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Discover the Australian Lotto Like Captain James Cook

In his log book, Captain James Cook wrote that he saw a new land and named a piece of that land Point Hicks after his Lieutenant, Zachary Hicks. The honors and claiming didn’t stop there: Cook claimed the land for his native England and named the land New South Wales. His log book dates this sighting — the first time the East coast of Australia was seen by a European — as 19 April 1770. However, due to a miscalculation of the meridian, the date he actually “discovered” New South Wales was 20 April 1770. Whether you want honor Australia on the 19th or 20th, make sure to play Australia’s best lotteries and perhaps you’ll share in the riches of this great land.

Lotta Lotto to Love – Australia’s Monday Lotto has a draw every — you guessed it — Monday. The Monday Lotto currently has a AUD$1 million jackpot and the #4 spot on theSmart. Continue to play for an Aussie victory on Wednesdays with Australia’s Wednesday Lotto. The current jackpot is AUD$1 million and it holds the #5 spot on theSmart. For a weekend win, play Saturday Lotto. The jackpot is a fantastic AUD$4 million and it takes the #1 spot on theSmart. For all three lotteries, pick 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 45 and if you match all six on draw night, then you’ll be more excited than a kangaroo winning a boxing match.

Oz Lotto – Like Captain James Cook himself, Oz Lotto was the first lottery to make it to New South Wales. It began in 1994 as Australia’s first fully national game as Saturday Lotto at that time did not include NSW. Oz Lotto holds draws every Tuesday night. To win the big jackpot, match 7 main numbers ranging from 1 to 45. Some secondary prizes require matching a certain amount of main numbers plus one of the two bonus balls picked during the draw. The current Oz Lotto jackpot is AUD$2 million.

Australia Powerball Lotto – It might not be as flashy as it’s American cousin, but Australia’s Powerball is a fascinating game with lots of ways to win — eight prize divisions in total! With draws every Thursday night, the way to a jackpot win is to match all six main numbers ranging from 1 to 40 and the Powerball ranging from 1 to 20. The record for largest Australia Powerball Lotto jackpot is a whopping AUD$80 million! The current jackpot is a not too shabby AUD$3 million.

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Outback, Australia is truly a land at which to marvel. Celebrate its European discovery and become a part of the Australian lotto today, whether with a single ticket, a systematic form or one of our fabulous syndicates which increases the odds and fun. Come draw night, you might discover that you’re beginning your own adventure with millions of Aussie dollars!


New Research Explore Australia’s Lotto Playing Habits

Australia is definitely one of the more lotto-loving continents, featuring a lotto game for almost every day of the week. A new research sheds some light on which parts of the Land Down Under have the higher participation rates.

A recent research about Australians’ gaming habits shows a significant difference in participation rates between different Aussie populations. The main conclusion to draw from the research is that country Australians are more active when it comes to lottery games and scratch cards than those who live in big cities.

The findings of the Roy Morgan research show that 46% of the country residents (over the age of 18) are buying a lotto ticket at least once in a period of three months. The city crowd is less active with 39% of the population trying their luck at scouring one of Australia’s five weekly jackpots.

The ticket might be sold by a different provider in every region of Australia, but the jackpot and results are the same for all, so living in a smaller town or village has no impact on winning odds. Having said that, we do see a significantly larger amount of jackpot wins in the country side.

The recent findings also provide a good explanation for why that happens. For instance: in the month of August alone, eight jackpot winning lotto tickets were purchased in West Australia, and with good reason! According to the research, WA residents have the biggest participation rate in the country with 52% of the population buying lotto tickets. This goes to show – you got to be in it to win it!

While country folks like their lotteries more than the city residents, getting a ticket is not always the easiest thing to do. For those who live in the more secluded areas of the outback, purchasing a ticket might involve a long ride. Why go through all that trouble when you can purchase your lotto tickets online from the comfort of your country home? Playing at theLotter allows you to keep your lotto-loving habits alive with minimum effort.

Win Australia Lotto All Week Long

If you judge on number of weekly draws alone – Australians sure do love their lotto, and really, who doesn’t? With over 10 different lotteries to play and tax free prizes, Australia is indeed a lottery empire. We’ve summed up all the information you need to know on the Australian lotto draws available for both local and global fans to enjoy throughout the week.

