How theLotter Bundles Work

Boosted odds and a chance to win big? Bundles combine the best of both worlds! These tailor-made package deals contain Personal Entry tickets and shares for lottery Syndicates.

With the Personal Entry, you can play with your own lucky numbers. If you win, you get to claim the entire prize amount for yourself! The lottery Syndicate shares will boost your odds of winning, not just one, but multiple prize categories by allowing you to enter the draw with up to hundreds of lines at a time.

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How It Works

Bundles let you win millions with Personal Entry tickets and hundreds of thousands with Syndicates in one cost-saving, odds-boosting package deal.

You may already be purchasing Personal Entries as well as Syndicate entries, but separately, because you want to pick your own Lucky Numbers (something you can’t do with Syndicates) as well as boost your winning odds (something which is hard to do with Personal Entries).

Bundles are the solution. They are a one-click combo – you no longer have to make two or three separate purchases. You get both play options in one simple, cost-effective deal.

All you need to do now is pick the Bundle to play and we'll do all the hard work for you!

Why Buy a Lottery Bundle?

  • Participate in the lottery draws you enjoy most with more lottery tickets for a fraction of the cost.
  • Boost your odds and win more money, more often.
  • Play with your own Lucky Numbers on a Personal Entry and share the fun with others in Lottery Syndicates.

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What Happens When You Win

theLotter will notify you of any wins and will ensure that you receive your prizes swiftly. Under the “My Account” section you can find an overview of all your wins. Any wins resulting from the Personal Entry which comes as part of your Bundle will be yours entirely, while you’ll get a share of the Syndicate’s winnings (see above section on “Syndicate Shares” under “Bundle Terms Explained”).

Bundle Terms Explained

Personal Entry
Every Bundle contains a Personal Entry; a regular lottery ticket. With a Personal Entry you can specify your own numbers (by clicking “change”) or have them picked at random (“Quick Pick” or, as it’s called sometimes, “A Lucky Dip”). Any prize won with this entry is yours in its entirety.

Syndicate Lines
How many Syndicate Lines you play depends on the Bundle you choose. As an example, you choose a 456-line Bundle, which (besides the Personal Entry) contains a share for a 200-line syndicate and a share for a 256-line Syndicate. You therefore play 456 different unique number combinations through the Bundle’s Syndicates.

Syndicate Shares
Each Syndicate group is divided up into Shares. For example, if a syndicate has 50 Shares, you’ll be entitled to 1/50th of the prizes won by that Syndicate (i.e. 2%).

Syndicate Types
There are four different types of Syndicates available on our site – from syndicates with numbers which were chosen at random to syndicates which guarantee at least one number per line will match. You can check the exact Syndicate type by clicking on the Syndicate. See the FAQs below for an in-depth explanation on the different types of Syndicates.

Bundles: The Ultimate Collection

The content of lottery Bundles varies depending on the lottery and you have a choice between a maximum of three different Bundles per draw. Whilst the content of each Bundle type changes depending on the particular lottery and draw, Bundles do always contain a Personal Entry ticket and at least one Syndicate share. What differentiates Classic Bundles from Deluxe or Premium Packages is that the latter offer more Syndicate Lines and therefore more chances to win prizes. Classic Bundles generally offer shares to smaller syndicates, whilst Deluxe and Premium Bundles often contain shares to one or two larger syndicates with better odds (and more participants). You can check the exact content of each Bundle by clicking “More Details”.

Other Bundle FAQs

What are the advantages of purchasing a Bundle?

When you play the lottery with a Bundle you get your own Personal Entry ticket along with the odds-boosting power of group play (Syndicate entries). Bundles can save you a great deal of time and money. Rather than buying various types of entries separately you get a great package deal. Prizes won through the Personal Entry ticket are all yours while prizes won with the Syndicate are shared with fellow syndicate participants.

Can I subscribe or get a Multi-Draw Package for a Bundle?

You can either purchase a Bundle once or opt for a Multi-Draw package for 5, 10, 25 or 52 consecutive draws to ensure that you never miss a draw. Bundle subscriptions are not currently available.

What syndicate types are there?

Random Selection — Numbers are chosen at random for a fixed number of lines.
Systematic — Covers all probable unique combinations out of a given set of 7-14 numbers. These numbers are chosen at random.
Additional Numbers Match Guaranteed — The lines contain every possible combination of the lottery’s additional number. This guarantees at least one additional number match for the syndicate. All other numbers are selected randomly.
Guaranteed Number Match — Each line in the syndicate contains one changing number. This dynamic number spans the entire guess range of the lottery. Because of this, the syndicate will match at least one of the numbers drawn – guaranteed! All other numbers are chosen at random.

What happens if not all syndicate shares are purchased?

theLotter guarantees that your portion of the Syndicate and your winning odds will not be affected, regardless of the amount of shares actually sold. Once a Bundle is offered on our site, all its contents, including the Syndicates contained within the Bundle, are guaranteed to be purchased by us, regardless of whether or not Syndicate shares sell out. In the case of a win, you will be paid out according to your share ownership.