Nataliia Wins $1 Million in US Mega Millions

And then wins Mexican lottery jackpot!

Winning = Luck + Determination!

Guess what; we did it again! Nataliia is our latest millionaire at theLotter! She played US Mega Millions online and won $1 million! Winning knows no boundaries when you play online, as Nataliia just proved to the world! N’s was determined to win a life-changing prize and she never lost sight of her goal. Since then, Nataliia has gone on to win many prizes including a lottery jackpot from Mexico’s daily lottery Chispazo in September 2019, racking up an impressive MXN$224,063.68 (€10,301.79). Read on and get the whole, amazing story!

“I won this prize…then a week later I had a birthday!”

Winning $1 million has to be the best birthday present, ever! Being a millionaire at the young age of 24 means Nataliia will have reason to celebrate for years to come! “I have three mortgages and I just want to pay them off so I don't have to pay them every month.” While Nataliia is still quite young, she has a very mature outlook. She plans to use her winnings to pay off her three mortgages in full.

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Behind the Scenes as Nataliia Receives Her Prize

Anytime $1 million changes hands there is paperwork involved!

The big check is for the photographs, this is the actual $1 million check!

What does it sound like to find out you've won $1 million?

What does it sound like to find out you’ve won $1 million?

Five Numbers That Won $1 Million

Nataliia matched the five US Mega Millions main numbers correctly, 1, 10, 57, 66, and 75, to win her $1 million second prize! Had She also correctly guessed the Mega Ball, 4, she would have won the $15 million jackpot for that draw. As it turned out, there were no jackpot winners and two second prize winners, total, in the draw of 26 September 2017.

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Nataliia had a dream to be a lottery millionaire and she was determined to make that dream a reality. She started playing online with theLotter about two and a half years ago after finding the site and liking the clear and quick steps for registering and playing.
Since almost day one, Nataliia has had a subscription to Mega Millions using the Quick Pick numbers for each entry. By subscribing, She ensured that she never missed a draw, including the one that made her a millionaire!

Nataliia also had subscriptions to US Powerball and EuroMillions There is no doubt that she was serious about winning and winning big!  She also enjoys participating in smaller lotteries such as Mexico Chispazo, SA Daily Lotto, and Texas Cash Five to name a few. While these lotteries may have smaller jackpots, they have much better odds of winning, as demonstrated by her Mexico Chispazo jackpot win in 2019!

Subscribe for Savings

Her winning subscription also came with every 10th ticket free. In short, Nataliia knew how to play smart and save money while chasing her big win!
Subscriptions and Multi-Draws are two ways that you can save on every entry while playing for a life-changing win of your own. 

Once in a Lifetime? Think Again!

For Nataliia, this Mega Millions win was just the start. She has gone on to win over a thousand prizes from dozens of our lotteries, including a MXN$224,063.68 lottery jackpot win with Mexico’s twice-daily lottery Chispazo, for which she smartly had a Multi-Draw package! One out of the four lines she played matched all five of the winning numbers, 2 17 19 26 and 28, in the 8 September 2019 15:00 draw. It’s not just Nataliia who’s a repeat winner. In 2013, our Latvian player A.K. won €578k in SuperEnalotto prizes and another €110k in a Spain’s La Primitiva draw using systematic forms in the span of just one year!

Winning Happens at theLotter

Nataliia is the first player to win $1 million playing US Mega Millions, as well as one of our first Mexico Chispazo jackpot winners at theLotter. She joins H. from El Salvador, B.U. from the UK, P. from Quebec, and G. from Australia, who all won $1 million playing US Powerball, as the fifth $1 million winner at theLotter. In addition to our $1 million winners, we’ve had some incredible jackpot wins! Most recently, Aura D. from Panama won a $30 million Florida Lotto jackpot. M.M. became an international news story when he won $6.4 million playing Oregon Megabucks at theLotter…from Baghdad! London, Baghdad, San Salvador, Vienna, and more. It doesn’t matter where you’re playing from, you can win! Buy tickets today and you could put your city on the winner’s map too!

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