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Lotería Nacional Extra Prize Breakdown

Divisions Number of Prizes Payout per Share
1st Prize 1 € 130,000.00
2nd Prize 1 € 25,000.00
Codes with the same last 4 digits as the drawn number 50 € 375.00
Codes with the same last 3 digits as the drawn number 1500 € 75.00
Codes with the same last 2 digits as the drawn number 2000 € 30.00
Codes +1 larger or -1 smaller than the 1st prize 2 € 2,400.00
Codes +1 larger or -1 smaller than the 2nd prize 2 € 1,532.50
Codes with the same first 3 digits as the 1st prize (except the 1st prize) 99 € 75.00
Codes with the same first 3 digits as the 2nd prize (except the 2nd prize) 99 € 75.00
Codes with the same last 3 digits as the 1st prize (except the 1st prize) 99 € 75.00
Codes with the same last 2 digits as the 1st prize (except the 1st prize) 999 € 75.00
Codes with the same last digit as the 1st prize (except the 1st prize) 9999 € 15.00
Reintegro- Single number drawn separately, matching the last digit of players’ codes 10000 € 15.00
Reintegro- Single number drawn separately, matching the last digit of players’ codes 10000 € 15.00

What is Loteria Nacional?

Loteria Nacional Extra is an exciting monthly raffle born over 200 years ago in Cadiz, Spain. Since then, the popular raffle has gained a huge international fanbase for its massive prizes and unbeatable 1 in 3 odds of winning! The monthly prize pool is set incredibly high - either €84 million, €105 million, or €140 million!

Unlike a lottery, where the player chooses their numbers, each Loteria Nacional ticket is assigned a unique 5-digit code ranging from 00000-99999, with each ticket having 10 duplicate tickets. These are split into 10 shares, creating a massive 10 million available for fans to purchase!

How Do You Enter the Loteria Nacional Raffle?

To participate in the Loteria Nacional raffle, you simply need to choose a raffle ticket and select how many shares you’d like to purchase. At the draw, 2-3 winning raffle codes are selected. These codes determine the top prize divisions and all of the secondary prizes categories. Read more about the Loteria Nacional prize breakdown here.

Every so often, the Spanish National Lottery stages sorteo extraordinario - special Loteria Nacional draws that feature an additional jackpot prize called the Premio especial (special first prize). The extra prize is awarded to a single share in a specific series of the first prize-winning ticket. This special jackpot is worth €5 million, €15 million, or €20 million, depending on the prize pool.

Winning a Loteria Nacional Prize

Winning this exciting Spanish raffle is actually not as hard as it may seem, with the odds of winning a prize at just 1 in 3! As mentioned above, each ticket is divided into 10 shares. Purchasing one winning share means that you’ll receive 1/10th of the ticket’s total prize worth, meaning the more shares you buy, the bigger your prize!

To check if you’re a winner, simply compare the 5-digit code on your Loteria Nacional ticket to the winning codes selected at the draw. If it matches, you’ve won a top prize! The jackpot prize for each of the three raffle prize pool (from smallest to largest) is €100,000 per share, €130,000 per share, and €200,000 per share.

If your raffle code only partially matches, you still have a chance of winning a prize! The secondary prize codes are made up of various combinations of the winning codes drawn. You can either check out the prize breakdown and calculate it by yourself or use the results checker on the Loteria Nacional results page

How Do You Claim Your Loteria Nacional Winnings?

If you’ve matched any one of the Loteria Nacional prize divisions, you will automatically receive an email or SMS shortly after the winning raffle codes are announced to let you know you’ve won! Prizes will then be transferred directly into your account after the official results are published and soon after the receipt of the prize from the official lottery operator. Please note, the top raffle prize may need to be collected in person in Spain. All lottery and raffle prizes exceeding €40,000 are taxed in Spain. You can read more about taxation on Spanish lottery prizes in our Spanish Lottery Guide.

Learn more about Loteria Nacional draws and check Loteria Nacional results at theLotter.

This Month's Raffle Theme: Sorteo Extraordinario Día de la Constitución

Each month the Loteria Nacional sorteos extraordinario (special raffle) is dedicated to a different Spanish charitable cause, as you can see in the scan of the ticket shown here.

This month's special Loteria Nacional draw celebrates the adoption of the Spanish Constitution, which serves as the democratic law that is supreme in the Kingdom of Spain. The Constitution came into effect on 27 December, 1978, and marked the country's full transition to democracy. The Special Draw of the Constitution will take place on 9 December 2023 and will include €105 million in prizes and a premio especial of €15 million.