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Oregon Megabucks offers fantastic odds of winning a multi-million dollar US lottery jackpot that has reached as high as $30 million! Buy official Oregon Megabuck tickets by selecting six lucky numbers from a pool of 1-48 to win the next Oregon lottery draw!
Oregon - Megabucks
$ 1,600,000

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How to Play Oregon Megabucks Lottery Online

Play Oregon Megabucks online by choosing six numbers from a guess range of 1-48 on 6 and 10-line forms. Choose your numbers manually, opt for quick pick, or pull your lucky digits from your saved numbers in your theLotter account. When you buy official lottery tickets online at theLotter, you will see a scan of your ticket in your private account before the draw. Learn more about how we purchase your Oregon Megabuck tickets here.

Oregon Megabucks offers one of the world’s most famous multipliers, called the Kicker, which multiplies secondary prizes by four! Draws are held Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 19:29 PST.


Oregon Megabucks Lottery Odds and the Kicker Feature

The Oregon-Megbucks Kicker has the power to boost secondary prizes by x4. On top of Megabucks’ excellent winning odds, this play option further improves your chance to take home an Oregon lottery prize. To select the Megabucks option, check the box on the lottery form for bigger wins!


Save on Oregon Megabucks Lottery Tickets Online

Enjoy a Buy One Get One FREE the first time you buy lottery tickets online at theLotter. Play with a 5, 10, 25 or 52-draw Oregon Megabucks multi-draw package and save up to 25%, or receive every 10th ticket free with an Oregon Megabucks subscription. VIP members receive up to 20% off all packages and purchases!


How to Win the Oregon Megabucks Lottery Jackpot

The Oregon Megabucks is shared by any and all players who match all six main numbers. The American lottery’s jackpot has made hundreds of multi-millionaires since 1984 and every rollover adds $200,000 for the next draw’s top prize. If you miss the jackpot, there are still three other exciting Oregon Megabucks prizes to win!


theLotter’s Oregon Megabucks Lottery Winners

In the Oregon Megabucks draw held on 8th April 2013, theLotter celebrated not one but TWO out of just 11 second prize winners. The players were both theLotter VIPs when they won. R.S., a Gold VIP from Russia, and V.A., a Diamond VIP from Australia, matched five of the six numbers drawn (4, 9, 23, 30, 41 and 43) to take home prizes worth $1,049.30!


How to Claim Oregon Megabucks Lottery Prizes at theLotter

Oregon Megabucks secondary prizes will be transferred directly into your theLotter account as soon as results are published. If you win the multi-million dollar Oregon Megabucks jackpot, you have the choice of receiving a lump sum or 25 annuity payments, and may need to collect your winnings in person in the US. American lotteries are subject to federal (25%) and state taxes, which in Oregon run at only 8% of your lotto prize. For all prizes, theLotter sends you free email and SMS win notifications.


What is the Kicker Feature and How Does it Boost My Win?

Four of the US lottery draws featured on theLotter offer a multiplier that dramatically increases the value of secondary prizes: Powerball’s Power Play, the Mega Millions Megaplier, the Oregon Megabucks Kicker and the Florida Lotto Xtra. When you play Oregon Megabucks online, check the Kicker box below the grid when selecting your six lucky lotto numbers. When you win a secondary prize and match the Kicker, your win will be four times as big!


Latest News About Oregon Megabucks Lottery Players

Alongside making lottery millionaires and winners, the Oregon Megabucks lottery was established as a way to raise funds for government and local organisations, including businesses such as restaurants, schools and breweries. In 2013-2015, 57% of state lottery funds are earmarked for public education, 27% for economic development and job creation, and 15% for state parks and natural resources.