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The World of Lottery Superdraws and Special Events

03 Jun 2015

The 2nd EuroMillions Superdraw of 2015 is almost here! On Friday 5 June, a guaranteed €100 million jackpot will be up for grabs. With a huge jackpot prize, the EuroMillions Superdraw is one of the most anticipated events of the year in the lottery world. However EuroMillions isn't the only lottery with superdraws and special events. Multiple lotteries around the world hold these special draws to the delight of both veteran and new lottery players. Let's take a look at some of the top superdraws and special draws around the globe.

world of superdraws

Australia Saturday Lotto Superdraw

Major superdraws are a semi-rare occurrence for most lotteries, happening once or twice a year. Australia Saturday Lotto is the exception with brilliant superdraws happening six to seven times every year. The regular Australia Saturday Lotto jackpot starts at AUD$4 million, but the superdraw jackpots start at a guaranteed AUD$20-30 million! Where does the money for the superdraw jackpots come from? Every week, 5% of the Australian Lotto prize money is reserved and allocated to a special fund which increases for several months until it reaches an amount worthy of a superdraw. The money in the fund is then added to the Saturday Lotto jackpot and it's Superdraw Time!

Playing and winning the Superdraw is no different from a regular draw: just select six numbers between 1 and 45 and if you match all six, you've won jackpot! The last Australia Saturday Lotto Superdraw was held on 28 March 2015 with AUD$21 million at stake. It was one of the most exciting and rewarding nights we've seen in recent history with more than 1.3 million ticket holders winning cash prizes. Thirteen (!) ticket holders matched all six numbers to win the jackpot prize, which was split evenly amongst the winners for a prize of AUD$1.6 million each. That's the amazing thing about a Superdraw: you can have multiple jackpot winners and the prize for each winner will still be a monumental sum of money!

Canada Lotto 6/49 Raffle Superdraw

Another type of superdraw is featured by Canada Lotto 6/49. Unlike EuroMillions or Australia Saturday Lotto, the main jackpot amount is usually not affected. Rather than a jackpot superdraw, Canada Lotto 6/49 holds raffle superdraws a few times per year. Much like the UK Millionaire Maker and France My Million raffles, which come with EuroMillions ticket sold in those countries, Canada Lotto 6/49 tickets come with an automatic entry to the Guaranteed Prize Draw -- no additional costs necessary for the raffle code! Same goes for the raffle superdraws: if you want to participate in the superdraws, all you have to do is buy a Canada Lotto 6/49 lottery ticket per usual and you're good to go. Canada Lotto 6/49 reserves seven percent of their lottery ticket sales for the general Guaranteed Prize Draw fund, which also funds the raffle superdraws.

One CAD$1 million raffle winner is guaranteed each draw, but things get spiced up during raffle superdraws. On 18 and 21 March 2015, there were 56 guaranteed raffle winners! In addition to the CAD$1 million guaranteed prize draw, there were six CAD$100,000 winners and 49 CAD$10,000 winners. Canada Lotto 6/49 changes its raffle superdraw prizes each time, but they're always thrilling! The last raffle superdraw was held on 9 May 2015 which featured three CAD$1 million Guaranteed Prize Draws instead of just one. Last Christmas Eve -- 24 December 2014 -- five lucky CAD$1 million winners were chosen, making an additional four ticket holders' holidays extra special.

EuroMillions Superdraw

And now we're back to discuss the king of all lottery superdraws! Normally the EuroMillions jackpot starts at €15 million, but the EuroMillions Superdraw guarantees a €100 million jackpot! Even if the previous draw was won and the jackpot should fall back to €15 million, it will be €100 million – a jackpot boost of €85 million!

Because EuroMillions Superdraws are planned in advance, there is no way to know what the jackpot amount prior to the Superdraw will be. This caused a minor issue in June 2014 when the EuroMillions Superdraw was superseded by the regular jackpot which was on a major rollover streak. This will not be a problem for the 5 June EuroMillions Superdraw, since the jackpot just fell back to €15 million on 26 May.

Like most of lotteries' superdraws, there is no extra cost for a EuroMillions Superdraw lottery ticket. The Superdraw jackpot prize is funded by the EuroMillions Booster Fund, which receives 8.6% of every regular draw's common prize fund. The primary function of the Booster Fund is to make sure there is always enough money for the €15 million minimum, and when there is enough of a fund surplus, a Superdraw is proposed.

