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How To Win EuroMillions Tips – September 28th, 2012

Everyone would love it if there was a way to improve the odds of winning the lottery.

While the chances of a particular set of numbers being drawn cannot be altered, there are measures people can take to improve the possibility of taking home some money, so people should follow some of the following how to win EuroMillions tips.

More tickets is better 

Obviously, buying more lottery tickets improves the odds of being a winner. Therefore, individuals may want to set aside a certain amount of money to be spent on entering the EuroMillions.

Play the Super Draws

This Friday (September 28th) sees the latest EuroMillions Super Draw taking place. It offers a top prize of €100 million, which is a life-changing sum of money. As Super Draws pay out the top prize if nobody matches all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars, the chances of an automatic win are increased.

Buy a Lucky Dip

For a lot of people, entering the same lottery numbers every week, based on birthdays, house numbers and anniversaries, is part of the process. However, choosing a Lucky Dip – where numbers are generated randomly by a computer – decreases the likelihood of a person having to share a jackpot.

Stay in the game

Individuals have to continue to buy lottery tickets. It is very rare for people to win with their first outing and so patience is vital. Regular players are more likely to take home the jackpot than those who buy lottery tickets once in a blue moon.

Buy lottery tickets online

While it may seem a bit obvious, a lot of people forget to check their lottery numbers. There are some massive prizes left unclaimed because of forgetfulness or even worse, people lost their lottery ticket.

One way to eliminate this problem is to enter the EuroMillions online, as this means there is a web-based receipt and a notification message will be sent to winners.

By following some or all of these how to win EuroMillions tips, people can give themselves a good chance of taking home a life-changing sum of money.

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What Time Does The EuroMillions Draw Take Place At?

A lot of people like to play the EuroMillions lottery because of the big jackpots that are regularly on offer. Indeed, Europe’s most popular lotto had many nine-digit jackpots up for grabs in 2012.

However, one question many people will have is what time is the EuroMillions draw at? The lottery takes place twice a week – on Tuesdays and Fridays – at 20:00 GMT in Paris, France. Lottery tickets need to be bought before 19:10 GMT on the day of the draw and winning tickets are valid for 180 days.

With the odds of winning a prize in EuroMillions being 1:13, it is clear to see why so many individuals try their luck on the lottery.

While national lotteries can be limited to the residents of one particular country, the EuroMillions pools the stakes of the participating European countries in order to offer great top prizes. This means anyone who matches five numbers and two Lucky Stars during the Tuesday or Friday night draws is likely to become a multi-millionaire.

At present there are nine nations taking part in the EuroMillions – Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. However, people from all around the world can enter the EuroMillions online at theLotter, where anyone can also check the latest EuroMillions winning numbers.

Now individuals know what time the EuroMillions draw is at, they have no excuse for not entering and giving themselves a chance of taking home a life-changing sum of money.

There have been a number of heart-warming stories thanks to the EuroMillions. Oliver Milner is one such case, as he won £2 million on the lottery back in September 2012, and can finally move out of his parents’ house with the money.

After discovering his good fortune, he told the Yorkshire Post: “I was in shock. It’s what dreams are made of. I asked my mum to check and she thought I was joking. I’m still in shock now.”

This shows how winning the EuroMillions can truly be an amazing experience for people.

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Australia Saturday Lotto Super Draw – August 9th, 2012

img 2486437

People will be very interested in this Saturday’s (August 11th) Australia Saturday Lotto numbers.

This is because the Australia Saturday Lotto is having a super draw, where the jackpot is guaranteed to be AU$20 million. This draw always features regularly on theSmart at theLotter - indeed it is currently top of the list.

The reason for this is because the jackpot is tax-free, the entering fee is reasonable and there are favourable odds of winning. However, with this weekend being a super draw, it means these factors still stand, but there is the added benefit of a bigger jackpot being on offer.

Undoubtedly this will create more interest in what theAustralialottery numbers are for this Saturday’s draw. All people have to do to be in with a chance of getting their hands on the AU$20 million jackpot is match six numbers from a 45-number matrix.

Those who enjoy playing the Australian Saturday Lotto have a range of other options that may interest them, including the Oz Lotto, the Australian Wednesday Lotto and the Australia Powerball Lotto. 

Lottery fans really enjoy the Australia Saturday Lotto because they feel like they are getting good value for money by entering it. Another lottery that falls into this bracket is the Viking Lotto.

Hosted in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden, the great cost-to-benefit ratio it offers means it produces frequent winners. At present, the top prize in this draw has grown to 21,526,000 Swedish Krona (€2.6 million) and this sees it placed third on theSmart.

The biggest jackpot it ever reached is €15 million back in March 2010, which truly is a life changing sum of money. These two draws demonstrate how there is more to playing the lottery than selecting the draw with the biggest top prize.

