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The Turkey Lotto 6/49 lottery, known as the Sayisal (or Numerical) Lotto, offers exciting jackpots and alluring winning odds for players looking to combine a European lottery experience with exceptional value.

Turkey Lotto 6/49 History

The Turkish lottery was introduced in November 1996, by the Milli Piyango Company. The Turkey Lotto 6/49's largest jackpot of TRY 6.5 million ($3.6 million) was won by a lucky couple in March 2009.

Turkey Lotto 6/49 Rules

To play the Turkey Lotto 6/49, select six numbers from a guess range of 1-49. Turkey Lotto 6/49 is drawn in Turkey every Saturday, at 18:30 GMT. Turkey Lotto 6/49 results are available on theLotter at 22:30 GMT the same day.

Winning Turkey Lotto 6/49

To win the Turkey Lotto 6/49 ’s first place prize, players must successfully guess 6 out of 49 numbers correctly. Winners enjoy a larger share of the prize funds than many other lotteries since the Turkey Lotto 6/49 offers only four prize divisions. Compare this Turkish lotto lottery jackpot and prize information with other state, national and continental lotteries.

The jackpot starts at TRY 1.2 million and can only roll over three times. If there is no jackpot winner, the amount will trickle down to the other three prize divisions, making the Turkey Lotto 6/49 an especially advantageous game for players looking for first-rate secondary prizes. Turkey Lotto 6/49 prizes are tax-free and paid out in a one-time cash payment. Winners have one year to claim their wins.

Most of the revenue generated by Turkish lotteries is apportioned to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, with other proceeds going to Social Services and the Istanbul Olympic Bidding Committee (IOBC)

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Visit Turkey's official Lotto 6/49 site, here.