All About Lotteries

Playing the lottery is fun. Perhaps you dream of winning a huge jackpot prize, or you get an adrenaline rush while waiting for the draw results. If you’re lucky, you could wake up the next day as a multi-millionaire! Regardless of why you’re attracted to the lottery, you’ll also enjoy reading our selection of lottery-themed articles. You’ll find guides, tips, and anecdotal fun stories about playing the lottery. Be inspired by these guides and the stories of big lottery winners. Maybe one day soon you’ll score a jackpot win and have a tale to tell of your own!

Lottery Guides

Read our detailed lottery guides to learn everything you need to know to start playing your favourite lotteries online today!

The Ultimate Guide to Playing the US Powerball Lottery Online

Read our Ultimate Powerball Guide and learn everything you've always wanted to know about US Powerball! Jackpots, stats, fun facts, and amazing stories, it's all here!

The Ultimate Guide to Mega Millions and Its Incredible Jackpots!

This one you'll want to play! Everything you need to know about the second major cross-state lottery in the US, its history, Megaplier, and world record jackpots!

The Ultimate Guide to Playing EuroMillions Online

The biggest jackpots on the continent! We have all the information you need to get a competitive edge when playing the most popular pan-European lottery!

Here's What You Need to Know About the Amazing EuroMillions Superdraw

One of the most anticipated draws of the year, the Superdraw attracts players everywhere with its boosted jackpots. Here are the full details of this exciting event!

The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Italian SuperEnalotto Jackpot

Everything you need to know about Italy's most popular lottery, including tips how to play and win the SuperEnalotto jackpot before the lottery's next record draw!

The Ultimate Guide to Playing the EuroJackpot Lottery

While it may sometimes stands in the shadows of EuroMillions, EuroJackpot offers plenty of reasons for you to play, starting with its generous jackpots and better odds of winning!

The American Lottery Guide

Lottery aficionados know that when it comes to jackpots, American lotteries reign supreme! Check out this guide to learn all about US lotto games and the country's unique lottery history!

The Complete Guide to Playing Spanish Lotteries Online!

Spain is home to some of the most exciting lotteries and biggest prizes in the world and now, you can learn all about how you can start playing and winning them in our complete guide to Spanish lotteries!

The Ultimate Guide to Playing South African Lotteries!

Here's everything you wanted to know about playing the most popular South African lotteries online, including draw times, taxation, winning odds and more!

Learn All About Mexican Lotteries!

Mexico is home to some of the most exciting lotteries in Latin America! Get the lowdown on the most popular Mexican lottery draws that you can play online at theLotter.

The Japanese Lottery Guide: Everything You Need to Know!

Japanese lotteries are quickly becoming popular worldwide, and at theLotter, you too can join in on the fun! Check out our guide to playing and winning from Japan's biggest lotteries!

Australian Lottery Guide - Everything You Need to Know

Lottery fans will be interested in knowing that winning odds are much better Down Under. Australian lotteries are definitely worth playing and the prizes they offer are tax-free!

Everything You Need to Know About Playing Daily Lotteries

The underrated daily lotteries pack a big punch with their unbeatable odds and surprisingly rewarding prizes that you can win every day of the week!

The Complete Glossary of Lottery Terms

Have you ever played the lottery and come across a word you didn't recognize? Check out our glossary of lottery terms and definitions to start playing with confidence!

A Comprehensive Guide to New Zealand Lotteries

The New Zealand Lotto and the Kiwi version of the Powerball are some of the most exciting lotteries in the Southern Hemisphere. Read our extensive guide for detailed information about these exciting games.

The Ultimate Guide to the EuroMillions Jackpot Cap

The EuroMillions jackpot cap is €240 million, but how exactly does the jackpot cap work? Amazingly, the EuroMillions jackpot cap can even get bigger!

Austria Lotto Winning Odds Information

With so many exciting European lotteries to choose from, you might not have considered Austria Lotto. That’s a shame because the Austrian lottery odds are so good that players tend to win a lot of prizes.

How Do Taxes on US Lottery Winnings Work?

If you win an American lottery prize, you may need to give some of it back before taking it home! Learn how lottery taxes are calculated, what factors may give you a tax-free win, and what happens when you win online!

All About European Lotteries

Everything you want to know about Europe's biggest and most exciting lottery draws is in this guide! Discover all the information you need to to pick, play and win a European lottery online!

The Complete Polish Lottery Guide

Our complete guide to all the great Polish Lottery draw games available on theLotter, as well as everything else Poland's national lottery has to offer.

Your One Stop Hungarian Lottery Guide

Our comprehensive walk-through of the rules, prizes, winnings odds, and history of all the Hungarian lotteries theLotter has available to play online.

A Comprehensive Guide to Italian Lotteries 

Play Italian lotteries online like a pro with theLotter's guide to learn all about the games rules, prizes, winning odds, and more!


