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Check Your New York Lotto Draw Results

Check the Latest New York Lotto Draw Results

Did you win prizes in the latest NY Lotto draw? Compare the numbers you chose with those selected in the draw! If you matched the six main numbers and the additional number, you are the winner of the Lotto jackpot! Did your ticket only make a partial match? You could still be a winner in Lotto’s four other prize divisions. Check the winning numbers posted here to see if you won Lotto prizes!

New York Lotto Rules

New York Lotto Rules

To play Lotto online, select 6 numbers from a guess range of 1-59. The lottery offers a bonus number which is chosen at the time of the draw from the same drum as the regular guess set and counted for secondary prizes only. Players can choose to play with a 6-line or 10-line entry form and can manually select their own numbers (Natural Selection), have their numbers randomly chosen for them (Quick Pick) or can use a set of pre-selected numbers that are saved on their theLotter account (My Numbers). Players who want to ensure to never miss a draw while enjoying significant discounts can purchase a Multi-Draw package or Subscription exclusively on theLotter.

The New York Lotto’s draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:30 EST, and online lottery ticket sales close approximately 3 hours prior to the draw. Results for the New York Lotto are available on theLotter shortly after the winning numbers are announced.

Winning the New York Lotto

Winning the New York Lotto

The New York Lotto has five prize categories, and to win the jackpot players must successfully guess 6 numbers.  The bonus number is used for the second place win (5 numbers plus the bonus ball) only. The New York Lotto’s jackpot always starts at $2 million, unhindered by a jackpot cap and increasing by $300,000 per rollover.

Winners of the jackpot have 180 days to claim their big win and can choose to receive their prizes in a lump sum or in an annuity of 26 payments over 25 years.

US residents who win over $5,000 are taxed at 25%; non-US residents who win any prize amount are taxed at 30%. Winners with prizes exceeding $250,000 must receive their winnings at any of the New York Lottery’s 16 state-wide headquarters. Jackpot winners can choose to receive their winnings either in a lump sum (a jackpot winner’s choice to receive all winnings at once which may be less than the annuitized payment) or an annuity (any structured fixed jackpot payments that are given over a specified period of time) of 26 annual payments.

For more information on New York's Lotto, visit the official site here.