Monday | Monday Lotto | The Odds are in Your Favor

Monday Lotto draws comprise one third of Australia’s classic lotto trio and are famous for one some of the best winning odds in the market, so no wonder it’s a true fan favourite. A fixed and guaranteed jackpot of AU$1 million also takes might also have something to do with that!. Players choose their six lucky numbers from a guess range of 1-45, and two bonus balls are also drawn from the same pool to not only increase the chances of winning a secondary prize, but also make secondary prizes an extremely appealing part of what makes Monday great—in the lottery world at least!.

Fun fact: Up until August 1990, Monday Lotto had only one bonus ball.

Tuesday | Oz Lotto | The Big League

Oz Lotto is a front runner when it comes to Australian Lotto jackpots, and has set the record for largest jackpot with AU$ 112 million on November 2012. With seven prize categories to win from and exceptional winning odds, lottery lovers around the world take part in Tuesday Oz Lotto draws. To win the Jackpot, players need to match seven numbers correctly from a guess range of 1-45, then two more bonus numbers are drawn to allow more prize categories.

Wednesday | Wednesday Lotto | Mid-Week Fun for Everyone

If you liked Monday Lotto, there is no reason for you not to embrace another the mid-week brother of the family: Wednesday Lotto. The rules are similar – a player must guess six main numbers correctly to win the 1st prize with a guaranteed jackpot of AU$1 million. The draw starts at 20:45 and has no roll over limit, meaning the prize can only grow from week to week, and so can the fun and excitement. Wednesday Lotto draws also entails two bonus numbers, which increases the chances to win a secondary Prize.

Fun fact: Wednesday Lotto joined the Australian lottery family 5 five years after its older brother – Monday Lotto was born, in 1984.

Thursday | Australia Powerball | More Power to You

What’s that you say? Powerball jackpots and excitement combined with favorable odds only Aussie lotteries are known for? That’s right. Australian Powerball
Draws take place every Thursday on 20:45 and fill everyone’s heart with some local pride. AU Powerball players need to choose their numbers from a smaller guess range than the one of US Powerball, thus increasing their winning odds. Six numbers are chosen from a pool of 1-40, plus an additional Powerball from a pool of 1-20 which drives all prize categories wins even higher prize.

Fun fact: Australian Powerball rollover policy can add up to AU$10 million per rollover!

Saturday | Saturday Lotto | End Your Week with a Smile

The last (but in no way least) brother of classics Aussie Lotto trio is Saturday Lotto and takes place on 19:30 to add some cash into your Sunday splurging fund. If your week started lucky, why shouldn’t it end the same? If you’ve read up until now, you probably know the drill. Players choose six numbers from a guess range of 1-45 and two bonus numbers are also drawn from the same pool and for the sole purpose of creating more prize categories for players to win from. Saturday Lotto is also known for its no jackpot cap policy.

Join The Party | Play Australia Lotto Today

If you hadn’t yet experienced the thrill of playing one of Australia’s renowned lotteries, now that you have all the required information, now is the time! Pick the lottery you find most appealing and start enjoying what the land down under has to offer to lotto fans now all over the world on a daily basis!.

Why Popular Australian Lottery Draws Always Feature High on theSmart

Individually and especially as a group, Australian lottery draws offer some of the best lotto odds in the world. Combine this with seven, eight and even nine-figure Aussie dollar jackpots and barely a week goes by without Australia’s top lotteries appearing high up on theSmart.   

Tuesday night’s AU$ 13 million Oz Lotto is at number nine on theBig list of the world’s largest lottery draws, yet where Australian lotteries truly excel is on theSmart list that ranks lotto draws by cost-benefit ratio. theLotter offers lottery lovers the chance to buy Aussie lotto tickets online for the four most popular Australian lotteries; Oz Lotto, the Australia Powerball and Australia’s Wednesday and Saturday Lotto draws.

theSmart is a unique real-time lottery list exclusively offered by theLotter that considers a number of factors, including the size of a lottery’s jackpot, the cost of tickets, odds of winning and the tax that will be due on lotto wins. The following table compares Australia’s top four lotteries, using the US Powerball lottery for comparison.

