theLotter Proudly Presents: Our $6.4 Million Jackpot Winner!

We're thrilled for all of our players' wins, whether $25 or $1 million, but we were over the moon when we found out that M.M., a player from Iraq, had won the $6.4 million Oregon Megabucks jackpot – the largest win ever (at the time) for theLotter!

Meet theLotter's $6.4 million man

Iraqi player wins $6.4 million

M.M., the $6.4 million jackpot winner, sat down with theLotter representatives as he claimed his winnings in Oregon and he had an amazing story to tell! Because he lives in Iraq, Oregon Lottery made an exception to the rules and he was allowed to claim the prize anonymously for his safety. We will continue to respect his privacy by blurring his image and referring to him only by his initials. He had only been playing with theLotter for a few months when he decided to play Oregon Megabucks on 24 August as the jackpot amount hit a cool $6.4 million. M.M. was not paying attention to the results as they were announced, so he got the shock of his life as he was driving in his car! "I was driving in my car, I was going to the bank… so I get a call from theLotter, from a great person Christine (one of our customer support agents), and she told me the great news, so I was in shock!"

The road to becoming a lottery millionaire

So he learns that he won millions of dollars as he was driving to the bank – how cool is that? From the moment theLotter learned that he won, we were overjoyed but we knew we had to keep it on the lowdown until he could get from Iraq to Oregon to claim his prize in person. After everything had been processed on Oregon Lottery's end, we flew M.M. to Oregon to collect his winnings! He decided to go with a yearly payout, meaning that he'll receive $256,000 before taxes every year for the next 25 years! M.M. admitted to us that when he first signed up for theLotter, he had a hard time believing it was real, but after he won, he knew theLotter was trustworthy and the real deal as everyone on staff was so helpful in getting the prize claimed. Asked if he was going to continue to buy lottery tickets online: "I'm going to continue to play every day!"

About the winning Oregon Megabucks draw

Winning the lottery online

The winning draw occurred on 24 August 2015. The winning numbers were 15, 27, 32, 39, 44, and 45. M.M. matched all six numbers and was the sole winner of the $6.4 million jackpot. This was the first time in Oregon Lottery history that a person living outside the US had won the jackpot. Do you want to be their second non-US resident mega winner? Playing Oregon Megabucks is simple: just choose six numbers ranging from 1 to 48 for the chance to win it all!