Loteria del Nino

Lotería del Niño is Spain’s famous New Year raffle, offering a huge prize pool and great winning odds! Select how many shares you wish to buy from those shown below. Get a discount when you purchase two or more shares! Here's what you need to know how lottery raffles work.

Loteria del Nino - How Do You Enter This Exciting Spanish Raffle?

Participate in Spain’s famous New Year raffle by purchasing 1 or more shares with a five-digit numeric raffle code between 00000 and 99999. Of the 100,000 tickets available, there are 55 copies and 10 shares to each ticket, leaving 55 million shares to go around. With this massive amount of tickets, there’s also a massive amount of prizes; 37,000 to be exact, and an incredible 1 in 3 chance of winning one!

How Do You Win a Loteria Del Nino Raffle Prize?

The Loteria del Nino tickets are split into 10 shares, meaning for every ticket, there can be up to 10 winners depending on how many shares of the ticket a player purchases. The Loteria del Nino prize pool is set at €770 million, with the first division raffle prize amounting to €2 million and the last place prize of €20. At the draw, three winning El Nino raffle codes are generated, creating the 1st division, 2nd division, and 3rd division raffle prizes. This means that if you win the jackpot prize and you have only 1 of the 10 shares, you will receive €200,000 of the €2 million. As you can see, the more shares you buy, the larger your prize! The fourteen additional prize divisions can be won by partially matching the first three winning codes. Check out the prize breakdown for all 17 prize divisions and more information about this rewarding Spanish raffle here

How Can You Claim a Loteria Del Nino Prize Online at theLotter?

When you win an El Nino raffle prize through theLotter, you will receive an automated email or SMS shortly after the winning raffle codes are announced to let you know you’ve won! Prizes will be transferred directly into your theLotter account after the official results are published and soon after the receipt of the prize from the official lottery operator. Please note, the top raffle prize may need to be collected in person in Spain. In this case, theLotter may elect to pay for your flight! All lottery and raffle prizes exceeding €40,000 are taxed in Spain. Therefore, if you win a raffle prize from divisions 1, 2, or 3, your prize will be taxed. You can read more about taxation on Spanish lottery prizes in our Spanish Lottery Guide.

How Can You Be Sure You’ll Receive Your Loteria Del Nino Winnings?

Playing Spanish raffles at theLotter is simple, safe, and secure. Immediately after your purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email as proof of ownership and your participation in the El Nino raffle. Furthermore, a reasonable facsimile of the ticket purchased on your behalf by our local office is uploaded to your account as proof-of-purchase. Best of all, when you win, the winnings are 100% yours!

Read more about the Loteria del Nino and check Loteria del Nino results and get ready for the exciting raffle draw on 6 January.

Don't Miss Loteria del Nino!

Start the year off right by playing for your share of a €770 million prize pool in this exciting Spanish raffle draw, which takes place on 6 January. Participate in the Loteria del Nino raffle by purchasing shares of tickets with five-digit codes for a chance of winning the raffle's jackpot prize - €2 million per full ticket. With plenty of secondary prizes up for grabs as well, and 1:3 chances of winning a prize, it's always exciting to play this Spanish raffle!