How to Play the Lottery (FAQ)

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How do I receive my winnings?


Secondary winnings will be transferred to your account on the site within 24 hours of the publication of official lottery results. From there, you may withdraw your winnings to your designated payment method or leave all or part of the winnings in your account for future participation.

Locally taxed winnings will be transferred to your account on the site within 15 days of the receipt of the sum from the official lottery operator.

Jackpot winners will be required to collect the prize in person from theLotter's local office.

Winners of non-cash prizes offered by lotteries and raffles will receive the monetary value of the prize.


How does the service work?


theLotter connects lotto fans to the biggest lottery draws happening on the globe through a network of local offices around the world. Enter +45 official lotteries with a personalized set of lucky numbers and play options, and theLotter will carry out the ticket purchase on your behalf!

Your ticket is securely stored in theLotter's local offices, and secondary winnings are automatically transferred to your account.  A copy of your scanned ticket will be displayed in your theLotter account with your number selection and relevant draw information. To see you scanned ticket, visit My Account. For more information about the See Your Ticket Service, please click here.


What are jackpot and locally taxed winnings?


Some jackpot and non-jackpot winnings may be subject to local tax before they can be transferred to you. If you are entitled to jackpot or locally taxed winnings, you will be contacted by customer support, and theLotter may require you to collect the prize in person. 

For more information about the tax requirements of the lotteries offered on the site, please visit Lottery Info.


Who is eligible to purchase lottery tickets on theLotter?


theLotter welcomes customers over the age of 18. For further details, please consult the Terms of Use.


What is a lottery syndicate?


A lottery syndicate is a group of players who buy lottery tickets together. Each syndicate player owns a portion of these collective tickets and will receive a proportionate part of any winnings.

theLotter creates syndicates for each of the top lotteries and pre-purchases huge batches of lottery tickets for each draw. There are different kinds of syndicates based on how the numbers were selected and how many lines the syndicate consists of. In other words, we have made it easy for you – everything has already been set up. All you need to do is select a syndicate based on your preferences and choose how many shares you would like to purchase.

Here is an explanation of common syndicate terminology -

  • Lines – The lines are the different number combinations that are purchased for a syndicate. For example, a 100-line syndicate would have 100 unique number combinations (also known as tickets or blocks), giving syndicate players 100 chances of winning the jackpot. These lines are purchased by the syndicate for the upcoming draw.
  • Total Shares – Each syndicate is divided into equal portions, which are available for purchase. These portions are also known as Shares, and they establish the percentage of the syndicate’s prizes that you stand to win. As an example, in a syndicate with 50 total shares, each share is worth 2% of the syndicate’s winnings (calculated by dividing 100% into 50 equal pieces). The more shares you purchase, the bigger your percentage of the prize will be.

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