Top 7 Best Lottery Ads Ever

We may think of most adverts as those annoying things that get in the way of our favourite TV shows and sports broadcasts, but you have to admit that every once in a while an ad comes out that’s too good to miss. So if you’re ever in need of some entertainment in between playing for the SuperEnalotto Jackpot and finding out the draw results, take a look at some of these top lottery ads of all time.

Not only do these adverts come from all across the world, they advertise all sorts of great lotteries, including Mega Millions, Powerball, and EuroMillions, among others.


1. Mega Millions

5. Loteria de Navidad

2. UK EuroMillions

6. Irish Euromillions

3. National Lottery

7. US Powerball

4. New Zealand Powerball

1. Don't Forget the Megaplier! - Texas Mega Millions Advert

Starting with something short and silly, here are two ads in one video that promoted Mega Millions in Texas, USA. While the ads may seem pretty goofy, they actually make important points about how much more money players can win when they add the optional Megaplier to their Mega Millions tickets.

Watch the video here!

That's all the Mega Millions wisdom that could fit in these 30 second ads. For even more priceless information, read our ultimate guide to playing Mega Millions now!

2. Nicer Problems to Have - Funny EuroMillions Lottery Ads

On to another lighthearted one, the “Nicer Problems To Have” lottery advertisement campaign poked fun at the kinds of absurd problems new millionaires might face after playing EuroMillions and winning big.

Watch the video here!

All the adverts in this series are worth watching, but the best of the lot has to be this one in which a bumbling husband’s new indoor fountain breaks down with hilarious results.

3. You're Beautiful - Musical National Lottery Advertisement Campaign

Continuing with more adverts from the UK, in 2015 the National Lottery created the #PleaseNotThem lottery advertisement campaign. This inspired ad campaign featured various British celebrities.

In the ads, celebrities make fun of themselves by explaining in detail all the ridiculous and self-centred things they would do if they won the lottery, such as creating television channels devoted to themselves or redesigning Stonehenge.

At the end of the commercials, the National Lottery encourages viewers to buy lottery tickets, because “anyone can win the lotto, please don’t let it be them.”

Watch the video here!

Of all the adverts in the series, our favourite has to be the one in which pop singer James Blunt plans to digitally insert himself into all mirrors in the UK so that he can sing “you’re beautiful” to millions of people.

Now that you've seen what UK celebrities would do with their winnings you can start thinking about what to do if you win the lottery.

4. Lost - Cryptic New Zealand Powerball Lottery Ad

This advert for the Powerball New Zealand may not be funny, but that’s because it’s not trying to be. Instead, this instant New Zealand favourite not only tells an incredibly dramatic story, it also contained a hidden game that gave sharp viewers the opportunity to win big.

Watch the video here!

If viewers were able to find the numbers hidden in the video, they could then enter them at the Lotto NZ website to win thousands in prizes. Sadly, the campaign is over so there’s no more prizes to be claimed, but it’s never too late to enjoy this brilliant ad or read up on everything you need to know about the best online lottery in New Zealand!.

5. Christmas Comes Early - Emotional Loteria de Navidad Short Film

Over the years, Spain’s Christmas raffle, Loteria de Navidad, has become famous for having the world's largest prize pool. Recently, it's also become famous for its amazing commercials. Spanish citizens are almost as excited for a new Loteria ad to come out as they are for the actual draw on the 22nd of December.

Watch the video here!

A classic Loteria de Navidad advert came out back in 2016 and takes place in a small Spanish fishing town. In it, an old woman sees the raffle draw on television and, not knowing it’s a rerun of a previous year’s draw, mistakenly believes she’s won the raffle.

When her son is not able to break the bad news to her, he decides to give her the experience of a lifetime and gathers the entire town for a touching celebration that’ll bring tears to your eyes.

If this gets you in the Spanish Christmas Lottery spirit you can read our Loteria de Navidad guide so that you're prepared for their next draw.

6. "Go Island Shopping!" - Adorable Irish EuroMilions Advert

This advert may not be big and dramatic or have any celebrities or clues hidden inside of it, but what it does have quite a lot of is good old Irish charm.

Watch the video here!

Short, sweet, and to the point, this little advert encourages viewers to make use of their Irish luck and play for the EuroMillions jackpot for a chance to win enough money to go island shopping with!

7. Let It Snow - Best US Powerball Lottery Commercial

The US Powerball is known for having the largest record jackpot of all time so it’s no big surprise that it also has some of the best advertising.

Watch the video here!

That’s why we’re choosing to end with “Snowfall,” a beautiful little ad in which Powerballs fall from the California sky like — you guessed it — snow!

What will your lottery story be?

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Now that you’ve seen all these fantastic lottery stories from around the globe, you can decide which one made you want to buy lottery tickets the most!