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  • The US Powerball smashed the world jackpot record in January 2016 with a $1.6 billion prize -- the first lottery in history to award a jackpot of over $1 billion.

  • Another world record was set in August 2017 when Powerball awarded a $758.7 jackpot prize – the highest annuitized jackpot and cash value prize ever won by a single ticket.

  • Prior to the billion-dollar jackpot, Mega Millions held the world record for four years with a $656 million prize awarded in March 2012.

  • Mega Millions staged a long rollover streak in October-December 2013, and almost broke its own record with a $648 million jackpot.

  • In May 2013, US Powerball registered its highest jackpot ever at the time with a $590.5 million top prize.

  • In November 2012, the US Powerball Lottery awarded a $587.8 million jackpot.

  • The EuroMillions jackpot reached previously uncharted heights in August 2012 with its first ever €190 million top prize.

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