Raffle Guides

An in-depth look at the biggest raffle draws in the world - and how to play them!

Christmas Lottery - World's Largest Prize Pool

Also known as the Spanish Christmas El Gordo Lottery, this annual raffle has been attracting Spanish players since 1812. You can participate from anywhere in the world!

Lotería del Niño - the Raffle to Start the New Year

With one of the world's largest prize pools, this annual raffle staged every January is the perfect way to start a new year. With online tickets, you get a chance to win!

National Lottery Extra - Exciting Monthly Raffle

This exciting monthly Spanish raffle has been attracting players from Spain, and from the entire world, for over 200 years! Don't miss your chance to participate in the raffle!

The Complete Guide to EuroMillions Raffles!

Let's turn the spotlight on EuroMillions raffles! These rewarding games played alongside the main draw give players yet another chance at winning big every week!

What You Need to Know About Playing Lottery Raffles

While raffles may not draw the attention that huge lottery jackpots bring, they can offer substantial prizes that are guaranteed to be won!

Huge Prizes, Great Odds! Spanish Raffles!

Almost every lottery fan in the world has heard of the famous Spanish raffles. With huge prize pools and unbeatable odds, they bring excitement with every draw!


Lottery Winning Tips

Boost your lottery play with our tips and tricks that will help you win big!

What Are Your Odds of Winning the Lottery? We Have the Answer!

Not all lottery jackpots are created equally. The bigger the jackpots, the harder they are to win. But there are some which seem to fall every draw. Want to know which ones?

Is Playing the Lottery Online Safe?

Learn how to navigate the online lottery industry to ensure that you're purchasing tickets from a credible and trustworthy online lottery agency.

Which Lottery Should You Play Next? Check Your Lottery Horoscope to Find Out!

Can you find your fortune in the stars? Discover your lucky numbers and which lottery you should play next based on your horoscope!

Boost Your US Powerball Prizes with Power Play!

Make your US Powerball prizes even better by using the Power Play multiplier! This guide tell you all about how the Power Play feature works, including game rules, winning odds, and prize divisions!

How to Win the Lottery

Are there any concrete tips and tricks that will have you cashing in big at the bank? We’ve compiled a list of odds-boosting playing options that could make you a millionaire in no time!

How to Pick Your Next Lottery Numbers

Everyone has their own ways of picking lottery numbers, from significant dates to hot & cold numbers, and even numerology! Check out all the different methods that can help you decide how to pick winning lotto numbers next time you play!

What to Do if You Win the Lottery

Your first impulse is probably to shout out the news, but don't! Before you win the jackpot, read our guide for advice on how to protect your good fortune.

Lottery Scams Explained: Why theLotter Is Safe

We started in 2002 and quickly became known as a respected and reputable company. We are an independent ticket purchasing service and have paid more than $90 million in prizes to millions of winners.

Can You Win the Lottery Anonymously? Do You Have to Go Public?

Is there a way to prevent story-seeking journalists, long-lost family members, and representatives of unknown charities from showing up on your doorstep?

What You Need to Know about Multi-Draw Packages

Multi-draw tickets save you loads of time and hassle as you no longer need to purchase a ticket for each draw. You will never miss a draw of your favourite lottery!

How to Win Powerball: Tips for Improving Your Powerball Odds

Winning the Powerball jackpot has become the ultimate goal for lottery players. Is there a way to improve your chances of winning the jackpot? We've got the info.

Huge Jackpots Are Being Won by Lottery Syndicates!

Mega Millions awarded a $1.05 billion jackpot and a lawyer claimed the prize on behalf of four very lucky members of a Michigan-based lottery club.

How to Choose Which Lottery to Play Next!

How do you choose which lottery to play? By jackpot, draw times, jackpot odds? We have a lottery for everyone's preferences, so read to find out which one to choose next!

How Much Does a Powerball Ticket Actually Cost?

Here's a breakdown of all you need to know when you're paying for your next Powerball ticket. From purchasing tickets online, how you can save big when you play to where your ticket money really goes- it's all in here!

How Long After Winning the Lottery Do You Get the Money?

Congratulations! You just won the lottery! You correctly picked all the numbers and now you're a millionaire! You've come to the right place if you're wondering when you'll get your prize.

Mega Millions Payouts: Lump Sum or Annuity?

Your jackpot prize depends on whether you take the lump sum cash payment or whether you choose to receive your prize in annuity payments. So, which do you choose?

Powerball Lump Sum or Annuity - Which Is Best?

It’s a problem we’d all like to have: we’ve won a huge lottery jackpot, now what? Is it better to take the lump sum cash payment or an annuity paid out over 30 years?

Mega Millions - How Much Does A Ticket Cost? 

It's easy to find the price of a standard Mega Millions lottery ticket, but how much will it cost when you play online or add on the Megaplier? Keep reading to see how much it all costs and how to save big!

Mega Millions and Powerball - a Comparison

Which game has better prizes? Which lottery is easier to win? In short, which of these American lotteries should you play?

