Your One Stop Hungarian Lottery Guide

How much do you really know about Hungarian lottery draw games? If the answer is not much, we think you'll find there's plenty of interesting and valuable information to find out. For example, did you know that two thirds of Hungarian adults regularly participate in their local lotteries? Maybe once you've finished reading our Hungarian Lottery Guide you'll know what it is about games like Hatoslotto and Otoslotto that makes them so popular!

How big are Hungary lotto prizes?

The first thing that may surprise you is just how big some Hungarian lotto prizes can get, reaching ten figure sums (when converted to euros.) The all time record currently belongs to Otoslotto, which awarded a jackpot of Ft 6.5 billion (approximately €18.1 million) in February 2024.

What are your chances of winning Hungarian lottery draws?

With more modest prize amounts than the world's top lotteries with the biggest jackpots also come much better odds!

For example, the odds of hitting the jackpot in Otoslotto, Hungary's biggest lottery, are approximately 1 in 44 million, while the jackpot odds for winning EuroMillions are closer to 1 in 139 million.

Winning chances are even more favourable for Hatoslotto, which boasts an all time jackpot record of just under Ft 3 billion (approximately €7.4 million): 1 in 8.5 million!

Is it legal to buy Hungary Lotto tickets from abroad?

hungary lotto

While Hungary only sells lottery tickets from within the country, that doesn't mean you can't play the lottery online.

According to the official Hungary Lotto website, players from abroad may participate in draws, though certain restrictions may apply to the collection of prizes.

How are Hungarian lottery winnings taxed?

You'll be more than happy to hear that Hungarian lottery winnings aren't subject to local taxes, meaning the advertised prize amounts are exactly what the national lottery pays out.

Still, remember that you may be taxed based on your own place of residence. In the event of a large win, we recommend consulting with a lawyer or financial expert specialising in lottery taxation. For some quick tips, you can read our guide on what to do if you win the lottery.

How do you buy Hungary Lotto tickets online?

Players from around the world can buy Hungary Lotto tickets only with theLotter. Simply select the lottery you wish to play, pick your lucky numbers and confirm your order. theLotter will then purchase official tickets from a licensed retailer on your behalf. If you win you'll receive the full amount of your prize (after any relevant taxes) commission-FREE! If you're interested, you can learn more about how our service works.

Which Hungarian lottery games are available on theLotter?

theLotter provides access to the top two Hungarian lottery games, from anywhere and at anytime! You can compare these two fantastic lotteries with the table below:

Otoslotto Hatoslotto







Minimum jackpot

Ft 100-200 million

Ft 60-100 million

Number of prize divisions



Draw days




Otoslotto, meaning "Lotto 5", has been going on for over 60 years now.

To win, players only need to match five numbers, with no additional or bonus numbers, but those five numbers come with a high guess range of 90 possible numbers to choose from.

Prize Match

1st Division


2nd Division


3rd Division


4th Division


Otoslotto's jackpots start between Ft 100-200 million and often grow into the billions. The record of Ft 6.5 billion was won on 24 February, 2024.


Hatoslotto, or "Lotto 6", is an extremely popular lottery in Hungary held in the well-known 6/45 format.

Like Otoslotto, it also has one jackpot and three lower division prizes.

Prize Match

1st Division


2nd Division


3rd Division


4th Division


Hatoslotto's jackpots start at Ft 60-100 million and can roll over for up to one year, after which the lottery holds a must-win draw and the top prize rolls down to the next division.

What about other Hungarian lotteries?

While not all Hungarian lotteries are available on theLotter yet, you may still be interested in learning more about them and which similar alternatives you can play today.

Skandináv Lottó

Founded in 1999, this game requires players to match 7 numbers from a guess range of 1 to 35, with three secondary prizes in each draw.

Skandináv Lottó's all time jackpot record is Ft 690 million (around €1.7 million). That amount was won by a single ticket on 20 September, 2017.

One special feature of this lottery is that it holds an additional draw, meaning players get two chances to win for each entry.

For a similar game you can currently play on theLotter, we recommend Italy MillionDAY Extra. Like Skandináv Lottó, MillionDAY Extra offers you an extra chance to win, as every entry is good for both the main draw, with a €1 million jackpot, and the additional draw, with a €100,000 jackpot.

EuroJackpot in Hungary

For one more lottery you can play in Hungary or from your own home, check out EuroJackpot, which has been on sale in Hungary since 2014 and is also available on theLotter. As a transnational lottery, EuroJackpot offers significantly larger prizes than Hungary's local games, with a jackpot that can reach up to €120 million.

A Hungarian player is yet to win the EuroJackpot top prize, although one lucky Hungarian from the countryside did break the national record by scoring €30 million in the 22 November 2019 draw.

Hungarian lottery history

hungarian lottery history

Hungary's history with lotteries actually goes back more than 250 years. It is believed that the first Hungarian lottery ever took place in 1770 in the city of Buda, while the first surge in draw games's popularity occured between the first and second world wars, when lottery funds where used to help pay for various public programs for children and animals.

After World War II, lotteries were briefly outlawed before being reintroduced in 1956. Since then, lotteries in Hungary have continued to grow and multiply.

Play Hungarian lottos anywhere, anytime!

Reading about Hungarian lottos is only half the fun. To try your own luck at winning some of these amazing prizes, you can start buying official lottery tickets online today!

To find even more information on exciting local lotteries you may not have heard of before, you can read our European and Polish lottery guides.