Lottery Numbers, Facts, and Figures

See draw schedule, prize breakdown, tax requirements, and winning odds for all lotteries! Learn about the power of lottery numbers to create exciting lotto experiences across the globe, make millionaires, and break records. Read about the world’s biggest lottery draws including Europe’s EuroMillions Lotto, Italian SuperEnalotto, US Powerball Lottery, Spain's La Primitiva and the American Mega Millions here.

Lottery Numbers to Remember

These lottery numbers topped the charts and rocked the lottery world! 

 Record  Lottery  Date
    $656 million     Mega Millions     March, 2012
    $591 million     US Powerball     May, 2013
    €190 million     EuroMillions     August, 2012
    €177 million     SuperEnalotto     October, 2010
    €73 million     La Primitiva     January, 2014