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The Biggest Mega Millions Wins of All Times

Everybody knows that US lottery giant, Mega Millions, currently holds the world’s jackpot record: a $656 million jackpot won on March 2012. While this is the biggest jackpot to be won, three winning tickets were found for the world’s singularly large prize and the money was split accordingly. If Mega Millions jackpot record is not considered the biggest Mega Millions win, then who took home the biggest winning prize share in America’s favourite lottery?\images\COVER MM1\images\MM Big Win 1

The biggest Mega Millions prize share was won on December 17th 25th, 2013 when two tickets snagged the $648 million prize. Steve Tran from San Jose, California and Ira Currey from Atlanta, Georgia split the jackpot to get a $324 million cut each. “It’s unreal,” said Curry, 56 at the time. “It’s like I’m still dreaming.”\images\MM Big Win 2

The second largest Mega Millions win took place just a year before the jackpot record was set at $656 million, on March 25th, 2011.The ticket was owned by seven coworkers from Albany, NY: John Hilton, Gabrielle Mahar, John Kutey, Tracy Sussman, Mike Barth, Kristin Baldwin and Leon Peck. Holding the only ticket to match that draw’s winning numbers, the seven scooped the $319,000,000 prize all by themselves.\images\MM Big Win 3

On 3rd place with a $218.6 million take are three winning tickets from Maryland, Kansas and Illinois who split Mega Millions’ record jackpot of $656 million on March 30th, 2013. Merle and Patricia Butler, the winning couple from Red Bud, Illinois, claimed they don’t plan major life changes following the massive win. “We just happened to hit it big in the Lottery. We enjoy spending time with our family and friends, and—believe it or not—don’t anticipate our day-to-day lives changing all that much                                                                    because of the win.”\images\MM Big Win 4

The 4th biggest Mega Millions win took place earlier this year. On March 18th a $414 million jackpot was split in two, awarding each winner a share of $207 million! The first ticket holder, who chose to remain anonymous, came from Maryland. The lucky winner made history as he was named the second largest Maryland lottery win so far. The second ticket, belonged to Merritt Island, Florida residents Raymond Moyer and Robyn Collier.\images\MM Big Win 5

Last but not least are the two winners of the $390 jackpot from way back in June, 2007. A $195 million win went to a ticket holder from Georgia and the other $195 million went to a player from New Jersey. We know very little of this win, but what we can tell you is that this record might very well be broken in the upcoming week, is case a single ticket will scoop the Mega Millions jackpot which now stands on $180 million! Don’t wait for someone else snatch the new fifth biggest Mega Millions and purchase                                                            your ticket today!

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