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Sweden - Lotto Winning Numbers

  • 31417181921321123335

Sweden - Lotto Prize Breakdown


  • 6818222732343192431

Sweden - Lotto Prize Breakdown


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The Swedish Lotto is one of the oldest lotteries in the world and offers a traditional play format that has become a popular Scandinavian tradition. The lottery offers two drawings as well as four bonus balls to increase players’ chances of winning with every ticket.

Check Your US Sweden lotto Results

Check Your US Sweden Lotto Results

See if you've won a Sweden Lotto prize by comparing the numbers on your ticket to the seven numbers drawn from the guess range of 1-35. Claim the lottery's jackpot prize by matching all seven winning numbers, while partial matches of 6, 5, or 4 numbers can win you rewarding secondary prizes. Sweden lotto also offers 4 bonus numbers which create the second prize division (6+1). 
Sweden Lotto draws are staged every Wednesday at 18:20 and Saturday at 20:00 local Swedish time. 

For more information on Sweden's Lotto, visit the official site.

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winning Sweden Lotto

Winning with Sweden Lotto

There are five Swedish Lotto prize categories, and the lottery increases the chances of winning one of them by drawing two different sets of winning numbers with each draw. This means 2 chances to win big in every draw! The Swedish Lotto ’s tax-free jackpot starts from SEK3 million and continues to grow with each rollover until there is a winner, unhindered by a jackpot cap.

The largest Swedish Lotto jackpot won was SEK144 million (US$21 million) and claimed in 2005 by one winner. Lotto fans who want to enter a tax-free European draw can buy EuroMillions lottery tickets online!