theSmart RankLottery (Country)Current Jackpot ValueWinning Odds (Jackpot)Winning Odds (Last)Tax DueTicket Price
1Saturday Lotto (AU)AU$ 4,000,0001:8,145,0001:350%US$ 1.60
9Wednesday Lotto (AU)AU$ 1,000,0001:8,145,0001:2110%US$ 1.60
12Oz Lotto (AU)
AU$ 13,000,0001:45,379,6201:870%US$ 2.75
34Powerball (AU)
AU$ 3,000,0001:76,767,6001:1100%US$ 2.15
39Powerball (US)
US$ 70,000,0001:175,223,5101:5636%US$ 5.00

A few things can be seen from our table analysis above:

  1. When compared to the US Powerball, it is clear that the low-cost and tax-free nature of Australia lottery tickets and wins is what allows them to stay ahead of the American powerhouse on theSmart.
  2. Australia’s Wednesday and Saturday Lotto tickets cost the same as each other and the odds of winning the jackpot are identical. The Saturday draw currently has a much higher jackpot, which is worth eight places on theSmart list.
  3. The odds of winning the Oz Lotto jackpot are significantly better than those of taking home Australia Powerball’s top prize. Oz Lotto holds the Australian lottery jackpot record for a AU$ 112 million top prize won in November 2012, and its current 8-digit jackpot keeps it far ahead of the Aussie Powerball, and within three places of this week’s Wednesday Lotto draw.

Using figures provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the United States’ Census Bureau, the total population Down Under is a little over 23,154,000, which is about 0.3% of the world’s population. That means that without, approximately 97.7% of lottery players would need to fly by plane, travel by boat or go for a really long swim to the Southern Hemisphere country every time they wanted to enter one of lotto Australia’s fantastic lottery draws.

As most people will recall from the Millennium celebrations thirteen years ago, a day starts in Australia anything from an hour to 23 hours ahead of the rest of the world. Therefore, if you want to enter an Aussie lottery that takes place on a Tuesday, make sure to get your tickets before you go to bed on Monday night!

Of course, the best option is to buy a subscription which not only means you never miss a draw, it also entitles you to every 10th ticket FREE

Lotto Jock and Lottery Nerd Head to Head

A lotto jock and a lottery nerd are going head to head this Saturday, from thousands of miles away, with whole oceans between them. Both have been hitting headlines in mainstream media, attracting national if not global coverage. Both are available right here on theLotter from right where YOU are sitting.


“The Jock”

USA Powerball Lottery


“The Nerd”

Australia Saturday Lotto

US$ 40 Million

Current Jackpot

AU$ 20 Million

Play US Powerball

Play here

Play Saturday Lotto

US$ 590.5 Million

(May. 2013)

Record jackpot

AU$ 47.9 Million

(Apr. 2008)

To play select five main numbers from a guess range of 1-59 and your choice of Powerball from 1-11

Lottery Rules & Stats

To play select six main numbers from a guess range of 1-45 and no additional numbers

Changes made in January 2012 have led to no fewer than 11 nine-figure jackpots, including two over US$ 500,000,000.
The most recent of these set a new Powerball record when Florida Granny, Gloria MacKenzie was the only player to win in May 2013.

Why is it popular?

Australia’s favourite weekend lottery, the Saturday Lotto holds about seven super draws through the year worth AU$20 million.

Once a year in June the Aussie Saturday Lotto holds a Megadraw worth AU$ 30 million that unites the nation.

US$ 448.4 million jackpot just won Wednesday

In the news recently for…

AU$ 20 million Super Draw this Saturday, play on theLotter

America Mega Millions

Compatriot Lotto

Australia Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto Tuesday: The Jackpot that Stops a Nation – November 5th, 2012

The AU$ 100 million Oz Lotto jackpot has been named “the jackpot that stops a nation”. Will all of the hype and excitement surrounding Tuesday’s draw push the prize to record-setting heights?

Each year on the first Tuesday of November, Australia’s fastest thoroughbred horses dash across the finish line in the Melbourne Cup, dubbed, “the race that stops a nation”. The 3,200-metre race will commence at 3:00 PM sharp and distributed prizes to the first ten horses to complete the course, with about AU$ 6 million going to the winner and AU$ 125,000 given to the horse in the 10th place spot. Melbourne Cup Day is a public holiday for Melbourne residents and over 110,000 people head to Flemington Racecourse in formal raceday wear to partake in the annual tradition.

