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South Africa Lotto is one of the most popular lotteries in the country! SA Lotto recently celebrated its 14th anniversary and currently offers three secondary prizes with every draw. Match six numbers to take home the South African Lotto jackpot, and remember that all prizes are tax-free! Buy South Africa Lotto tickets online, and take part in the lottery that has South Africans have been winning for more than a decade!

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The South Africa Lotto is a popular national lottery that offers some of the highest jackpots and best winning odds in Africa.

South Africa Lotto History

The South Africa Lotto was introduced to help raise funds for government programs in March 2000. To date, the highest recorded South Africa Lotto jackpot is R57 million (more than $6 million), set on 24th April 2013. The new record replaces a R44.7 million ($US 5.7 million) top prize that stood for 10 years, after four players won the jackpot in February 2003.

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South Africa Lotto Rules

To play the South Africa Lotto online, select six numbers from a guess range of 1-49. The lottery offers a bonus number which is chosen at the time of the draw from the same drum as the regular guess set and is counted for secondary prizes only. Players use an 8 line entry form and can manually select their own numbers (Natural Selection), have their numbers randomly chosen for them (Quick Pick) or can use a set of pre-selected numbers which are saved in their account on theLotter (My Lucky Numbers). To be sure to never miss a draw, while enjoying significant discounts, purchase a Multi-Draw or set up a Subscription your favourite lottery on theLotter.

South Africa Lotto’s draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 19:30 GMT, and online lotto ticket sales on theLotter close approximately 3 hours prior to the draw. Results for the South Africa Lotto are available on theLotter starting at 7:30 GMT every Thursday and Sunday.

Winning the South Africa Lotto

The South Africa Lotto has seven prize categories, and to win the jackpot players must successfully match six numbers. The bonus number is used for winning the second, fourth and sixth place prize divisions. The South Africa Lotto’s jackpot always starts from R 2 million, and can continue to grow indefinitely as there is no set jackpot or rollover cap.

Winners have a year to claim their tax-free wins which are always paid out in a one-time cash sum.

The record for the highest South Africa Lotto jackpot was taken in April 2013 when a prize of R57 million (US$6 million) was won by two lucky ticket holders.

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South Africa Lotto Anecdotes

Native Slogan - “'Tata Ma Chance, Tata Ma Millions” is the South Africa Lotto slogan. When the combination of English and Zulu is translated, the slogan reads: "there goes my chances and there goes my millions".

For more information on South Africa's Lotto, visit the official site here.