Panamanian Wins $30 Million Jackpot

Playing Florida Lotto with theLotter

A.D., $30 Million Florida Lotto Jackpot Winner

Nothing makes us happier at theLotter than to say that we played a small part in changing someone’s life and making a dream come true! We are excited, happy, and proud to announce that A.D. from Panama won a $30 million jackpot playing Florida Lotto with theLotter! Take a moment to let that sink in and then read on! There are plenty of exciting, unbelievable details to her story!

“I really was needing the money! Really, really!”

Despite being retired, A.D. continued working to support her kids. “I’m a retired woman, I would like to stop working because I continued working because I have my children, but I want to rest, really!”. While A.D. doesn’t yet know what she plans to do with her $30 million win, one thing is for certain: she can finally retire for good! Needless to say her children and future generations won’t have to worry about money, either.

Hear for yourself what it sounds like to win $30 million

Six Lucky Numbers

As you can see from A.D.’s ticket, the numbers 3, 10, 20, 29, 35 and 50 added up to $30 million! She used the computer generated quick pick to select all of her numbers rather than selecting her own numbers. Not just that, A.D. had only been playing with theLotter for about two months before she scored her big win. She found our site online and learned more about theLotter’s services from a customer service representative before deciding to open an account and start playing.

Give Yourself a Chance to Win

A.D. played smart from the beginning by subscribing to the Florida Lotto, ensuring that she would never miss a draw, including her incredible winning draw! Unbelievably, A.D. had canceled her subscription and her winning draw was the last one before her subscription finished! Had she cancelled earlier she would not have won! Talk about a close call!

Lightning Strikes Twice

It looks like we’re on to something good at theLotter! We purchased A.D.’s winning ticket from a store that had also sold a winning ticket worth $100 million in the past! Can lightning strike three times?

To win Florida Lotto a player needs to match six numbers from a guess range of 1-53. Florida Lotto’s jackpot begins at $2-3 million and will grow until there is a winner, there are no jackpot caps or rollover limits. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1:22,957,480, but when you’re lucky that’s enough!

A.D. was the sole jackpot winner in the draw of Wednesday July 19th 2017 and therefore takes home the entire $30 million jackpot minus taxes.

Add Your Name to the List

A.D. is the biggest winner on theLotter by far and earns her prominent place on our big winners page! She’ll join, among many others, H. from El Salvador who won $1 million playing US Powerball, S. from Russia who won €824,000 playing Austria Lotto, and of course M.M. from Iraq who won $6.4 million playing Oregon Megabucks all the way from Baghdad! While the size of A.D.’s win is certainly important and worth telling, there is so much more to her story than the money.

Buy tickets to your favourite lottery today, and your name might just be added our big winners list too!