However, this first Tuesday of November is somewhat of a different story. As Americans make a mad dash to the voting booth, Aussies will experience a completely different “race that stops the nation” as it is estimated that between one third and one half of the Australian adult population will rush to their lottery retailers to snatch up tickets for the AU$ 100 Oz Lotto jackpot draw, offering the biggest declared jackpot prize in the nation’s history.

In May 2009, the Oz Lotto boasted an AU$ 90 million declared jackpot. That top prize was pushed up to AU$ 106.5 million after stronger than expected ticket sales leading up to the draw. 5.5 million lottery tickets were purchased to last week’s AU$ 70 million Oz Lotto draw and the Tatts Lottery operator published a conservative estimate of 7 million tickets. Lottery fans, ticket retailers and Oz Lotto officials are waiting with baited breath to see if ticket sales can push the  AU$ 100 million “jackpot that stops a nation” over the AU$ 106.5 million mark, creating a new Australian record.

No matter the outcome of the Oz Lotto Australia lottery results on Tuesday, the jackpot is destined for the history books. If only one winning ticket matches all seven numbers selected in the lottery results, they will become the single biggest lottery winner ever in Australia, taking home nearly double as much as the previous record-holder, a $58.7 million prize from 2008.

With AU$100 million, a potential Oz Lotto jackpot winner could afford to decorate their home with Vincent Van Gogh’s Portrait de l’artiste sans barbe (1889), estimated at $100 million, or fly 180 of their closest friends around the world on an Airbus A320neo, for $96.7 million.

On the other hand, if the jackpot goes unclaimed in Tuesday’s draw, it could rise to unprecedented heights, setting a new national record with tens of millions of dollars to spare.

What do you think? Will one of estimated 7 million tickets to be sold leading up to tomorrow’s draw win the coveted Oz Lotto jackpot win the AU$ 100 million prize or will the jackpot achieve the unimaginable and continue to grow! Cast your vote on our Facebook page here.

A Look at OZ Lotto Winning Numbers – October 25th, 2012

Australia is in the midst of an Oz Lotto frenzy! The Ozzie lottery favourite has not distributed a jackpot since August 28th, and the top prize has subsequently rolled over to reach AU$ 70 million over the course of 11 draws. The jackpot hit AU$ 70 million last on May 8th, 2012 and three lucky lottery fans successfully matched all 7 Oz Lotto winning numbers, each taking home AU$ 25 million in tax-free prizes. Excitement levels are rising as Tuesday’s upcoming Oz Lotto draw nears.

Here is an overview of the Oz Lotto Mania sweeping Australia, in terms of the numbers:

Excitement Builds Ahead of Australia Saturday Lotto Super Draw – September 21st, 2012

The Australia Saturday Lotto has long been one of the finest global lotteries on offer.

Known for its impressive winning odds – one-in-31 players get their hands on money – the jackpot is also tax free and there are no caps on jackpots or rollovers. Indeed, the draw is currently top of theSmart, which means it has the best cost-to-benefit ratio in the world, and fifth on theBig.

However, the next Australia Saturday Lotto on September 22nd is going to be one to remember as it is a Super Draw with AUS$22 million (€14.3 million) on offer. Several times a year, lottery officials make sure there is a monster jackpot and this is going to be one of these occasions.

These draws offer the best odds of winning a cash prize of any lottery in the Asia/Pacific region and so people will be very keen to make sure they have a ticket for the Australia Saturday Lotto Super Draw.

In order to become a multi-millionaire, all people have to do is match six numbers from a guess range of 1-45. However, this is not the only lottery worth entering in Australia at the moment.

The Australia Oz Lotto currently has a top prize of AUS$13 million, which places it ninth on theBig – a rundown of the biggest declared jackpots in the lottery world. This highlights how now is a great time for people to enter draws in the Southern Hemisphere country.

Once these multi-million windfalls are won, there are sure to be some people living big in the nation in the coming weeks. For around AUS$750,000, they could purchase a luxury yacht, which would offer them the chance to explore some of the fabulous coastline that Australia has to offer.

They may also buy a top-of-the-range sports car and drive along the Great Ocean Road, which stretches for 151 miles across the state of Victoria. Finally, they could rent a helicopter or plane and jet off to Kangaroo Island, which is a natural haven filled with Australia’s unique wildlife.

