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Dutch Mother-of-Three Regularly Wins France Loto Prizes (+ an Ultra HD TV in our Sweepstakes)!

03 Dec 2015

The winner of our October lottery sweepstakes was Dutch Diamond player J.O. who recently received her prize: a state-of-the-art Philips Ultra HD TV. J. and her family are over the moon!

Dutch mother wins lottery prizes

Our own Sweepstakes are a monthly highlight for many of you - in December, for example, the many players who are buying tickets for the €2.24 billion Spanish Christmas lottery are participating in a sweepstakes draw which offers them a chance to win an iPhone 6S Plus.

J.O. from Holland always reads the interviews with sweepstakes winners, but she never once thought that she would win! Her Sweepstakes victory back in October came as a bit of a shock! J. recently received her amazing sweepstakes prize: a 50'' Philips 4K TV. All hail theLotter's Customer Service team! They’ve worked extra hard in arranging all the logistics to make sure J. received her 4K UHD marvel! J’s spouse installed the television last weekend and the whole family’s been enjoying watching Dutch football on the big ultra-sharp screen.

We know many of you out there love hearing about the lucky winners, so theLotter’s resident Dutchman Adrian spoke to J. at length.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Almere Netherlands birdseye view Dutch windmill in a field of tulips

Sure! Well, as you know, I am Dutch and I live in Almere - a fast-growing city just outside Amsterdam. I have three kids and I recently became a stay-at-home mum after having worked in my own business for many years. So at the moment my life is quiet. That is, if you discount the fact that I have three kids running around. My youngest is just two, so you can imagine my definition of quiet…

You’ve recently been playing the France Loto and Greek Joker lotteries, right? Why these lotteries specifically?

Almere Netherlands birdseye view

Well, I play many more lotteries; my choice of lotteries is really varied. But, you’re right, I do actually play the France Loto regularly. I also always play the EuroMillions; in fact, I originally joined theLotter to play the EuroMillions from the Netherlands. In the Netherlands we do have the EuroJackpot. EuroJackpot is a great lottery, but the EuroJackpot prizes don’t usually grow as fast as in the EuroMillions and in the EuroJackpot the prizes are not won as often as in the EuroMillions.

I used to drive from Holland to Belgium and even France to buy EuroMillions lottery tickets. I even have lotto tickets I bought myself in France – they’re still lying around the house. The question is, when do I go back to France again? Is it worth going there? I won some small prizes in the French lotto, but do I really want to drive all the way to France to collect small lottery prizes? I pay a little more for my lottery tickets online, but at theLotter you don’t have to worry about the logistics. Playing the lottery online from other countries is quite a whole lot easier to do than driving yourself. I win prizes in the French lottery regularly. Small amounts so far, but I strongly feel that I made the right choice playing at theLotter.

So since playing the French lotto online, what have you won?

Playing the French Lotto outside of France

Smaller amounts recently – like €41 and €34. These amounts might look small, but I win prizes in the French lottery all the time. I also won over €100, etc. It all adds up and that’s great fun!

Do you normally buy personal tickets for the lottery or do you also play these lottos with syndicates or bundles?

I do buy group shares and bundles, but so far I haven’t had an enormous success with those. In my opinion, these options are lucrative if your syndicate wins a really big prize, because when you share a small prize with a group, the amount per person ends up being on the smaller side. When there are jackpots of €100 million though, as with the recent €100 million Euromillions Superdraws, I always join lottery syndicates to increase my chances to win. Or if there is a nice discount, like recently when I got 20% off lottery bundles, I take advantage of it. But normally I play with personal lotto entries.

Do you always pick your own numbers for a lottery draw or do you use quick pick (“lucky dip”)?

Footballer on television

I usually pick two lines entirely by myself – with my own numbers. For the rest of the lottery ticket lines I use the Quick Pick option. I have actually noticed that I have more luck with the auto-generated numbers, so I make a lot of use of Quick Pick, but then I do wait until Quick Pick comes up with combinations of numbers that I like anyway. In other words: I just keep clicking on the Quick Pick button until a combination of lottery numbers appears on my ticket that feels right to me.

We wish J. lots of happiness and luck! Don’t forget to join December’s Sweepstakes for an iPhone 6S Plus.