To win the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot, all you have to do is match all five main numbers and two lucky stars, like a regular draw. If the €100 million jackpot prize isn't won on the night of the superdraw, it will keep rolling over until it's won or it hits the €190 million jackpot cap. This happened with the 30 October 2014 EuroMillions Superdraw when the jackpot rolled over six times before hitting the jackpot cap. It was eventually won by a very lucky ticket holder in Portugal.

The last EuroMillions Superdraw was held on 6 March 2015. The €100 million jackpot was won in the draw by yet another Portuguese ticket holder. While Portugal seems to have a corner on the Superdraw market right now, the countries with the most EuroMillions Superdraw wins are actually Spain and UK with four each. A ticket holder in Spain also won the jackpot that superseded the EuroMillions Superdraw in June 2014.

EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker Mega Friday

Completely separate from the EuroMillions Superdraw is the EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker Mega Friday raffle. If you buy a EuroMillions ticket in the UK, you're automatically entered into the UK Millionaire Maker raffle. A unique raffle code is printed out on your lottery ticket and if you match the winning code, you're £1 million richer! The National Lottery guarantees one £1 million winner each draw – two new UK millionaires each week. To make things even more exciting, the National Lottery launched the Mega Friday raffle in October 2014. Mega Fridays take place on the last Friday of each month.

On a Mega Friday draw, instead of one guaranteed £1 million winner, there are 10 guaranteed £1 million winners (though the first Mega Friday was celebrated with 25 winners). As if the million wasn't enough, the winners also each get a luxury holiday, experience or item. Past non-cash prizes have included trips to Canada, Australia, and South Africa; luxury cars; and a super posh, glamorous London weekend complete with helicopter rides and a £5000 shopping spree. If you're not a resident of the UK, you will receive the cash equivalent of the non-cash prize, as determined by the lottery organization.

EuroMillions – France My Million Raffle

The My Million raffle was launched in February 2014. Like the UK Millionaire Maker, if you buy a EuroMillions ticket in France, you're automatically entered into the My Million raffle. One €1 million winner is guaranteed every draw. There has been a few special My Millions raffles, but they are not on a consistent schedule like Mega Friday. The last My Million special raffle events were held on 21 April and 24 April, when 10 €1 million winners were chosen each draw. Since 24 April was also the last Friday of the month, Mega Friday and the My Million special raffle took place concurrently for a total of 20 guaranteed millionaires in one night!

France Loto Special Events

France Loto jackpots normally start at €2 million and increase by €1 million with every rollover. However Française des Jeux, the French lottery operator, offers special draws throughout the year, usually coinciding with holidays and national celebrations. There were nine special events throughout 2014, including draws for Valentine's Day, Easter, and the New Year. They even had a special draw for Friday the 13th with a guaranteed €13 million jackpot! The last France Loto special event was held on 30 May 2015 to honor Mother's Day in France with a guaranteed €10 million jackpot.

Spanish Christmas El Gordo Lottery (Loteria de Navidad)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is a time for family, friends, and billions! The Spanish Christmas El Gordo Lottery (Loteria de Navidad) features the largest prize pool in the world with an incredible €2.24 billion. The raffle was founded in 1812 – over 200 hundred years ago! The Spanish Christmas Lottery is as popular today as ever: 98% of the Spanish population (who are old enough to purchase tickets) participate in the raffle each year, even if it's just buying a single share or two.

The Spanish Christmas Lottery prints 100,000 tickets each with a different five-digit code ranging from 00000-99999. There are 160 copies of each ticket which are then split into 10 shares. This is the formula for the tickets: 100,000 tickets with codes * 160 copies * 10 shares = 160 million shares. Each winning copy gets the entire prize so if you want to win the entire sum of the top tier prize, you'd have to buy 10 shares of one copy of one unique code. In total, there were 17 prize tiers in 2014 with 24 million winning shares. The odds of winning the top prize is 1 in 100,000.

From time to time, other lotteries will have special events and superdraws. You can be sure that theLotter will keep you informed about all important, interesting lottery events worldwide. Play well and may luck be on your side!