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The Ultimate Guide to Lotteries with Raffles

Raffles are often overlooked opportunities to win, and win big, that some lotteries offer. With a raffle, it is possible to not select a single number correctly in the lottery draw, but still win a generous prize! While raffles are never the marquee billing that jackpots are, they can offer huge prizes that are guaranteed to be won. Raffles can also be like second chances, we do not want to need them, but it is nice to know that they are there.

Ultimate guide to raffles

How is a Raffle Different than a Lottery?

There are raffles available on theLotter, such as Spain’s Loteria Nacional Extra Draws, that are solely raffles; they are not supplemental draws to a lottery. Raffles such as this work slightly differently than raffles that take place in conjunction with a lottery, although, fundamentally they are the same. However, since we are talking about raffles that take place in conjunction with a lottery it is important to know that differences exist.

UK Lotto Raffle Winning Ticket

Raffles that occur in conjunction with lotteries assign an additional number for every line played on an entry; these additional numbers are then used in the raffle drawing.

On 31 December 2016 one lucky Austrian player with theLotter won a £20,000 raffle prize playing the UK Lotto. As you can see on his ticket pictured above, he played three lines and received three additional numbers as raffle entries.

The raffle draw consists of all of the additional numbers assigned to players, meaning that a winner is guaranteed in a raffle draw, very exciting indeed! Also, because raffles winners are selected from the additional, assigned numbers, it is possible to win both the lottery and the raffle with the same entry! Now that would be lucky!

Which Lotteries Offer Raffles?

Currently, theLotter offers six lotteries with supplemental raffle draws: EuroMillions France, EuroMillions Spain, UK Lotto, France Loto, and Canada Lotto 649. And of course make sure to check out our Spanish raffles guide for additional information!

EuroMillions France, My Million Raffle

EuroMillions France offers players another chance to win €1 million with the My Million raffle.

Francais de Jeux, the state owned company that operates lotteries in France, including EuroMillions, introduced the My Million raffle in February 2014. The My Million raffle added €.50 to the cost of a single line of EuroMillions, raising the price slightly to €2.50 per line.

The My Million raffle takes place in conjunction with every EuroMillions draw, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and awards one winner €1 million.

EuroMillions Spain, El Millon Raffle

Play the EuroMillions lottery in Spain and you are automatically entered into the El Millon, Spanish for ‘the million,’ raffle. As the name suggests, the winner of the El Millon raffle receives €1 million.

The El Millon Raffle was introduced in Spetember 2016 with a whole slew of EuroMillions rules changes designed to make the lottery’s jackpots bigger and more exciting as well as add to the excitement of the game, in general, with more prizes.

While EuroMillions draws happen twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Fridays, the El Millon raffle takes place on Fridays only although entries for the Tuesday as well as Friday EuroMillions draws are included in the El Millon raffle.

EuroMillions UK, Millionaire Maker Raffle

The Millionaire Maker Raffle takes place in conjunction with every EuroMillions UK drawing and awards two EuroMillions UK players with a £1 million prize.

Mega Week takes place the last week of every month and all UK EuroMillions players for draws in which Mega Week occurs are entered into the Mega Week raffle. The raffle’s prizes are not fixed but generally include generous cash prizes and travel packages.

European Millionaire Maker

The European Millionaire Maker was created in September 2016 as part of the changes to the EuroMillions lottery. The European Millionaire Maker Raffle is open to all entries to the EuroMillions lottery draw on the date in which the raffle takes place. The European Millionaire Maker raffle takes place at specially announced times throughout the year. The last European Millionaire Maker was Friday 28th October 2016 and awarded twenty-five €1 million prizes.

UK Lotto, Millionaire Raffle

Players of the UK Lotto, or UK National Lotto as it is also known, are automatically entered into the Millionaire raffle. UK Lotto and Millionaire Raffle draws take place twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday. The Millionaire Raffle awards one £1 million prize and twenty £20,000 prizes every draw.

The Millionaire Raffle also features additional prizes throughout the year on holidays and special occasions, stay tuned for more exciting prizes throughout the year.

The current format of the Millionaire Raffle dates to October 2015 when the UK National Lottery changed the UK Lotto game as a whole.

Canada 649

Popular Canadian lottery Canada 649 also gives players an additional opportunity to win CAD$1 million with every draw. For every line played, an additional number for the Guaranteed Prize Draw raffle will be given. Lottery and raffle draws take place on Wednesday and Saturday every week. The Guaranteed Prize Draw raffle is modeled after the UK Millionaire Maker raffle and was added in September 2013.

France Loto

A special raffle is held at each draw of the France Loto awarding 10 prizes worth €20,000 each. This is in addition to the regular lottery prizes awarded in the draw.

Take a Chance, Get Two

Raffles award great incredible prizes, sometimes enough to make you a millionaire! And, all raffle prizes are guaranteed to be won, meaning you have a chance to win! However, to be eligible to win an incredible raffle prize you first need to play the lottery! That's how it works: take a chance, get two. Good luck!