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EuroMillions UK Olympic Millionaire Raffle Winners to be Chosen Tonight – July 27th, 2012

Tonight, history will be made – but it’s not just the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games that will be making the headlines come morning.

After weeks of build-up, this evening the EuroMillions UK Olympic Millionaire Raffle will see 100 lottery fans made into overnight millionaires.

The UK EuroMillions offers a Millionaire Raffle feature to its British fans as compensation due to the currency conversion differences between the pound and the euro, but usually there is just one winner with each draw.

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An incredible 100 people are set to become fabulously wealthy when the lottery results are revealed – in addition to the regular lotto jackpot and secondary prize winners – and this will re-write the history books making the most millionaires ever in a single draw.

Lottery fans may have been watching the UK EuroMillions closely this week, after the jumbo payout rolled over on Tuesday (July 24th), hiking the jackpot up to £105 million.

On top of the £100 million in Millionaire Raffle prizes, there is now some £205 million in the kitty for those who strike lucky tonight, which is higher than the £185 million fund that was scooped by EuroMillions jackpot record holders Christine and Colin Weir last July.

This special EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle is being held as a thank you to those who buy lottery tickets, as the money raised by these purchases has contributed to the Olympic organisation fund.

The UK National Lottery – which manages the EuroMillions within the UK – has contributed £2.2 billion to the Games due to the nation’s love of the lottery.

Everything is now set for the international tournament and the opening ceremony – directed by Hollywood giant Danny Boyle – will kick off the Olympics tonight with scenes and shows depicting the UK in an eagerly-anticipated pageant with performances from big-name stars.

Running alongside this excitement, lottery winners will be on the edges of their seats as they await the lottery results being announced for the EuroMillions and the UK EuroMillions Olympic Millionaire Raffle, knowing that winning in tonight’s draw will feel awfully similar to getting a gold medal.

Picture courtesy of London 2012

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