So there is likely to be a lot of excitement in the air when the Australia Saturday Lotto Super Draw is made on September 22nd.

Picture Credit: Thinkstock

Make it a Super Draw September to Remember! – September 13th, 2012

Lottery players across the globe are getting ready to enter two Super Draws this September.

Individuals can get their hands on a guaranteed monster jackpot thanks to the special draws being organized in both Australiaand Europe later in the month. On September 22nd, the Australia Saturday Lotto Super Draw is taking place.

The top prize on offer will be a minimum of AUS$22 million (€14.3 million), which is much higher than the average windfall of AUS$4 million typically handed out by the lottery.

In order to have a chance of becoming the latest Australia Saturday Lotto Super Draw multi-millionaire, individuals have to buy themselves lottery tickets and wait for the numbers to come out.

The guess range is 1-45 and there will be six main and two bonus numbers drawn. Provided people match all six main numbers, they can start to dream about what they will do with the life-changing sum of money.

Known for offering great winning odds, the Australia Saturday Lotto currently sits on top of the theSmart, so with an increased jackpot on offer, everyone should get involved in the Super Draw.

However, the EuroMillions also has something special planned on September 28th. A guaranteed €100 million top prize is going to be on offer. This means that even if someone wins in the previous draw, the jackpot will not be reset to €15 million as usual, but instead inflated to €100 million.

 As this windfall has to be won on the night, it raises the possibility that someone could take home the prize without matching five numbers and two Lucky Stars. Should no one manage to guess all seven numbers correctly, the jackpot will simply roll down and be shared amongst players in the next winning prize tier.

Since the EuroMillions was started back in 2004, there have been a number of Super Draws held. The last one took place on October 4th 2011 and the top prize is always increased to a minimum of €100 million and can grow to as much as €130 million.

So people have no excuse for not buying a few lottery tickets and trying to win either of these fantastic Super Draws!

Picture Credit: Jupiter

Oz Lotto Winning Odds To Tempt Players? – August 2nd, 2012

People are always looking to enter lottery draws they think they have a good chance of winning.

The Oz Lotto – which was set up in February 1994 – is one ofAustralia’s leading lotteries and holds the record for the highest Aussie lotto jackpot. This partly explains its popularity, as people know they are in with a shot of taking home a large pot of money.

Another reason that individuals are more than happy to pick their seven numbers – from a guess range of 1 to 45 – is the Oz Lotto winning odds on offer. The chances of taking the top prize are 1:45,379,620. To put this in perspective, it is much better than the odds of 1:54,979,156 offered by the Australia Powerball Lotto draw for the jackpot.

Players have a 1:87 chance of taking home some money, as this is the odds offered on the smallest prize tier. In contrast, this is much smaller than the probability of taking home money that the Australia Powerball Lotto, where 1:556 is the best odds on offer.

The Oz Lotto has a history of big rollovers and can continue to grow indefinitely as there is no cap set in place by the organisers. Back in 2009, an Au$106 million top prize was up for grabs after no one matched all of the seven numbers on a succession of draws. This still ranks as the largest ever jackpot offered by the lottery.

In May of this year, the lottery jackpot reached the sizeable sum of Au$70 million after there were nine consecutive draws without a jackpot winner. Unsurprisingly, many people fancied the Oz Lotto winning odds and bought plenty of tickets in the hope of becoming millionaires. As well as this, a more recent draw in June left an Australian celebrating after they took home a cool Au$13 million.

The next Oz Lotto draw will take place on Tuesday (August 7th) and the jackpot will be Au$2 million. However, as we have seen in the past, this prize total could grow and shoot up to one of the Aussie lotto’s well-known records if no one manages to match all seven numbers in the next draw!

Individuals from the country can also play the Australian Powerball, the Australian Saturday Lotto and the Australian Wednesday Lottery in the hope of winning big.

Picture Credit: Tatts

Parklife 2012 VIP Tickets Perfect for Lottery Winners – June 20th, 2012

With the Parklife 2012 festival line-up published and lottery online Australia looking to dole out huge prizes in the next few months, it has turned out to be a surprisingly sunny and mild winter for Australia. And while the rest of the world will bundle up for winter in September, Australia will be coming out of hibernation and heading to Parklife 2012 festival, showcasing ground-breaking new music across Australia!

