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Latest Texas Two Step Draw Results Online

Texas - Texas Two Step Winning Numbers

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Texas - Texas Two Step Prize Breakdown


Check Your Texas Two Steps Lottery Draw Results

Check the Latest Texas Two Step Draw Results

Did you win prizes in the latest Two Step draw? Compare the numbers you chose with those selected in the draw! If you matched the four main numbers and the additional number, you are the winner of the Two Step jackpot! Did your ticket only make a partial match? You could still be a winner of the Two Step’s six other prize divisions. Please note that the Texas Two Step’s prizes are pari-mutuel. This means that the actual prizes paid out may be higher or lower than estimated based on both ticket sales and the number of winning tickets.

How to Receive FREE Texas Two Step Lottery Results

How to Get the Latest Texas Two Step Draw Results

To receive the latest Texas Two Step draw results, sign up for email notifications here. You can also download the free theLotter app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Download theLotter’s mobile apps and gain free access to numbers, results, and information for over 80 lotteries around the world, as well as past Two Step results up to ten draws back! Did you win prizes in the latest Texas Two Step draw? We’ll let you know if you matched the winning numbers!

Texas Two Step Lottery Hot & Cold Numbers

Texas Two Step Hot and Cold Numbers

There are different strategies for choosing lotto numbers. One method that is frequently mentioned is selecting a lottery’s hot, or cold numbers. Hot numbers are those that have been chosen frequently in recent draws while cold numbers haven’t been drawn in quite a while. For the Texas Two Step lottery, we’ve seen the following “hot” numbers in the past few months: 26 17 6 34 23 12. The following numbers have not been drawn recently, and therefore they’re quite “cold”: 9 25 32 11 20 3. There’s no guarantee that hot or cold numbers will come up in the next draw because lottery numbers are selected randomly, but maybe it’s worth a try!

For more information about Texas Two Step drawings, please check the official Texas Lottery website.