Polish Lottery Draw Games: What You Need to Know

Just because Poland may not be the first country you think of when you think about big, spectular lotteries doesn't mean you should write it off prematurely. You could very well end up being surprised by the sorts of prizes on offer in Polish lottery draw games, not to mention the fact that the winning odds of games such as Poland's Mini Lotto are among the best in the world. Don't believe us? Read on to find out all about the Polish lotteries available on theLotter and why should be paying more attention to them.

Can you play in the Poland Lottery from abroad?

We'll get the most important question out of the way first, because if you can't play Polish Lottery games outside of Poland, there's probably not much use in you reading this entire guide.

You'll be relieved then to find out there's no issue with playing in the Poland Lottery from abroad. Anyone who has a ticket to a Polish lottery draw has the same winning chances as any local. In fact, the biggest barrier to participating in Polish draw games is getting to an official lottery retailer. Thankfully, with theLotter, buying official Polish Lottery tickets can be done easily, safely and securely - entirely online!

can you play in the poland lottery from abroad

What Polish lotteries can you play on theLotter?

Currently, theLotter offers two of the most popular national lotteries in Poland: Poland Lotto and Mini Lotto. You can easily compare the two in the following table:

Poland Lotto Mini Lotto

Year Founded






Minimum Jackpot

zł 2 million

About zł 400,000

Number of Prizes




Tue, Thu, Sat


Poland Lotto

Poland Lotto is both the oldest and largest national lottery in the country. It was founded in 1957 and is played in the popular 6/49 format in which there are 6 numbers to choose from a guess range of 1-49. This lottery features no additional or bonus numbers.

With 4 prize categories, players can start winning prizes by matching half of the winning numbers:

Prize Match









Poland Lotto has a minimum starting jackpot zł 2 million but, interestingly enough, it has no jackpot cap. That means that theoretically, at least, there's no limit to how high this jackpot can grow.

So far, Poland Lotto's highest record jackpot was worth zł 57.8 million (approximately €12.3 million.) This is also the record for any Polish lottery - for now!

Poland Mini Lotto

Second to Poland Lotto, both on this list and in size, is Mini Lotto, a unique little daily game with big odds. The jackpot may only be around zł 400,000 (approximately €85,000 - although the exact final amount depends on ticket sales and may be higher or lower) but if no players match all 6 numbers the prize rolls down to the next prize division. That means it's very possible to win the top prize by matching only 4 (or even 3) numbers.

Mini Lotto's format is 5/42, meaning it has less numbers to choose and a smaller guess range to select them from. Like Poland Lotto, there are no additional or bonus numbers to worry about.

Prize Match







What about other Polish lotteries?

The list of amazing draw games run by the Polish Nation Lottery just keeps going on:

  • Kaskada is another daily draw game, but with Kaskada players have to pick 12 main numbers from a guess range of 1 to 24 for a chance to win the zł 250,000 jackpot.

  • Super Szansa is drawn weekly with a 7 main numbers to pick from and a zł 2 million jackpot.

  • Multi Multi is a Kento-style game in which 20 balls are drawn from a guess range of 1 to 80. Multi Multi also features multipliers that can multiply player winnings by up to 10 times! With draws held twice a day, Multi Multi is popular for offering so many opportunities to win.

  • Ekstra Pensja is a daily draw game with 5 main numbers and 1 additional number. The name "Extra Pension" comes from the fact that the top prize of zł 1.2 million can only be collected in the form of monthly payouts.

Unfortunately, these games aren't yet available on theLotter, but with more than 50 incredible international lotteries to choose from you'll have plenty of alternatives to keep you occupied until these games become available. To find more exciting draw games from all around the world you can read our guides on the best European lotteries and our top Spanish lotteries.

How are Polish lottery winnings taxed?

Poland taxes lottery winnings over zł 2,280 at a rate of 10%. All taxes are deducted at the source, meaning player winnings are paid out after all taxes have already been deducted.

We recommend that you consult with a tax specialist in your country of residence in the event of a large win.

play polish lotteries online

Play Polish Lotteries online - anywhere, anytime!

Year after year, Polish lotteries have proven to be incredibly popular with players despite their more modest prizes. As you can see, a combination of great odds and daily prizes have made these draw games a clear fan favourite around the world. If reading this has gotten you interested in what all these lotteries have to offer, you can start buying your lottery tickets online today - but if you'll want to make it in time for Mini Lotto's next daily draw you'll have to be quick!