Match the five main numbers and you instantly become an American lottery millionaire! When your numbers form a partial match, you may still be entitled to prizes in Mega Millions’ eight secondary prize tiers.

Mega Millions’ jackpot starts at an estimated $20,000,000* and the jackpot has on occasion rolled over to astronomical amounts. Mega Millions awarded a $656 million jackpot in March 2012, a world record the lottery held for 4 years. One third of this huge prize was won by the 'Three Amigos', three members of a very lucky winning lottery syndicate.

The Mega Millions world record stood until January 2016, when Powerball took over the crown as the lottery champion of the world with a $1.586 billion jackpot. Changes to the Mega Millions game format have made it more difficult to win the Mega Millions jackpot. In a draw held in August 2023, Mega Millions set a new world record when it awarded a $1.602 billion jackpot.

*Officially, the advertised jackpot is determined by game sales and interest rates, and it is announced prior to each draw.

How Do You Claim Prizes When You Buy Mega Millions Online Tickets?

How Do You Claim Prizes When You Buy Mega Millions Tickets Online?

When you win a Mega Millions prize on theLotter you will receive an automated email (or SMS) to let you know you’ve won! Prizes will be transferred directly into your theLotter account after the Mega Millions results are published and soon after the receipt of the prize from the official lottery operator. Please note, the jackpot and second place prizes may need to be collected in person. In these cases, theLotter will pay for your flight to the US! Like other American lottery winnings, Mega Millions prizes are subject to US State and Federal taxes.

How Can You Be Sure You'll Receive Your Winnings?

How Can You Be Sure You'll Receive Your Winnings?

Playing online for a chance to win the biggest lottery jackpots is simple, safe, and secure. Not only that, our service is fully transparent. A confirmation email at time of ticket purchase is sent to you as proof of ownership. Furthermore, a reasonable facsimile of the US lottery ticket purchased on your behalf by our local office is uploaded to your account as proof-of-purchase. All winnings are 100% yours -- theLotter has no legal claim to your tickets per our Terms of Use, meaning you can be confident that you'll get your winnings in full when you buy Mega Millions tickets online!

theLotter’s Mega Millions Lottery Winners

theLotter’s Mega Millions Online Lottery Winners

  • 26/03/2024 - S.R. from Brazil won $10,000
  • 16/02/2024 - C.C. from Brazil won $10,000
  • 19/5/2023 - A.U. from Chile won $10,000
  • 10/1/2023 - F.L. from Mexico won $10,000
  • 13/12/2022 - M.M. from Japan won $10,000
  • 30/9/2022 - G.H.C. from Mexico won $40,000
  • 12/1/2022 - A.A. from Chile won $6,400
  • 26/1/2017 - Nataliia from Ukraine won $1 million.
Latest News About Mega Millions Lottery Players

Big Jackpot News

  • Following 31 drawings without a winner, Saltines Holdings LLC from Neptune Beach, Florida got to celebrate the end of summer 2023 with a record-breaking $1.602 billion ($794.2 million cash) jackpot, won on 8 August 2023. The lucky quick pick ticket correctly matched the six winning numbers, which were 13, 19, 20, 32, 33 and Megaball 14. This jackpot is now the biggest prize ever won in Mega Millions history!

  • After a record year for big jackpots in 2022, US Mega Millions kept the party going by kicking 2023 off with a bang. A single ticket purchased in the state of Maine correctly guessed the winning numbers 30, 43, 45, 46, and 61, plus the Mega Ball 14, winning the entire US$1.348 billion jackpot ($723.5 million cash value) - the second biggest in Mega Millions history and the fourth-biggest in the world!

  • Two lucky winners secured their place in lottery history on 29 July 2022 when an absolutely incredible Mega Millions jackpot was finally won by a single winning ticket sold in a Chicago suburb in Illinois, USA. The jackpot had been rolling over three and a half months, eventually climbing up to an unbelievable $1.337 billion, making it the third highest Mega Millions jackpot of all time.