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How to Play Chispazo Online

How Do You Play Mexico Chispazo Online?

To play this rewarding Mexican lottery, players need to select 5 main numbers from a guess range of 1-28. You can choose your numbers manually by using your own numbers, or, use the Quick Pick option which will choose a totally random set of numbers for your ticket. After your ticket has been processed, it will be promptly scanned into your personal account where you will be able to see it whenever you want until the draw. Learn more about Chispazo and other Mexican draws with our Mexican Lottery Guide..

Chispazo lottery draws are held every Monday - Sunday at 15:00 and 21:15, local Mexico time.

How to Win Chispazo Online

How Can You Win Chispazo Prizes Online?

To see if you’re a Chispazo winner, compare your 5 selected numbers to the winning numbers drawn. If they match, congratulations! You’re a Chispazo jackpot winner! The jackpot prize, which can go upwards of MXN$200,000, depends on ticket sales and the actual prize awarded can be either higher or lower than the amount advertised on our site. If there is no grand prize winner, the entire jackpot prize winnings are given to the second division winner! If there’s more than one winner, the prize is evenly split. The remaining 3 prize divisions require players to match 4, 3 or 2 of the winning numbers drawn. Purchase your tickets today because with winning odds as low as 1:98.280, you won't have a hard time winning Chispazo prizes! 

Check out Chispazo draw results to see if you've just won a Mexican Chispazo lottery prize!

theLotter’s Mexico Chispazo Winners

theLotter’s Mexico Chispazo Winners

Chispazo has been a very lucky lottery for our players and several of them have won the game’s jackpot prize.

  • J.C., a dedicated Chispazo player from Mexico, finally struck gold in the first draw of 21 January 2022 when he matched the MXN130,028.39 (US$6,611.69) jackpot prize! How did he do it? J.C. consistently plays this popular twice daily Mexican draw, ensuring his numbers never miss a win!

  • A. from Mexico won MXN 45,041.09 (US$2,162) in August 2019; S. from Oman won MXN 181,592.56 (US$8,171 ) in August 2020 ; J. from Hungary won MXN 145,885.12 (€5,371) in February 2021; and V. from Russia won MXN 68,216.62 (US$3,424) in April 2021.

  • Our biggest Chispazo winner to date is Nataliia from Ukraine, a repeat winner at theLotter. Nataliia previously won a $1 million second prize playing US Mega Millions in September 2017! She won the Chispazo jackpot in September 2019, for a prize of MXN 224,063.68 (€10,301.79). Read her incredible winning story.