We are entering auspicious times for Australian lotteries – June and July have proven to bring extra luck to Australian lottery winners in past years. On June 30th 2009, the Ozzie Lotto favourite, Oz Lotto, distributed Australia’s largest jackpot ever, an AU$ 106 million jackpot (US $109 million)! The estimated jackpot had been posted at AU$ 90 million, but record ticket sales pushed the prize up to AU$ 106 million! Then, only one month later, the Powerball Australia Lotto set a new lottery record when it handed out an AU$ 80 million prize on July 30th, 2009. With Australian lottery jackpots on the rise, there are hopes that Australian lottery results 2012 could rewrite the Aussie lotto history books.

Exactly three years after the AU$ 106 million Oz Lotto jackpot set a new lottery record, the Saturday Lotto will hold a Super Draw special event. On June 30th, a massive AU$ 30 million will be heaped onto the jackpot and millions will be added to the secondary prize divisions. This Australian Super Draw combines a huge jackpot that could grow even bigger with increased ticket sales and the Australian lottery’s unparalleled winning odds. This not-to-be-missed draw offers the best chances of walking away a millionaire in the Pacific region and quite possibly the world!

In addition to great news from the Australia Saturday Lotto, Australians are celebrating the start of ticket sales and publication of the concert line-up for the 2012 Parklife festival, which will travel to Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide in September and October 2012. The music festival has been an Aussie favourite since its inaugural concert in 2000, showing off the best new talent and traveling around the country for day-long events. The Presets will headline Parklife 2012 with their new album, “Youth in Trouble.” With live music flowing from up to five stages simultaneously, concert-goers will be jumping around like lottery jackpot winners for days.

Join in on the excitement down under and enter the impressive fleet of Australian lotteries, which offer renowned winning odds and great prizes. And if you happen to match all six winning numbers in the Super Draw and collect an AU$ 30 million prize, celebrate with a VIP ticket to Parklife 2012 – complete with exclusive viewing platforms, meetings with the performers, massages, drinks and stage-side gourmet dining!


Powerball Australia Lotto: Watch Out USA Powerball – May 14, 2012

The Powerball Australia Lotto jackpot seems to have shot up to AU$ 25,000,000 out of nowhere. $25 million is the lottery big leagues. In fact, American lottery giant, Mega Millions, also has a current jackpot valued at $25 million! A $25 million jackpot is bigger than the biggest jackpot record for the Austria Lotto, France Lotto, and Massachusetts Megabucks. And with this AU$25 million jackpot, the Australia Powerball has earned itself the #5 spot on theLotter’s theBig list, sandwiched right in between lottery big wigs, EuroMillions and Mega Millions.

AU$25 million seems to be an auspicious number in the Australian lottery scene lately. On May 8, Oz Lotto set out to break its own jackpot record and create a new Australian all-time high record. The AU$74.6 million jackpot became the second largest in the history of both Australia and Oz Lotto. The three first-prize winners matched the seven main number and two additional number draws, awarding them each about AU$25 million!

Just 5 draws ago, the Australia Powerball jackpot was poised for rollovers with a starting jackpot of AU$ 3 million. The lottery’s sudden spike to $25 million can be attributed to a generous rollover policy that allows for massive jackpot jumps between draws. Once the jackpot reaches AU$ 6 million after one rollover, it takes off running, jumping to AU$10 million, and increasing by either AU$5 million or AU$ 10 million in each draw. In the beginning of February, the jackpot doubled from AU$15 million to AU$30 million in just two rollovers! Very few lotteries that share Australia Powerball’s great winning odds boast such impressive rollovers.

Fans of American lotto online should consider trying their luck at Australian Powerball. With all of the excitement of its American counterpart, USA Powerball, Australia Powerball offers tax-free prizes and a smaller guess ranges to give lottery lovers better odds of winning. And even though Australian Powerball and Mega Millions have the same current jackpot, with 10 fewer numbers in the regular guess range and 1 number kighter in the additional number pool, the Australian Powerball jackpots offer exceptional odds. A ticket is over three times more likely to win the Australian Powerball thank it is to win the USA Mega Millions jackpot!

In a lottery world dominated by American and European lottery superpowers, Powerball Lottery Australia and Oz Lotto are putting Australia on the map in a big way. Channel your inner Australian and enter AU Powerball at theLotter to win amazing, tax-free prizes!

