Australian theLotter Player Wins Third Prize in $950M US Powerball Lottery Draw on Saturday 9 January 2016

Jan 11, 2016

A.S. from Australia won a handsome third prize in the historic US Powerball draw on Saturday night. At theLotter many of you love playing the Australian Powerball, but Australians themselves are currently buying up an unprecedented number of tickets for the US Powerball online from Australia.

australian wins us powerball third prize

A.S.’s wonderful prize is still being processed, but considering the Powerball draw that everyone is speaking about right now, we thought we’d share his amazing story with you already. This Australian participant in the online US Powerball walks away with a massive third prize worth $50,000. He was just two numbers short of becoming a near-billionaire in the US Powerball this weekend. Had he matched just one number more than he did, he would’ve won a staggering second prize worth $1 million. We don’t know house prizes in his part of Australia, but whichever way you look at it, $50K in US dollars is a lot of money for most of us.

What a wonderful story. We had Christian, a Belgium-born Costa Rican photographer who was moving to Spain winning 76,000 euros in the France Loto in the summer. In October we reported on another online lottery player from Australia who won AUD$38,000 in the Spanish La Primitiva lottery. Then, back in December, we announced the Iraqi jackpot winner of US state lottery the “Oregon Megabucks”, who scooped up $6.4 million, making the media go into full frenzy mode. You can read about these and many more winner stories here!

And now, in the midst of yet another media storm about the record-high US Powerball draw($1.4 billion last time we checked), we have an Aussie winning the US lottery prize all of us dream of. All the while we are dealing with tens of thousands of purchase orders for big lotteries from every corner of the world. For starters, Australians are going US Powerball-mad right now!

What a way to start the new year! We are over the moon right now and we will expand on the story once A.S. has withdrawn his prize and we speak to him on the phone.