What Is the Mega Millions Megaplier?

With the optional Megaplier feature on your Mega Millions lottery ticket, you could boost your non-jackpot prizes!

Top theLotter Features to Improve Your Play

Learn more about the best features theLotter offers to improve how you play your favourite lotteries online.


Lottery Stories

Read up on some of the craziest winners stories, fascinating lottery facts and more!

The Biggest Jackpots in the World

Where did the biggest lottery winners make their millions? Discover the lotteries and raffles that have awarded the world's largest jackpots and prizes!

Believe Them or Not: 9 Widespread Lottery Myths Debunked!

Is it true that you are more likely to be struck by lightning than win the lottery? Are jackpots harder to win than ever before? Will your numbers one day win the jackpot?

Do You Ever Wonder if There Is a Secret Formula to Winning the Lottery?

Did Stefan Mandel and Richard Lustig—two repeat jackpot winners—have a lottery winning formula? What was their lottery strategy and how did it work for them?

7 Stories Of Lottery Winners That Will Warm Your Heart

Get inspired by these seven stories of lottery players who managed to win huge prizes and who deserved every penny!

Believe Them or Not: 10 Incredible Lottery Facts

The lottery creates a lot of drama and excitement and some stories about jackpot wins are simply hard to believe. These fun lottery anecdotes will simply amaze you!

How Do Lottery Winners Spend Their Money?

Ever wonder where it all goes? Get the facts, statistics, and stories, on what some of the world's biggest winners choose to do with their jackpot winnings!

What Cars Do Lottery Winners Buy?

Lottery winners make the news for their enormous prizes and how they spend their new wealth. Three national lotteries surveyed thousands of winners to learn about the luxury cars they buy.

Who Plays the Lottery More, Men or Women?

They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but did you know that how they each play the lottery can also be different?

Could a Psychic Win the Lottery?

How come you never see a headline like 'Psychic Wins the Lottery'? Aren't psychics supposed to see the future?

5 Rags to Riches Stories of Lottery Winners

Rags to riches could be how you describe any lottery winner. Some winners, though, were really down on their luck before their unexpected windfall.

Can You Play Mega Millions if You Are Not a US Citizen?

If you’re wondering can foreigners win Mega Millions prizes, or if you can play the popular lottery without being a US resident, we have the answers!

Don’t Be Like These 'Losers' When You Join the 'Winners'!

Since she won a $188m Powerball jackpot in 2015, Marie Holmes, a mother-of-four, has had to bail out her heroin-trafficking boyfriend three times!

Can Non-US Citizens Play Powerball?

The $1.6 billion Powerball mania caused a worldwide frenzy with millions trying to buy tickets overseas. Luckily, there was a way to do this!

British Girl Stuffs Lotto Ticket in Bra (& More Weird Lottery Stories)

Lottery winners find the weirdest places to keep their lottery tickets. They dabble with bras, washing machines, and dust bins!

10 Biggest Powerball Lottery Jackpots of All Time

There are millionaires and there are millionaires. Winners of epic Powerball jackpots become extremely wealthy, even richer than many celebrities!

How Are Lottery Jackpots Calculated?

We all love winning, but what goes into a jackpot prize? Learn all about how your favourite jackpots and prizes are set, calculated, and grow!

Biggest Mega Millions Lottery Jackpots Ever

Everyone knows the biggest lottery jackpots in the world are awarded by American lotteries; some of the very biggest have been won playing Mega Millions!

The 9 Biggest Unclaimed Jackpots in History

Think you're unlucky? Take a look at these nine winners who never came forward to claim their millionaire making jackpots!

Can Lottery Luck Strike Twice? Yes it Can! And Here's How

Win a second jackpot? It is possible! These stories of people who have scored more than one huge lottery win prove it!

Mega Millions History - the Lottery's Amazing Story

Mega Millions launched in August 1996 under the name The Big Game and the first draw took place on 6 September 1996.

Mega Millions Fun Facts, Trivia, and Anecdotes

Who owns the Mega Millions trademark? What happened when a gorilla picked Mega Millions numbers? These stories and more!

Jackpot Winner Jailed in America's Biggest Lottery Heist

After five years of searching for the mystery winner of a $14.3 million Hot Lotto jackpot, the investigation took an unexpected, dramatic turn.

The Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot Wins

Learn about the lucky players who claimed the biggest prizes in EuroMillions lottery history, including how they won, where they're from, and how big their winnings were!

Top 7 Best Lottery Ads of All Time

Get into the lottery mood with some of our favourite lottery commercials of all time! You'll laugh, cry, and sing along with these amazing ads.

Is Friday the 13th a Lucky Day to Play the Lottery?

Thinking of testing your luck on the unluckiest day of the year? You're not alone! Learn about the origins of Friday the 13th and if it actually affects your odds of winning.

theLotter User Reviews and Testimonials

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