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theLotter Player in Extreme Enduro Rallye in Romania

At theLotter we welcome a variety of online lottery players from across the world. Our lotto players are men and women, some are young and some are seasoned, a few are quiet and exuberant. Many of our players have interesting hobbies and professions!

John P: Online Lottery Player & Extreme Enduro Champ

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John P.’s achievements whilst playing the lottery online are impressive. This veteran theLotter VIP player has a preference for the big American and European lotteries and he regularly achieves success through online Powerball syndicates and Mega Millions lottery Bundles.

Outside the lottery arena John’s achievements are noteworthy, too. John is an established Extreme Enduro rider and he’s been doing so well that when he approached us for sponsorship earlier this year, we were super excited to be able to help him out!

Earlier this month, John flew out to Romania to participate in the legendary Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rallye– one of the hardest Extreme Enduro events in the world.

After the finish, Jeff managed to get a hold of John to ask him a few questions.

So congratulations John! It was no small feat!

“Thanks! I am exhausted, but super chuffed.”

So first things first… How did you get involved in Extreme Enduro?

“Well, I was always fascinated with bikes – even as a kid. When I was in my 20s I took a whole gap year to cross through Australia. I ended up doing 45,000 kilometers that year, but then I had a massive accident and once I’d started working and had a family I put biking on a backburner for a bit. Then three years or so ago, I reached a turning point. I guess you could call that a mid-life crisis! Anyway, this is when I took up Hard Enduro.”

What is Hard Enduro?

“Enduro is an off-road motorcycling sport that involves long, highly technical rides in natural surroundings, and not on a man-made track. Extreme or Hard Enduro combines Enduro with Trial, a motorcycle sports where you basically have to move over objects and obstacles.

In one word though: Extreme Enduro is just pure and simple MADNESS. All that matters in the end is how fast you get from start to finish. What happens in between? Well, anything goes really…It’s predominantly off-road, but the course can include more urban environments, too. Generally, there are loads of obstacles, from rivers to stairs, mountains, grassy fields, to old factories and rocky environments.”

So how did you end up participating in the Romaniacs Rallye?

“About 1.5 years ago I was on holiday with friends in Romania. One night during that trip (in hind-sight you could say it was after one too many drinks), I promised my mates I’d participate in the Romaniacs in 2015. They held me to it so I went.

The past year I have been training a lot – I have been running and cycling at least three times a week in addition  to crossing through loads of different terrains with my Husqvarna bike – twice a week, 3-6 hours each time! Nothing I did though could have prepared me for that race. It was slaughter! 4.5 days of mental and physical exhaustion.

The first day there was a prologue in the town of Sibiu and I broke my toe. I completed the four main daily stages after that, but it was tough. I couldn’t have gone on for another day. Every day we did 100-120 kilometers through woods, rivers, over rocks, up into the mountains, you name it. In the Romaniacs Rallye you rely on GPS, but it’s not like a voice telling you to take the second exit right on the next roundabout. You inevitably get lost.

The great thing though is that, even though it’s an individual sport, all the riders are helping each other out. I mean, you’re pretty much on your own in the wilderness out there in the Carpathian Mountains, so if you’re stuck you thank the heavens when another rider passes, who then helps you get out of that ditch you’ve been stuck in.”

So how did you do in the Romaniacs Rallye?

“Ha! I finished. I survived. That was my main aim. To get that medal and to have all my limbs still attached at the end. So I did well.”

Are you going to do it again?

“Well, right now? I am going to take a break! But let’s talk again in a while. Perhaps in two years’ time?

Look, it’s been lots of fun. I consider it a great personal achievement and I got to meet loads of interesting characters from around the world. There were riders from the UK, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Mexico. You’re in it together. It was definitely one of the best experiences I have had in my life!”

theLotter is proud to have been able to help John achieve his goals!

Do you have a passion like John? Let us know! Speak to theLotter’s Customer Support team – they’d love to hear from you!

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