The Ultimate Guide to SuperEnalotto!

Here is everything you need to know about playing SuperEnalotto online - the popular Italian lottery that's famous for producing some of the world's biggest jackpot prizes, including its record prize of €209,160,441 million, won in August 2019. For 18 months, SuperEnalotto's amazing jackpot held the title of being the biggest lottery prize awarded anywhere in Europe. Only the EuroMillions Superdraw has awarded bigger jackpots.

How Do I Play SuperEnalotto Online?

SuperEnalotto is Italy’s biggest and most popular lottery! To play SuperEnalotto online, you simply need to pick 6 numbers from a guess range of 1 to 90. When the numbers are drawn, every ticket is automatically assigned a bonus or “Jolly” number for a boosted secondary prize. SuperEnalotto has 5 additional prize divisions that players can win from, which include the opportunity to win a boosted second place Match 5 prize!

The Italian lotto is famous for producing huge jackpots after lengthy rollover cycles. SuperEnalotto has a guaranteed starting jackpot of €2 million, with a percentage of the ticket sales adding onto this amount.

How to Win the SuperEnalotto Jackpot

The jackpot winners match all six numbers from the main pool. The huge second prize is scooped up by those matching 5 out of the 6 main numbers as well as the Jolly number - a bonus ball! The Italian national lottery's flagship game offers six prize categories: the jackpot, a second prize and four additional prize categories. Players can win prizes by matching a minimum of just 2 numbers. The SuperEnalotto SuperStar (a sister game) even offers 14 prize divisions!

SuperEnalotto has been one of the world’s most popular online lotto games for years. This is hardly surprising when you consider the fact that Italy’s national lottery often offers huge jackpots which can roll over without hitting a maximum cap!

SuperEnalotto Draw Times

SuperEnalotto draws are staged three times a week in Rome, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20:00 local time. Official SuperEnalotto draw results are posted shortly after every draw.

The only time this schedule changes is due to public holidays. If a draw cannot be moved to the previous or following day without creating further clashes in the draw schedule, some draws may be brought forward in order to accommodate an additional draw during the next week. You can view all schedule changes on the SuperEnalotto play page at theLotter.

What Is the SuperStar Lottery? Is it Same as the SuperEnalotto?

Well… They’re not exactly the same. The SuperEnalotto SuperStar is in fact a sister lottery to the SuperEnalotto. The two games share the drawn numbers and they also share things like the jackpot prize. The SuperStar draws an additional number which has the potential to add a SuperBonus of €2 million to the normal SuperEnalotto jackpot, and a massive €1 million to the second prize.

The SuperStar can also multiply secondary prizes by 25-100 times and offers additional prize divisions!

What Is the SuperEnalotto Jolly?

The SuperEnalotto Jolly Ball is a bonus number that helps secondary prize winners win a SuperBonus, which is a boosted secondary 5+1 prize! The Jolly Ball is always drawn alongside the main balls and every ticket is automatically assigned a Jolly number. If the number assigned to you is drawn and you match the 5 main numbers, you’re a SuperBonus winner! Whilst you do not have to match the Jolly in order to win the jackpot, the Italian Lotto Jolly ball is intended to help you win an incredible boosted secondary prize.

What Are the SuperEnalotto Jackpot Winning Odds?

The odds of you winning the SuperEnalotto are 622,614,630 to 1. Whilst SuperEnalotto's winning odds are relatively steep compared to some other national lotteries, it is worth noting that it is exactly for this very reason that the SuperEnalotto regularly offers some of the highest jackpots in Europe and indeed the world.

Division Match Winning Odds

1 Prize



2 Prize



3 Prize



4 Prize



5 Prize



6 Prize



What is the SuperEnalotto Record Jackpot?

SuperEnalotto’s biggest jackpot prize was worth a jaw-dropping €209 million! The Italian jackpot prize was won by a single ticket purchased in the northern Italian city of Lodi, Lombardy. The lucky player used the Quick Pick option to select the jackpot winning numbers: 7 32 41 59 75 76.

The Biggest SuperEnalotto Jackpots

The SuperEnalotto has produced some of the largest European jackpots in its 20-year history. Here are the top 5 of biggest SuperEnalotto jackpots:

Date Jackpot Winner

13 August 2019

€209 million

A single ticket purchased in Lodi, Lombardy

30 October 2010

€177.7 million

70-member syndicate from Milan

27 October 2016

€163.5 million

Ticket bought in Vibo Valentia, Calabria

22 May 2021

€156.3 million

A single ticket purchased in Montappone, Fermo

22 August 2009

€147.8 million

Ugo Verni of Bagnone, Tuscany

When is the SuperEnalotto Lottery Raffle held?

