All You Need to Know About EuroMillions Raffles

While EuroMillions is most famous for producing the biggest jackpots in all of Europe, the pan-European lottery also stages some amazing raffles throughout the year! These supplementary games hand out incredible prizes to the lucky winners, and we’re here to tell you all you need to know to enter and win. Our EuroMillions raffle guide lets you in on how lottery raffles work, prize-winning odds, which countries have them, and more.

What are EuroMillions Lottery Raffles?

EuroMillions raffles guide

EuroMillions raffles offer players another chance at winning a massive prize without even needing to match the lottery’s winning numbers! The first EuroMillions raffle, called UK Millionaire Maker, was created in 2009 with the aim of creating a buzz around EuroMillions draws and to give players a unique gaming experience. Now, almost every country that hosts EuroMillions also offers its own special raffle with rewarding prizes for players to benefit from. All EuroMillions raffles are staged alongside the main draws, either during one or both of the weekly draws, or on special occasions throughout the year.

Receiving your EuroMillions Raffle Code

When a EuroMillions lottery ticket is purchased within the week that a raffle is being staged, a unique alphanumeric code is assigned and printed on it. This is is usually done automatically with no additional cost to the player, although some raffles, like the Luxembourg Joker, give you the option of participating in the raffle for an extra 2. The code acts as proof of participation and your chance of winning. At either one or both of the EuroMillions weekly draws, a winning raffle code is selected after the 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars are drawn. If the code on your EuroMillions ticket matches, you’re a winner! There is no way to participate in the raffle without entering a EuroMillions draw, as you are only assigned a raffle code when you purchase a EuroMillions ticket.

What are the Odds of Winning EuroMillions Raffles?

Unlike the odds of winning the lottery jackpot, a raffle prize depends solely on the number of lottery tickets sold. In other words, the more codes manufactured, the lower your chances are of winning. For example, high jackpots draw large amounts of players, meaning large quantities of codes will be generated, which will significantly lower your chance of winning. If you want to improve your odds of winning a EuroMillions raffle prize, playing when the jackpot is low is your best bet. The reduced number of players means less competition for both the raffle and jackpot prize!

Can You Win the EuroMillions Jackpot and Raffle Prize at the Same Time?

Yes, you can! Although both games are printed on the same ticket and played alongside each other, EuroMillions lottery draws and EuroMillions raffles are viewed as two totally separate games. This means that a player who matches the lottery numbers drawn as well as the code selected in the raffle, is eligible to claim both prizes, as this is considered winning in two unconnected games.

Which Countries Have EuroMillions Lottery Raffles?

While nine European countries host EuroMillions lottery draws, eight of them have exciting raffles that are staged throughout the year. Here is a list of every raffle offered exclusively by EuroMillions.

Austria - Österreich Bonus – €100,000

Since 2018, the Österreich Bonus raffle has been awarding its impressive €100,000 prize at every EuroMillions Austria draw, making the already popular lottery even more exciting to play!

To enter, all you need to do is purchase a EuroMillions Austria lottery ticket for either of the lottery’s two weekly draws. The Österreich Bonus raffle code automatically assigned to your ticket consists of 10 numbers. So even if you don’t win the lottery, you always have another chance to win the Österreich Bonus for a €100,000 bonus prize whenever you play Austria EuroMillions, every Tuesday and Friday at 20:30 GMT.

Belgium – My Bonus - €500

A total of 600 Belgian EuroMillions players will win a bonus prize of €500 when they participate in Belgium’s My Bonus raffle! Each time a EuroMillions ticket is purchased in Belgium, a 3-letter and 5-number code is automatically assigned for every line purchased. Tuesday night’s draw awards 200 players the €500 raffle prize, while Friday’s draw creates 400 winners.

The Belgian National Lottery also stages special My Bonus raffles where in addition to 400 lucky players receiving the €500 prize, an estimated 45,000 Belgian EuroMillions players are awarded a bonus prize of €10!

France - My Million - €1 million

My Million was introduced to French EuroMillions players by lottery operator Francais de Jeux in February 2014. With a €1 million prize awarded at every draw, it’s easy to see why EuroMillions is such a hit amongst French lottery fans!