Oz Lotto Second Largest Jackpot Split Three Ways – May 9, 2012

Oz Lotto’s second largest jackpot, AU $74.8 million, was split between three winners who matched the numbers 17, 8, 28, 34, 41, 42, and 6, and additional numbers 4 and 19, in yesterday’s 2012/951 draw. The three lottery winners, from South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria, each pocketed AU $24.9 million, but they have yet to come forward to claim their prizes. The total prize pool for the Oz Lotto draw was $119.6 million, which was split between the 2.2 million winners for the lottery’s 7 prize divisions in addition to the three big winners.

In the hours leading up to the draw, ticket sales surpassed 7600 a minute, and it is estimated that, on average, every Australian adult spent AU $20 on lottery tickets for the second largest Australian jackpot.

The world is eagerly awaiting the jackpot winners’ great reveal, but it might take time for them to get to the lottery results checker and realize their win! An Oz Lotto official noted, “Sometimes with mid-week draws people forget to look at their ticket until they go in again on the Saturday to buy a new ticket.” In the meantime, the remaining 2,199,997 Oz Lotto prize winners can start celebrating!

Oz Lotto Jackpot Riding the Australian Record Wave—Results Soon! – May 8, 2012

Oz Lotto is once again making waves in the media with a jackpot that is fast approaching both the lottery’s and country’s jackpot record, an AU $106 million (US $109 million) prize from June 2009. Gaining speed an additional AU $20 million dollars per rollover, the Oz Lotto is just a draw or two away from a new jackpot record for Australia!

On Tuesday, April 16th, the Oz Lotto Australia jumped from Au $20 million to AU $30 million when no ticket matched the 7 numbers selected in the draw. The next week it jumped to AU $50 million, and then gained another AU $20 million to reach today’s $70 million prize for the 2012/951 draw whose results lottery fans from around the world are waiting to see any moment!

Another rollover could push the Oz Lotto up to AU $90 million, Oz Lotto’s lucky number. Last time the Oz Lotto jackpot reached AU $90 million, ticket sales exceeded all expectations, driving the jackpot up to the lottery’s record sum of AU $106 million.

Mega Millions experienced three months of jackpot rollovers in early 2012, resulting in a $476 million jackpot for the March 30 draw. However, with over 1.5 billion tickets sold, the jackpot continued to rise before the draw, reaching $500 million, $640 million and finally $656 million. That really says something about the power of HUGE prize!

If the recent lottery craze over the $656 million Mega Millions drawing is any indication, an AU $90 million jackpot has the potential to blow the previous record out of the water! It is estimated that half of Australia’s adult population bought lottery tickets for this momentous Oz Lotto draw. Of those 7.5 million tickets sold, about 4 million were estimated to be sold in the hours leading up to today’s draw.

Results will be published soon! Follow the Oz Lotto’s exciting jackpot trajectory at theLotter with lottery result alerts, jackpot alerts, and SMS winning notifications to find out if you are the proud owner of one of Australia’s top, tax-free lottery prizes!

Take Your Pick – 4 Types of Lottery Tickets in Australia – May 1, 2012

One in five Australian adults purchased Oz Lotto tickets for the lottery’s record-breaking Au $90 million draw, with a surge in ticket sales bumping the jackpot up to Au $106 million in 2009. Australia Saturday Lotto has become a permanent fixture in the top spot of theLotter’s theSmart category, which ranks lotteries according to cost-benefit ratio, taking into account winning odds, ticket price, taxes and jackpot. Australia Wednesday Lotto made headlines in 2011, when it handed out a Au $1 million prize to an unemployed couple whose home had been damaged in the Christchurch earthquate and they had lost everything. And as for the Australia Powerball lotto, it adds an Australian flair to the international trend of Powerball lotteries popping up around the world. With 4 successful lotteries, which offer impressive tax-free jackpots and great winning odds, Australia has a lot to be proud of when it comes to their lotteries.

The four all-star Australian lotteries are spread out throughout the week so that players can purchase lottery tickets in Australia for draws every day of the week. And with each lottery offering a slightly different lottery format, jackpot, and odds, the Australian lotteries keep life exciting, Monday-Sunday! Read more