How to Join a Raffle Online

Get another chance at winning exciting prizes with raffle draws! While they may not be nearly as popular as lotteries, raffles definitely hold their own with huge prize pools, great odds, and an easy-to-play format. Keep reading to learn about the differences between raffles and lottery draws, how raffles work, and how you can purchase official raffle tickets online at theLotter!

purchase official raffle tickes online purchase official raffle tickets online

What is a raffle?

In a raffle draw, people buy tickets with different numeric combinations, some of which will be awarded a prize based on the combinations selected in the draw.
At theLotter, you can join annual, monthly, and weekly raffle draws for a chance to win big.

What are raffle shares?

Raffle tickets are usually split into a set number of shares. For example, Spain's Lotería Nacional tickets are divided into 10 shares per ticket. Buying 1 share will give you 1/10th of the prize if the numbers on your share match a winning combination. Likewise, buying all 10 shares of a winning ticket will give you the entire prize amount.

What are the advantages of joining a raffle?

  • Some of the biggest prize pools in the world are offered by raffles
  • Pre-printed ticket numbers make joining a raffle a quick and easy process
  • Participants have the choice of purchasing full tickets or shares
  • Plenty of prize divisions and great odds of matching a prize
  • Different types of raffles - holiday, monthly, and weekly draws

purchase official raffle tickets online purchase official raffle tickets online

What happens when you win a raffle prize online?

Once the official results are published, you will be able to see all of the winning codes on our raffle results page. If you have shares or tickets that have matched a prize, we’ll send you a notification with all the details of your win. Your money will be sent to your online account for withdrawal after collection of the prize on your behalf.

What is the difference between a raffle and a lottery?

Though similar in that participants buy a chance to win a prize, there are several key ways raffles differ from lotteries.

Pre-printed raffle ticket numbers
Unlike a lottery ticket where the numbers are manually selected, a raffle ticket comes with a pre-printed raffle ticket number. Raffle prizes are awarded for full-code matches and partial matches.

Raffle jackpots and prizes are fixed
All raffle jackpots and prizes are set at fixed amounts that are known in advance. These amounts reset at each draw. While many lotteries also offer fixed prize amounts, some have jackpots that increase with each rollover or the advertised amount may be different than the final prize due to ticket sales.

Raffles have a limited number of tickets
Raffles have a predetermined number of raffle codes available for participants to purchase. However, in order to give more people a chance to join, many raffles split their tickets into shares. Lottery draws have as many tickets available as there are people who buy them.

How do you buy raffle tickets online at theLotter?

All you need to participate in a raffle online is to choose the number of shares you’d like and your preferred raffle codes. Once you’ve confirmed your purchase, you’ve joined the raffle!

What types of raffles are available at theLotter?

Like lotteries, there’s a raffle for everyone! When you play online, you can choose from annual holiday raffles, like Spain’s Loteria de Navidad and Loteria Del Nino, the monthly Loteria Nacional Extra raffle, as well as the Loteria Nacional Thursday and Saturday weekly raffles.

theLotter also offers lottery raffles which are staged at each draw or on special occasions, such as holidays. Some lotteries offering raffles include Spain EuroMillions, EuroMillions Austria, France Loto, and Italy's SuperEnalotto. In these raffles, your lottery ticket will automatically guarantee your participation in the raffle draw. You can check the winning raffle ticket numbers on the official lottery website after the draw results are announced.

Join the raffle fun!

With huge prize pools, unbeatable winning odds, and a super simple format, raffles offer something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Purchase your raffle shares today!

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