Instead, it can be a good idea to have a look around and see if any lotteries have particularly enticing odds when it comes to winning cash prizes.

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Chris and Colin Weir Still Enjoying Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot – August 2nd, 2012

Last year, Chris and Colin Weir were hoping to scoop a lottery jackpot like the rest of the nation.

However, their lives changed forever on July 12th 2011, when the couple from the Scottish town of Largs matched all of their numbers and won €185 million on the EuroMillions – the largest jackpot ever handed out by that lottery.

Immediately afterwards, they joked they would have no problem spending such a large amount of money. A season ticket at Barcelona FC and visits to the Great Wall of China and Ayers Rock in Australia were top of Colin’s wish list. Chris, on the other hand, wanted a new car and maybe one or two luxury holiday homes located in exotic locations.

One thing that was clear though is they intended to give plenty of their lottery winnings away to family, friends and good causes. So, just over one year after hitting the jackpot, have they kept their promise?

In November, the Daily Record reported that the Weirs had bought a fleet of new cars for their friends. An £80,000 Mercedes and six new Suzuki’s were among the purchases they made as they used their money to reward those closest to them.

They are also sponsoring a young motor racing driver called Gregor Ramsay. The 15-year-old is hoping to make it into F1 in the future and the Weirs stepped forward after discovering the talented ace was struggling for financial backing.

Chris and Colin also helped to raise £50,000 so 15-year-old Ross Wilson can attend a tennis academy inBarcelona. The youngster is from the same town as the Weirs and they were more than happy to help promising young sportsman.

Their generosity does not stop there, as they forked out for a new prosthetic leg for Kieran Maxwell. The Weirs were moved to take action after hearing about the boy’s battles with a rare form of cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma, which forced the amputation of his left leg.

The pair have also donated £130,000 to the construction of a community arts centre in Inverclyde and plans are afoot to set up a charitable trust so they can continue to share their good luck.

Summing up what they been through since winning €185 million, Colin said: “It has been quite a year, exciting and challenging in equal measure, but we couldn’t be happier.”

Picture credit: Greenock Telegraph

Brazil: Hot Spot for Tourism and Big Wins Alike-May 14th 2012

We’ve all heard of dream holidays in Rio with coconut drinks and warm sandy beaches, but what many don’t know is that Brazil is home to more than partying and tourism… it’s one of the lottery centres of the world! Brazil boasts three major lotteries, A.K.A the Brazilian Trio, that are list toppers for lottery aficiandos across the globe.

  • Dupla Sena- This unique lottery offers double (Dupla) the fun as players’ numbers are entered into two consecutive draws to double their chances of winning.

  • Quina Lotto- For player who can’t wait for their chance to become lottery winners, the Quina Lotto offers a full six days a week of draws as well as great odd for winning the jackpot prize.
  • Mega Sena- This lottery has a special a unique draw system that attracts players from around the world. Unlike most other lotteries, Mega Sena’s numbers are pulled from two drums of numbers during every draw!  During the draw, the six winning numbers are taken from two drums: the first with numbers from 0-5, and the next with numbers 0-9. The 6 winning numbers are drawn in couples, with a number selected from each drum to form a double digit number between 1- 60. This lottery also offers a special Mega da Virada draw that takes place at the end of every year and offers some of South America’s most impressive prizes.

While planning a trip down to the Brazilian shores might not be a bad idea, players can be sure they don’t need a plane ticket to enjoy these Brazil lottos. These hot lotteries bring South American fun to players around the world with both sensational play options and sizzling jackpots and are always available on theLotter.


Chicago lottery winners ‘keep $30 million jackpot payout under wraps’ – November 14th 2011

Somewhere in Chicago there is a family of a mother, father and two teenage children who are sitting on a lottery fortune – but only a very select few know who these multi-millionaires are.

According to the Calgary Herald, the household scooped $30 million playing their favourite lotto game back in June but have opted to keep their identities anonymous.

Their lawyer, Pat Agnew, claims the family are “different” from the majority of lottery winners in that they have a clear plan for their riches, with the husband and wife proposing to pay off their debts, support their charities and save cash for their children’s education.

Local lottery winner Mike Wittkowski from Inverness – which is also in Illinois – scooped $40 million in lottery money in 1984 and at the time was North America’s wealthiest-ever lotto winner.

Commenting on the family’s decision the lotto fan told the news source: “If they can get away with it, good for them.”

Recently, Go Local Prov revealed a lottery player from Rhode Island claimed $10,000 playing her favourite lotto game but wishes to remain anonymous so she and her husband can enjoy their winnings in peace.

Would you keep a lottery win secret if you won playing at theLotter?