Our Super Powerball Syndicate Wins $106,000!

Fifty five of our players from all over the world purchased shares in a 65-line US Powerball syndicate for the draw on 4 November 2017. Their tickets won a grand total of $106,300 in prizes, including two 3rd Division prizes of $50,000! Not a bad result for syndicate play!

Each of the players purchased one share in the syndicate at a cost of $11.61. The syndicate’s prize money was divided equally between the players; each one won nearly $1,900 in the draw.

Even more amazing is the fact that every single line of the syndicate’s 65 lines won a prize!

$50,000 Prize Won Twice!

The numbers that came up in the Powerball draw on 4 November were:
12 14 26 48 51 and the Powerball number was 13

Two of the syndicate’s lines came just short of winning the Powerball jackpot as they each matched 4 of the main numbers and the additional Powerball number. The lucky lines were:
12 14 24 26 48 and the Powerball number 13
12 14 24 48 51 and the Powerball number 13

Powerball syndicate win

Powerball’s 3rd Division prize is a fixed amount - $50,000. The syndicate won this prize twice! (Note: This prize is the pre-tax amount. Players receive their prize money after taxes have been deducted).

Every Line Won a Prize!

Every single line of this 65-line Powerball syndicate won a prize!
2 lines won the 4+PB prize - $50,000 each
63 lines won the 3+PB prize - $100 each

In total the syndicate won $106,300 in prizes.

Here's what each of the players saw in their account:

Powerball syndicate wins huge prizes

How is it even possible for all of the syndicate’s line to win prizes? In this case, the fifty five players joined a One Number Match Guaranteed syndicate. In this type of syndicate, four of the main numbers and the Powerball number on the tickets remain the same on all 65 lines, and the fifth main number changes from line to line.

Syndicate Players from All over the World

The fifty five players who won prizes in this incredible Powerball syndicate came from all over the world! Twenty nine countries were represented in the winners’ circle, including Colombia, Mauritius, Russia, and South Africa. The most winners came from Australia (8), Canada (7), New Zealand (4), and the United Arab Emirates (3).

Syndicate players from around the world

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