In honour of the holidays, SuperEnalotto holds special annual raffles, or Superdraws. These festive raffles are played alongside SuperEnalotto draws by using unique 12- character codes, which are printed on all eligible SuperEnalotto tickets. SuperEnalotto usually stages a raffle every Christmas, Easter and Italian Republic Day. Prizes change each time around, so you’ll have to wait until the raffle is announced. To enter a SuperEnalotto raffle, players are required to purchase a SuperEnalotto ticket with the SuperStar option for the draw date that coincides with the raffle.

Do I Need to Pay Taxes on Prizes I Win in the Italy SuperEnalotto?

Yes, Italian lottery prizes are subject to taxation in Italy. We strongly encourage winners to check the tax laws in their country of residence for any further local taxation they may be subject to. 

There are seven tax bands in Italy which apply:

Tax Band Tax Rates

Tax Band 1

Tax-free up to €100.

Tax Band 2

The portion of the prize between €100.01- €300 is subject to a flat tax of €1.03.

Tax Band 3

The portion of the prize between €300.01- €500 is subject to a flat tax of €3.10.

Tax Band 4

The portion of the prize between €500.01- €1,000 is subject to a flat tax of €3.10 and a tax rate of 20%.

Tax Band 5

Any portion of the prize between €1,000.01 - €5,200.00 is subject to a flat tax of €6.20 and a tax rate of 20%.

Tax Band 6

Any portion of the prize between €5,200.01 - €52,000.00 is subject to a flat tax of €5.16 and a tax rate of 20%.

Tax Band 7

Any portion of the prize exceeding €52,000.01 is subject to a tax rate of 20%.

The 20% tax rate only applies to the portion of the prize exceeding €500.

For the most up-to-date information about taxation on SuperEnalotto prizes, please check the Lottery Tax information page.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning SuperEnalotto Online?

At theLotter, you can play the SuperEnalotto and SuperEnalotto SuperStar with a variety of play options. Along with one-time entries, multi-draw packages and subscriptions, theLotter also offers odds boosting syndicate play and bundle packages!

Playing SuperEnalotto in a syndicate gives you improved odds of winning multiple lottery prizes while costing you a fraction of the price. How does it work? When you join a syndicate, you’re able to play hundreds of number combinations without having to buy all the tickets yourself because each syndicate player owns a portion, or share, of the collective amount of tickets. This means that when one or more of the lines are matched, you will get an equal portion of the winnings based on the number of shares you purchased in the syndicate. In 2017, one of our syndicates won $106,000 playing US Powerball!

Have theLotter Players Won Prizes in SuperEnalotto?

At theLotter we regularly host huge winners in Italian lotteries.

An anonymous Belgian player won SuperEnalotto’s 3rd prize and took home €47,578.79 on 18 August 2016. The Belgian had been playing online with theLotter for a little more than a year at the time of his win and enjoyed playing single entries to the world’s largest lotteries.

D.S. from Romania won of €56,000 in the SuperEnalotto (3rd prize) in September 2011 after wisely playing SuperEnalotto with a Subscription. He may not have known about his big win had theLotter’s automatic alert system not sent him an email, after which a customer service representative contacted him to walk him through collecting his winnings.

In February 2013, Latvian theLotter player A.K. scooped up €578,080 in Italy’s SuperEnalotto after he’d bought a SuperStar systematic form. A.K. triumphed 74 times across various prize categories. The biggest chunk came from SuperStar’s match 5+1 fourth prize, which he won once: a staggering €479,123. Furthermore, as he played a systematic entry, A.K. matched 5 a total of three times making him thrice eligible for the sixth prize. He also matched 4 lines 30 times and matched 3 lines 40 times!

SuperEnalotto- An Italian Lottery Favourite

SuperEnalotto History

The history of the Italian SuperEnalotto stretches all the way back to the 1950's when it was simply called “Enalotto”. Enalotto was originally created as a 1X2 game, where the results were players would need to mark either “1” or “2” in each of the 12 options depending on the numbers they expected to be drawn. Almost 4 decades later on 3 December 1997, the Enalotto was reincarnated by Italian lottery operator Sisal to become SuperEnalotto. This was done through the innovative vision of Rodolfo Molo, the son of the Sisal founder. Players would now choose 6 numbers between 1 and 90, and for the first time in Italian lottery history, there would be a jackpot that would roll over until someone won it! In October 2021, Sisal announced the launch of an exciting new feature called “WinBox”. All SuperStar tickets purchased through the lottery’s website or application will have the WinBox feature automatically applied, and will give players three additional chances to win up to €500 in prizes!

The revolutionary Italian lottery soon had jackpots that rivaled big names in the industry like US Powerball and EuroMillions and became a source of pride for Italian lottery fans. Since then, SuperEnalotto decided to stage three draws a week instead of the original two, added a Bonus Ball and the SuperStar bonus number! If you like Italian lotteries, you will enjoy playing Italy Lotto, or the daily MillionDAY!

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