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Can EuroJackpot Go the Distance?

The last two months have been historic for EuroJackpot. First, Europe’s youngest multi-national lottery celebrated its third birthday on 23 March. Then the jackpot kept rising higher and higher and speculation about a new EuroJackpot record began. Last week, the record was finally broken — the previous record was €61.2 million set in September 2014 — when the jackpot rolled over to €62 million. This past Friday, the jackpot rolled over again to €75 million! The record hasn’t just been broken, it’s been shattered! The next question on everyone’s mind: with only €15 million left to go, will EuroJackpot finally reach its jackpot cap of €90 million? Play EuroJackpot online today for your chance to take home millions’ worth of EuroJackpot history.

Reasons Why You Need to Play EuroJackpot

1. There are twelve ways to win! To win the historic jackpot, you’d have to match all five main numbers ranging from 1 to 50 and two additional numbers between 1 and 10. However, you have 11 other prize divisions to win — even if you only match two main numbers and one additional number, you will win a cash prize! And the secondary prizes aren’t anything to scoff at: last Friday’s draw made seven ticket holders more than €291,000 richer when they matched all five main numbers and one additional number.

2. Cash prizes are tax-free! To quote ABBA, the winner takes it all! Unlike some other lotteries around the globe, EuroJackpot is completely TAX-FREE. That means that if you win the €75 million jackpot, you take home €75 million.

3. Playing multi-national lotteries are fun! 16 countries participate in EuroJackpot, making it the lottery with the largest pool of potential players in Europe. Knowing that so many people in so many different countries are just as excited about playing the lottery as you are is thrilling and makes it truly a global experience.

4. No better time to start playing than now! With the historic €75 million jackpot at stake and the possibility of hitting the jackpot cap for the first time ever, there is no better time to start playing EuroJackpot. Be a part of lottery history!

Good luck, Viel Glück, Gangi þér vel, lykke til, buona fortuna!

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