South Korean Player Wins €1 Million EuroMillions Prize!

It’s not every day we have a €1 million winner all the way from South Korea! H.S.L. won his million-euro prize in July 2019 from his EuroMillions ticket with the winning raffle code for the lottery’s bi-weekly El Millón raffle! Catch up on all the exciting details of H.S.L.’s incredible raffle win, and how he plans on putting his newfound fortune to good use!

A Good Surprise Is the Greatest Gift

Since H.S.L. started playing online with theLotter in October 2017, he has won plenty of prizes, though none quite as big as this! Thanks to a few smart choices and a lot of dedication, the dream of winning big that every lottery player has turned into reality for H.S.L. just a few years later in July 2019! When we called to notify him of his win and congratulate him, he literally couldn’t believe his fortune!


“At first I couldn't believe if this is was real or not. Adrian called me, but I still couldn't believe it. I checked the site again, and I continuously asked myself if this is actually happening.” Fortunately for him, the El Millón €1 million raffle prize was most definitely real!

How does it feel
to win €1 million
Hear for yourself!

“My Dream Is to Give Back to Society”

There are many winners who contribute their winnings and H.S.L. is one of them! Our generous winner first and foremost wants to give back what he just got to those who need it. “I hoped I won the lotto so I can help more people.” “My dream is to give back to society. I am happy what I am doing now, but I’ve always wanted to help more people.” One cause that he holds especially dear is helping the disabled people of South Korea. “I have so many things to do with this money, especially for the handicapped people. I want to use this money to help the handicapped by building their self-confidence”. With this incredible win, we’re sure our generous winner will be able to contribute to great causes that will help many lucky people!

The Million-Dollar Question: How Did He Do It?

Everyone has their own strategy when it comes to winning the lottery. While of course, there is always the element of luck, H.S.L. also ensured that he was taking part in every single draw of his favourite lotteries, which include US Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperEnalotto, and EuroMillions. Instead of purchasing a ticket for every draw manually, H.S.L. decided to take the fast lane and subscribe to all of his favourite lotteries. In addition to automatically entering you whenever there’s a draw, subscribing at theLotter also gives you every 7th ticket free of charge! This way, you can sit back and let the winnings come to you. Pro-tip from H.S.L.: “I regularly invested in the lottery with small amounts of money.” You don’t have to spend big to win big!
Another successful millionaire who won big playing with lottery subscriptions is our repeat winner Nataliia who won $1 million in Mega Millions back in 2017, and a €10.3k Mexican Chispazo jackpot prize in September 2019!

Didn’t Match the Winning Numbers? No Problem! Although the 3 lines he played didn’t make the cut, the El Millon raffle code assigned to his ticket sure did! El Million is a EuroMillions raffle unique to Spain that’s staged at every draw. Each draw has only 1 winner, meaning H.S.L. beat out millions of players vying for that €1 million raffle prize! Learn more about all the raffles EuroMillions has to offer, including how they work, and which ones you can participate it online by reading our EuroMillions Raffle Guide.

Last, but Definitely Not Least

While H.S.L. may be the most recent millionaire to come out of theLotter, he definitely won’t be the last! You can follow in his footsteps by playing online at theLotter – where anyone across the globe can play the world’s leading lotteries!