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It’s Time to Play the Lottery, Pitches!

When Pitch Perfect came out in 2012, no one could have guessed the cult-like following it would garner. What started as the Mean Girls of a cappella becamean international sensation, with movie-lingo spilling into our day to day lives, and movie gags becoming part of regular conversations. To aca-celebrate the release of the sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, we’ve rounded up the competing A Capella groups in the first movie, and put them together with our favourite lotteries.



Pitch Perfect opens with the Treblemaker’s a cappella cover of Rhianna’s “Don’t Stop the Music”. They’re the kings of campus, winning the first place in every competition they enter, and their male-only vocalists are ranked among the most attractive guys on campus. The Treblemakers are a lot like Mega Millions – they’re big, they’re flashy, and receive all the positive attention they demand. Mega Millions is worth $194 million this weekend, and is the biggest jackpot in the world right now, and we just can’t refuse it.

Barden Bellas

The aca-underdogs, the Bellas, start their journey by vomiting all over the audience. It’s one of the most disgusting comedy scenes of the decade, and the girls magically do the only thing anyone possibly should in that case – climb up. Spoiler warning: they end up winning the big competition! The Barden Bellas remind us a lot of US Powerball, because although they sometimes fall too quickly, you know they’re here for the long run. US Powerball has set a jackpot goal of $1 billion by the year 2020. Their current jackpot is worth $138 million.

BU Harmonics

The BU Harmonics are the a cappella group that deserves much more exposure. They’re also the only group other than the Treblemakers to not lose during the Riff Off, which means that the audience was ripped off a scene of them going against each other. We get to hear them sing at the beginning of the movie, and we think that the lottery that best fits them is the California Super Lotto Plus, currently offering a jackpot of $37 million.

The High Notes

The a cappella group has some singers with vocal abilities that would knock your socks off. They’re also quiet, singing in their own world, doing their thing, and everyone’s best friend. We match them with the Colorado lottery, for obvious reasons.

Are there other groups in the movie you think might be have a good lottery match? Have you seen Pitch Perfect 2 there and think there are some good competitors for the European lotteries? Let us know in the comments!

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