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Are you a Lotto Texas winner?

Are You a Lotto Texas Winner?

Did you win the jackpot in the latest Lotto Texas draw? Did you win one of the lottery’s amazing secondary prizes? Compare the numbers on your ticket with the results of the most recent draw, posted here, to see where you stand. Winning the jackpot is simply matching the 6 number on one’s ticket (drawn from a guess range of 1-54) to the 6 winning numbers selected in the draw. Simple to understand, but not as simple to win. Don’t fret. This Texas lotto has three additional prize divisions so even if you didn’t win the jackpot, you could still claim amazing secondary prizes and emerge from the draw as a Lotto Texas winner!

How to get Lotto Texas Results

How to Get FREE Lotto Texas Results

No matter where you are you can get the results of the latest Lotto Texas draw to find out if you’re a winner by signing up for our 100% FREE notification service! You will be notified immediately by theLotter whenever your favorite lottery posts its draw results and know about your prize winnings via SMS/ email. To sign up for this service, go into your personal account and select Lotto Texas under “notifications” and “alerts”. Start seeing results of your lottery play today!

Biggest Lotto Texas winners in Texas

Biggest Lotto Texas Winners in Texas

Over the years, Texas’ favorite, and original, state lottery has awarded some amazing jackpot prizes. The highest Lotto Texas jackpot to date, worth an incredible $145 million, was awarded to Alfredo Ornelas Barragan of El Paso on 19 June 2004. Another huge Lotto Texas jackpot, worth $97 million, was awarded to a lucky winner from Dallas in May 2010. Lotto Texas could set another jackpot record very soon and you could win this top prize by playing the game at theLotter!