Lottery Numbers, Facts, and Figures

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Lottery Numbers to Remember

Huge jackpot prizes that made history! 

 Jackpot  Lottery  Date
    $1.586 billion     US Powerball     January 2016
    $1.537 billion     Mega Millions     October 2018
    $768 million     US Powerball     March 2019
    $759 million     US Powerball     August 2017
    $656 million     Mega Millions     March 2012
    €209 million     SuperEnalotto     August 2019
    €200 million     EuroMillions     December 2020
    €190 million     EuroMillions     October 2019
    €190 million     EuroMillions     August 2012
    €190 million     EuroMillions     October 2014
    €190 million     EuroMillions     October 2017
    €101.7 million     La Primitiva     October 2015
    AU$150 million     AUS Powerball     September 2019
    €92 million     EuroJackpot     August 2019
    AU$111.9 million     Oz Lotto     November 2012
    AU$110 million     AUS Powerball     July 2019
    R232 million     SA Powerball     February 2019