New South Wales Couple Wins Australia Powerball

New South Wales Couple Wins Australia Powerball

28 Apr 2014

The couple was astounded to find the ticket they had purchased during a holiday with the family in Shoal Bay made them AUD$ 6 million richer! Plans for the future include a new home and an easy life.

NSW Couple Wins $6 Million in Australia Powerball

We knew Australia Powerball's latest draw had a jackpot winner when results came in last Thursday. However, we had no knowledge of the winners' identity or any further details on the win itself up until now. More information came to light today, as reported a lucky couple, wishing to remain anonymous, were named the official Australia Powerball winners of AU$6 million!

The Blacktown couple had purchased a Powerball ticket in Shoal Bay, matching the winning numbers: 33, 36, 8, 15, 21 and 19 and Powerball number 3. The brand new multi-millionaires had told NSW Lotteries they were amazed by the news of their win.

“It’s so unbelievable!” said the wife, “we were actually on holiday with the family when my husband went out and bought our Powerball ticket. On Saturday morning he checked our ticket. He came home shaking and singing out that we’d won Powerball! We’ve struggled all our lives so this is just incredible."

When asked of what they plan to spend the money on, the couple mentioned wanting to buy a new home and going into an early retirement. AUD$6 million can go a long way, and a portion of it will also go towards helping their children - “so we don’t have to worry about them anymore”, according to the wife.

Australia Powerball is a true Aussie fan favourite, based on the popular American Lottery format laced with a dash of the Australian spectacular winning odds. Play Australia Powerball online for a chance to take next week’s AU$3 million jackpot home and plan your own retirement.