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Mega Sena is Brazil’s leading lottery, known for its impressive jackpots which are mentioned side-by-side with some of the world’s biggest lotteries. The lottery features a unique drawing format and a special annual super draw (Mega da Virada) which attracts fans worldwide.

Mega Sena History

The Caixa Economica Federal Bank has operated Mega Sena since 1961, channeling part of the lottery’s proceeds towards programs for social and cultural advancement. The highest payout in Brazil-Mega Sena occurred in 1999 when a single lottery winner from Salvador won a R$64.9 million (US$35 million) jackpot.

Mega Sena Rules

To play, select 6 numbers from a guess range of 1-60. Players can choose to fill in the lottery’s three line form with manually selected numbers (Natural Selection), randomly selected numbers (Quick Pick), or numbers saved in a account (My Numbers).

In contrast to other lotteries, Mega Sena’s guess set is drawn from two separate drums. At the lottery drawing, the six winning numbers are pulled from two drums: the first containing numbers from 0 to 5, and the second containing numbers from 0 to 9. The 6 winning numbers are drawn in pairs, with one digit selected from each drum to form a 2 digit number between 1 and 60. If 00 is drawn, the selection is replaced by the number 60 for prize purposes.

The Mega Sena is played on Wednesday and Saturday at 20:00, local time in Brazil (23:00 GMT). The lottery closes an average of three hours prior to draw time, and results are available on at 7:30 GMT the following day.

Winning the Mega Sena

Prizes are awarded for 4, 5, and 6 correct guesses only, with 6 winning numbers required to win the jackpot.

While odds of winning the jackpot reflect Mega Sena’s status as South America’s leading lottery, the lottery’s overall attractive odds make 1:154,518 players recipients of the lottery’s eye-catching second place prizes.

The lottery’s largest jackpot of R$ 64.9 million (US$ 35 million) was won in 1999. Other notable Mega Sena jackpots include: R$53.1 million (2008) and R$52.7 million (2007) and R$56 million (2005).

Mega Sena winners have 90 days from the day of the draw to claim their prizes. Prizes which remain unclaimed by deadline are turned over to the Brazilian National Treasury and divided amongst various local social and cultural initiatives.

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Mega Sena Statistics

With only three prize categories including the jackpot, Mega Sena winners benefit from a larger percentage of the prize pool with 35% of proceeds dedicated to the Mega Sena jackpot; 19% of the proceeds allotted to players who match 5 numbers; and an additional 19% reserved for players who match 4 numbers.

Mega Sena Anecdote

Lottery Winner Widow - Adriana Almeida, known as the Mega-Sena Widow, was found innocent of conspiring in the murder of her lottery winner husband in 2007. Almeida’s husband, ironically called Renne Senna, won R$52 million in Mega Sena in 2005 and was shot outside a bar two years after the windfall. Almeida and Senna began dating after Senna’s big win, and the widow was suspected of orchestrating the murder to inherit half of her husband’s wealth which is valued at R$100 million (US$54 million). Almeida was acquitted in December 2011, paving the way for her legal inheritance of the former Senna’s legacy.