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How will I know the rules of the different lotteries on the site?


There is no need to be a lottery expert to play lottery online! All the lottery forms are formatted to fit the rules of the game. To play, fill in the form with the available number selection. Instead of giving your ticket to the booth sales assistant, click Play, and we execute the purchase on your behalf!

To learn about your favourite lottery, visit our Lottery Information pages for schedules, statistics, taxation information, and winning stories.


What are the different ways to select my numbers when playing the lottery?


When playing any of the lotteries we offer online, you can select numbers manually (Natural Selection), have your numbers randomly selected by the system (Quick Pick) or choose to use preselected numbers (My Lucky Numbers).


Do I have to fill in all the lines in a form?


Yes. We require a minimum purchase of 2-6 lines, depending on the lottery, to cover basic service fees and the wide variety of free services we offer. If you do not complete the required number selection, the system will fill in the missing numbers for you using quick pick.


When do lottery draws close on the site?


Draws close on the site approximately three hours prior to the local draw in order to allow our offices sufficient time to complete orders in an accurate and timely manner. To see local draw times, please consult the Lottery Info section of the site.


What is a bonus number? What lotteries have bonus numbers ?


Bonus numbers enable you to increase your chances of winning a secondary prize. A bonus number is selected from the same drum as the regular guess set.

The bonus number is not selected by the player and is relevant for secondary prizes only; the bonus number is not required to win the jackpot. For example, if the lottery’s winning numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and the bonus number, 6, a player who guesses 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 qualifies for the 4+1 prize, if such a prize division exists.

When you check lottery results on the site, the bonus number will appear in blue at the top of the screen and as X+1 in the prize breakdown.

The following lotteries contain bonus numbers:

Australia-Oz Lotto (2)
Australia-Monday Lotto (2)
Australia-Saturday Lotto (2)
Australia-Wednesday Lotto (2)
Austria-Lotto (1)
Belgium-Lotto (1)
Canada-BC 49 (1)
Canada-Lotto 649 (1)
Canada-Lotto Max (1)
Canada-Quebec 49 (1)
Canada-Western 649 (1)
Finland-Lotto (2)
Greece-Lotto (1)
Hong Kong-Mark 6 (1)
Ireland-Lotto (1)
Italy-SuperEnalotto (1)
Japan-Loto 6 (1)
Mexico - Melate (1)
Mexico - Melate Retro (1)
New York-Lotto (1)
UK-National Lottery (1)
South Africa-Loto (1)
Spain-BonoLoto (1)
Spain-La Primitiva (1)
Sweden-Lotto (4)
Swiss-Lotto (1)


What is an additional number (Powerball)? What lotteries have additional numbers?


An additional number is drawn from a different drum than the regular guess set, usually from a different guess range. Players select the additional number at the time of purchase from a separate number grid. The additional number may colloquially be called “Powerball,” after the famous American lottery’s additional number.

In the prize breakdown, an additional number will be indicated by “PB.” For example, the first prize of the EuroMillions prize breakdown is 5 + 2 PB.

When you check lottery results on the site, the additional number will appear in red.

The following lotteries contain additional numbers: 

Australia-Powerball Lotto (1)
EuroMillions (2)
EuroMillions UK (2)
France-Loto (1)
Germany-Lotto (1)
Greece-Joker (1)
Israel-Double Lotto (1)
Israel-New Lotto (1)
Italy-Super Star (1)
Kansas-Super Cash (1)
New Zealand Powerball (1)
South Africa-Powerball (1)
Spain-El Gordo (1)
USA-Hot Lotto (1)
UK-Thunderball (1)
USA-Mega Millions (1)
USA-Powerball (1)
California-Super Lotto (1)
Vermont-Megabucks Plus (1)


What is the Reintegro?


The reintegro is a unique prize option of La Primitiva and Bono Lotto. At the time of the lottery drawing, an extra number called the “reintegro” is selected. In the event that the reintegro number drawn matches the reintegro number randomly assigned to the player’s ticket at the time of purchase (and visible on the scanned ticket in your theLotter account), the player receives a full refund of the cost of the ticket.


What is Mega Millions Megaplier feature?


The Mega Millions Megaplier feature allows players to increase non-jackpot prizes by multiplying the original amount by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times, depending on the Megaplier number drawn. The 2nd prize of matching 5 numbers on a Megaplier ticket ($1,000,000) will be multiplied by 2-5 time, for a prize ranging between $2 million and $5 million. 

To purchase a ticket with the Megaplier feature:

1. Choose the  USA Mega Millions  lottery 
2. Select your lucky numbers on the play form
3. Mark the Megaplier checkbox located below the form (the additional cost will be reflected automatically in the total cost)
4. Click the “Play” button to proceed to checkout.

The results of the Megaplier number can be viewed with the regular winning numbers on the USA Mega Millions Results page. 

Please note: the Megaplier applies to all lines on the ticket, multiplying players' potential wins and affecting the price of the ticket accordingly.

Click for full information about the Mega Millions Megaplier.


What is a systematic form (6-14 numbers)?


A systematic form allows you to boost your chances of winning by entering the draw with all possible combinations of your lucky numbers.

You are required to fill in a single line with a specific amount of numbers that is higher than the minimum requirement per line, from which all possible combinations are generated.

On theLotter, you are welcome to choose 6-14 lucky numbers, depending on the availability of this play option in the lottery you select. Lotteries which offer systematic forms will have a systematic tab on the play page. The total number of lines generated will appear in the systematic tab.

For example, in the Europe EuroMillions, you are invited to choose 6 -10 numbers for your systematic form. You will first need to choose the type of systematic form (6 numbers, 7 numbers, 8 numbers, 9 numbers, 10 numbers) you wish to play. Should you choose 6 numbers, a total of 6 lines will be generated from the numbers you choose in the numbered grid. Should you choose 10 numbers a total of 252 lines will be generated; each line made up of a different combination of your lucky numbers.


Europe EuroMillions

Italy SuperEnalotto

Australia Powerball Lotto

Canada Lotto 6/49

Spain La Primitiva


Why should I play using a systematic form?


By purchasing a systematic form, you increase your odds of winning a prize. For example, if you guess three out of six winning numbers, the winning combination will appear multiple times in the lines generated by the systematic form selector and multiply your return.


What is the Powerball Power Play feature?


The Power Play feature allows players to increase prizes in the bottom seven prize tiers (excluding the jackpot and second prize) by 2-5 times, depending on Power Play number drawn.

The second prize of $1 million will always be doubled to $2 million.

To purchase a ticket with the Power Play feature:

1. Choose the US Powerball  lottery 
2. Select your lucky numbers on the play form
3. Mark the Power Play checkbox located below the form (the additional cost will be reflected automatically on the total cost)
4. Click the “Play” button to proceed to checkout.

The result of the Power Play number can be viewed with the regular winning numbers on the USA Powerball Results page. 

Please note: the Power Play applies to all lines on the ticket, multiplying players' potential wins and affecting the price of the ticket accordingly.


I matched the required number of guesses. Why didn’t I get a prize?


You must guess the minimum number of correct guesses in one line in order to qualify for a prize. When evaluating your entry, it is important to keep in mind that each line is an independent unit.We require a minimum purchase of 2-6 lines, depending on the lottery.

For further inquiries regarding your ticket,  please contact us.


Why was I transferred to a local site for purchase confirmation?


Some lotteries may require you to complete the ticket purchase within a local site. We have several local sites which are connected to theLotter. All local sites are operated by theLotter and are secure and safe to use.

You can return to theLotter when you complete your purchase or by navigating to your preferred site in the “Home” menu.

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