Canadian Wins $1 Million in US Powerball through theLotter

P. from Quebec in Canada won $1 million in the US Powerball on Saturday 27 February 2016, marking the second time in two months that a foreigner has won the coveted second prize in the US Powerball  through theLotter.

"I woke up in Montreal this morning and I was looking and looking... And I said Jeez... I think I got the right numbers. But I wasn't too sure and I called my son and said, 'I looked at the numbers and I think we won!'" P. told us when we called him.

Having Breakfast after a Hockey Game, He Discovers He’s a Millionaire

On Saturday night 27 February 2016, 60 year-old P. was at a hockey game in Montreal with his son when down in the United States, in Florida to be exact, the US Powerball lottery held its Saturday night draw. Earlier that evening, before leaving his home 100 miles east of Montreal, he had received a reminder from theLotter that if he wanted to participate in the US Powerball that weekend, he’d better act quickly. So before jumping into his car, P. went online, purchased 7 lines for his favourite US lottery and only then he made his way to Montreal.

Over breakfast the following morning P. again checked his phone and that’s when he discovered he had become a millionaire overnight – he had won the second prize in the US Powerball from Canada!

Canadian wins Powerball

Countless Canadians Joining theLotter to Play American Lotteries Online

P. had only joined theLotter in January when the Powerball stood at an historic high. Along with many tens of thousands of his fellow Canadians, P. went online, trying to find a way to win big in the Powerball prize draw. The winning ticket was part of P.'s second-ever purchase at theLotter. He bought seven Quick Pick tickets, so the winning ticket was randomly selected. The numbers may not have held any personal meaning for P., but that $1 million figure sure means a lot!

I am happy that I found your company, theLotter. We're in Canada and it is hard to buy tickets from the States, so when I saw your site I said "Jesus, that's nice!"

Play the lottery online

Since New Jersey is only five hours away by car, P. decided to drive down to the local offices to pick up his winning ticket and claim his prize in person, although he claimed his prize anonymously. When asked what he plans to do with the money, P. said that he and his wife had decided to play it safe and not make any grand plans. He said that a cruise may be in the near future, but otherwise, the money will be safely put away in the bank for now.

Initially P. said that he was skeptical about buying lottery tickets online, but his experience with theLotter's customer support team put him at ease. It's a real good company and they're honest and they tell you what everything is.

P. has continued to play different lottery games since his $1 million win. In fact, he's already won again... well it was a $12 prize this time around, but perhaps the jackpot is just a few draws away! He says he will continue to play on theLotter: With theLotter, you can play lottery even in Canada, you can play in Australia, you can play everywhere in the world. That's one big advantage.. so if you like lottery, it's a nice site to go on.

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