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  • 21293436412

Prize Breakdown

Lottery Information

Guess Range 5/60 + Cash Ball 1/4
Offered In Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, U.S., USA
(Local draw time)
Jackpot Type CASH
Tax Requirement Lottery prizes are subject to taxation at source. There are three tax bands. Tax Band 1: Tax-free up to $600. Tax Band 2: Any prize between $600.01 and $5,000 is subject to a tax rate of 30%. Tax Band 3: Any prize above $5,000 is subject to a tax rate of 36%. Check the tax laws in your country of residence for any further local taxation you may be subject to.

Winning Odds

Match Winning Odds
5+1 Cash Ball 1:21,846,048
5 1:7,282,016
4+1 Cash Ball 1:79,440
4 1:26,480
3+1 Cash Ball 1:1,471
3 1:490
2+1 Cash Ball 1:83
2 1:28
1+1 Cash Ball 1:13
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Checking you Cash4Life results is easy! Simply compare the five numbers and Cash Ball number on your Cash 4 Life ticket to the numbers drawn. If all five numbers and the Cash Ball match up- congratulations! You just hit the jackpot and became $7 million richer! This exciting daily lottery also has eight additional prize divisions players can wining from by matching 5, 4, 3, or 2 of the winning numbers with or without the Cash Ball. You can even win a prize for matching just a single winning number and the Cash Ball! Cash4Life draws are staged all week long, so be sure to check the official results every day at theLotter to see if you’re a winner!

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