Entering the raffle requires the player to purchase a ticket for either the Tuesday or Friday EuroMillions France draw. A My Million code consisting of 2 letters and 7 numbers is automatically generated for every line purchased and printed onto the ticket. 

In addition to the My Million raffle, lottery players can also participate in French Loto raffle draws! This raffle is held several times a year and offers 50 lucky ticket holders a chance to win €20,000 each

Ireland - Ireland Only - €5,000

Ireland Only guarantees 10 Irish EuroMillions players a €5,000 prize at every EuroMillions draw. While this may not be the biggest prize on our list, the odds of becoming an Ireland Only prize winner is certainly higher, thanks to the large number of winning codes selected at each draw. Players who participate in a EuroMillions Ireland draw are assigned a 4-letter and 5-number code for each line purchased. The winning code is announced shortly after each draw on Tuesday’s and Friday’s.

The Irish National Lottery stages the €1 Million Ireland Only draw several times a year, where instead of the usual €5,000, one of the ten Ireland Only winners is awarded a massive €1 million raffle prize.

Luxembourg - Luxembourg Joker - €500,000

Luxembourg Joker is a unique raffle offering an unlimited number of Luxembourgers the chance to win up to €500,000 with its interesting raffle format. For an additional 2, EuroMillions Luxembourg players will be assigned a randomly generated raffle code made up of 6 numbers between 0 and 9 for each line purchased in either one of EuroMillions weekly draws. To match the top prize, players must match all 6 numbers in the same order they were drawn. This unique rule also applies to the raffle's 5 additional prize divisions:

Match Prize

All six numbers in order


Last five numbers in order


Last four numbers in order


Last three numbers in order


Last two numbers in order


Last number


Portugal - M1lhão - €1 million

M1lhão, or “The Million”, is a Portuguese supplementary game played alongside EuroMillions Portugal. This raffle promises a single Portuguese player the €1 million M1lhão prize each week. Entering the M1lhão requires the participant to purchase a ticket for either the Tuesday or Friday EuroMillions Portugal draw. Each line purchased will be assigned a 3-letter and 5-number code.

Several times a year, the Portuguese National Lottery stages special M1lhão raffle draws, in which they award five lucky players the impressive €1 million top prize!

Spain - El Millón - €1 million

EuroMillions Spain’s El Millón raffle guarantees one lucky player a massive €1 million prize at every draw!

When you enter a EuroMillions Spain draw , your ticket will be automatically assigned an El Millón raffle code made up of 3 lettersand 5 numbers. One winning code will be randomly selected to win the El Millón every Tuesday and Friday night after the 5 main numbers and two Lucky Stars are drawn.

Spain’s National Lottery occasionally promotes El Millón Plus, which increases the number of winners of the €1 million prize from a single player to 5 on special occasions. Play Spain EuroMillions for two chances at winning big whenever enter a draw every Tuesday and Friday at 20:30 GMT. You can learn more about other exciting lotteries offered in Spain with our Spanish lottery guide !

UK - Millionaire Maker - £1 million

UK Millionaire Maker has been turning Brits into millionaires since its addition to the lineup back in 2009. The raffle guarantees a massive £1 million prize to a single Euromillions player each week!

Whenever a player enters either one of the lottery’s bi-weekly draws on Tuesday or Friday, a Millionaire Maker code made up of 4 letters and 5 numbers is automatically assigned for each line purchased. If it matches the winning raffle code selected in these draws, the lucky ticket holder is added to the ever-growing list of UK’s millionaires!

Between 2014 and 2017, the National Lottery staged two promotional raffles called Mega Fridays and Mega Week. Both awarded UK players Millionaire Maker’s signature £1 million prize, along with incredible luxury vacations.

Can You Participate in EuroMillions Raffles from Abroad?

Players from around the globe can participate in some the world’s most exciting lottery raffles thanks to online ticket messenger services like theLotter! Give yourself another chance at winning big by entering Austria’s Österreich Bonus Raffle and Spain’s El Millón! Check out our EuroMillions guide to get all the information you need to start playing and winning prizes from this popular pan-European lottery!