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Cool Features to Optimize
Your Lottery Play!

Playing the lottery at theLotter is very simple. Select the lottery you want to play, choose your numbers, confirm the purchase, and your tickets are on the way! With lottery play so simple, you may not be aware of the many helpful features at your disposal. Here are some of our most popular cool features, guaranteed to optimize your lottery play!

Get notified when your tickets are scanned

Once you purchase your lottery tickets, one of our representatives buys them and then scans them, so that you will see them in your account. We'll notify you when your scanned tickets are visible! Login to your account and opt-in to receive ticket scan notification emails. See your tickets the moment they’re there!

Invite friends to play the lottery with you and get rewarded!

Here's a win-win opportunity for you and your friends. Invite them to play the world's top lotteries at theLotter and once they started playing, we'll reward you with $10 in bonus money. And what's more, we'll give your friend $5 as well!

Use your lucky numbers

Do you have a set of numbers most likely to win the lottery? If so, we've made it easy for you to use them every time you fill out your ticket. Pick your favourite numbers, click to save them as your Lucky Numbers and from now on once you’ll be clicking the "MY LUCKY NUMBERS" button your favourite numbers will fill in automatically! How simple is that!

Stay updated on lottery jackpots and results

No time to check the results of lottery draws or how big lottery jackpots have grown? No problem! Opt-in for Jackpot Alerts and we'll send you an email every time a jackpot is above the amount you've selected. Opt-in for Results Alerts so that you'll know when the results of your favourite lotteries are published on our site. Go to your Account to sign up.

Replay your lucky numbers

When you’re in your account checking the results of your lottery draw entries you may choose to give your number selections another chance. Simply choose the entry you would like to replay, click the REPLAY NUMBERS button and your numbers will fill in automatically in your new tickets.

Share your good fortune!

Did you get lucky playing the lottery? Demonstrate your generosity by donating a small share of your winnings to a charitable cause. Make a donation with our "theLotter for Charity" programme and we’ll forward it to a well-known charity. And not only that, we'll double your contribution! Take a look at the available charities.

We hope these cool features will help you win prizes!
Good luck playing the lottery!