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The Mega da Virada has created South America’s largest jackpots, including a R$189 million prize in 2011, R$194.3 million prize in 2010, and a R$144.9 million prize in 2009. The 2012 jackpot was first set at R$ 230 million for the annual New Year’s Eve draw on December 31st, but ticket sales drove the jackpot higher by the end of December, reaching R$ 244.7 million.

Fans of Brazil’s largest lottery draw were pleased to see that three lottery tickets matched all six winning numbers in the 2012 Mega da Virada, marking the sixth consecutive year of jackpot winners on December 31st! 

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Mega da Virada Rules

To enter the Mega da Virada holiday super draw, players fill out a lottery ticket with six numbers between 1 and 60. On December 31st, six winning numbers are drawn. Lottery tickets that match four, five, or all six of the winning numbers win one of the lottery’s three prize categories. The Mega da Virada is a major event in Brazil, with the majority of the adult population entering the draw and watching the live draw on television amidst the festivities.

Since so many people play to become Mega da Virada millionaires on New Year’s Eve, it is common for multiple winning tickets to match the jackpot prize! In 2010, four winners, one from Cariacica, one from Belo Horizonte, one from Rio Grande Farm and one from Pinhais, split the R$194 million prize! In 2012, there were three jackpot winners.

62% of all Mega da Virada profits go directly to the jackpot pool, called “sena” in Portuguese. 19% of proceeds are allocated to the second place prize, called “cinchona” and another 19% of profits are given to the third prize winners. 

Mega da Virada in the News

People from across Brazil and around the world enter their lucky numbers into the yearly Mega da Virada New Year’s Eve draw. Below are a few of the lottery’s festive commercials, which illustrate the popularity of the holiday super draw. Mega da Virada began as a local Brazilian lottery phenomenon and its impressive annual jackpots have captured world-wide attention, as one of December’s largest lottery prizes.

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