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How to Receive FREE Canada BC 49 Lottery Results

Can't wait to see if you've won? Get Canada BC/49 draw results on the go by signing up here to receive email/SMS notifications whenever there's a draw! You can also download theLotter app for iPad, iPhone, and Android to get instant access to draw results and lottery information for over 100 lotteries, as well as viewing Canada BC 49 results up to 10 draws back. You'll also be able to see draw schedules, receive Jackpot Alerts, Results Alerts, and more- all from the comfort of your mobile!

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How to Check Canada BC 49 Winning Numbers Online!


See if you've won a Canada BC/49 prize by comparing your six main numbers to the winning numbers drawn. BC/49 has a set jackpot prize of C$2 million, with an additional 5 prize divisions players can win from. Winning the jackpot prize requires players to match all six numbers from a range of 1-49. In addition to the 6 main numbers, a bonus ball is added to the game to create 2 extra prize divisions. You can compare the numbers on your BC/49 ticket to the winning numbers drawn every Wednesday and Saturday at theLotter. You can purchase tickets to Ontario 49 if you enjoy playing Canada BC 49. In addition to the same amount of numbers and identical guess range, this Canadian lottery also boasts the impressive C$2 million as well!