Latest Canada Lotto 649 Results

Winning Numbers

  • 724344246491

Prize Breakdown

Lottery Information

Guess Range 6/49
Offered In Canada, Canada
(Local draw time)
Jackpot Type CASH
Tax Requirement Lottery prizes are paid out tax-free. Check the tax laws in your country of residence for any further local taxation you may be subject to.

Winning Odds

Match Winning Odds
6 1:13,983,816
5+1 1:2,330,636
5 1:55,492
4 1:1,033
3 1:57
2+1 1:81
2 1:8
Check Your Canada Lotto 649 Results

Check Your Canada Lotto 649 Results

The Canadian lottery proudly boasts seven prize divisions and players require six winning numbers from a drum of 1-49 as well as the bonus number to win the big jackpot. The bonus number is drawn from the same drum as the main numbers and is needed for the 2nd and 6th prize divisions. In addition, Canada Lotto 649 features a raffle with every draw, guaranteeing two Canadian millionaires every week! All lottery prizes won in Canada are tax-free! To see more information about lottery results around the world, click here.

Canada 649 Guaranteed Prize Draw Raffle Results

Canada Lotto 649 Gold Ball Draw Raffle Results

All tickets purchased for Canada 6/49 automatically participate in the supplementary Canada 6/49 Guaranteed Prize Draw, staged twice a week in parallel to the regular lottery draw. The raffle awards a single lucky ticketholder either a CAD$1 million raffle prize or a minimum jackpot of CAD$10 million which can exceed CAD$60 million if not won.

When you play Canada 649, a unique 10-digit code is assigned to every line on your ticket. The 10-digit code is made up of an 8-digit number (unique to that ticket) and a 2-digit trailer (starting at 01) that represents the lottery line to which the raffle code relates.

Did you win this raffle prize? After each Canada 649 draw, we’ll check your tickets against the winning raffle code and notify you if you win. You can check full details of the winning raffle codes on the official website!

How to Receive Canada Lotto 649 Results

How to Receive Canada Lotto 649 Results

To receive your FREE Canada Lotto 649 lottery results, sign up for email notifications here. You can also download the free theLotter app for iOS and Android. Download theLotter’s mobile apps and gain free access to numbers, results, and information for lotteries around the world, as well as past Canada 649 results up to ten draws back! Save your lucky lottery numbers on theLotter, and enter the next Canada Lotto 649 draw with your mobile from anywhere around the world!