theLotter's Best Features

theLotter has many unique features that make playing your favourite lottery games better than ever. Getting started is easy. Just select the lottery you wish to play, choose your numbers and how many lines you want to play, confirm your purchase, and theLotter will be on its way to purchase your tickets for you!

But simply playing on the site is just the beginning. Make sure you're up to date on all the great ways theLotter lets you play and all the tools our site provides.

Get notified when your tickets are scanned

Once you buy lottery tickets, one of our representatives buys them and then scans them, so that you will see them in your account. We'll notify you when your scanned tickets are visible! Login to your account and opt-in to receive ticket scan notification emails. See your tickets the moment they’re there!

Play as a team!

theLotter makes it super easy to purchase shares in a lottery Syndicate, improving your odds and saving you money. If you'd still like to play your own personal numbers, you can do exactly that with Bundles! Bundles are lottery packages that include both personal tickets and Syndicate shares at a discounted rate, giving you the best of both worlds.

Use your lucky numbers

Do you have a set of numbers most likely to win the lottery? If so, we've made it easy for you to use them every time you fill out your ticket. Pick your favourite numbers, click to save them as your Lucky Numbers and from now on once you’ll be clicking the "MY LUCKY NUMBERS" button your favourite numbers will fill in automatically! How simple is that!

Stay updated on lottery jackpots and results

No time to check the results of lottery draws or how big lottery jackpots have grown? No problem! Opt-in for Jackpot Alerts and we'll send you an email every time a jackpot is above the amount you've selected. Opt-in for Results Alerts so that you'll know when the results of your favourite lotteries are published on our site. Go to your Account to sign up.

Replay your lucky numbers

When you’re in your account checking the results of your lottery draw entries you may choose to give your number selections another chance. Simply choose the entry you would like to replay, click the REPLAY NUMBERS button and your numbers will fill in automatically in your new tickets.

Save time and money!

theLotter lets you play your way. With Subscriptions you can play in every consecutive draw of your favourite lottery without having to lift a finger, all while receiving a minimum of every 7th lottery ticket FREE! For finer control, you can play a set number of draws in advance and at a discounted price with Multi-Draws.

We hope all these great features will help you optimize the way you play!
We wish you the best of luck!